70+ Playful Lao Words For Children: Ignite Fun Learning!

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Language isn’t just words; it’s a magic portal to cultures, friendships, and endless questions. Imagine learning Lao words for children! Ready for a whirlwind tour? Get ready to explore the cool phrases that let kids chat, express dreams, and bond with their amazing world! Let’s roll!

The Beauty Of The Lao Language

Meet “ພາສາລາວ” (phasa lao), the enchanting language of Laos! Get ready to groove to its rhythmic tones and immerse in a cultural masterpiece that’s unique in Southeast Asia. Let’s dive into the vibrant world of Lao words for children!

Learn Basic Lao Words For Children

Calling all young child explorers to learn the basics! Your linguistic journey kicks off with the coolest building blocks ever! Let’s dive into the world of essential Lao words that’ll make you a communication pro. Get set to learn and play with Lao words for Children!


Greetings And Courtesies

Time to master the magic words of politeness! From the cheerful “ສະບາຍດີ” (hello) to the warm “ຂໍຂອບ” (thank you), kids ace the art of greeting. Let’s dive into a world of respect and friendly vibes!

English TranslationLaoRomanization
Hello ສະບາຍດີ Sabai di
Good morning ສະບາຍດີມືຖຸດິນSabai di mèu tukhìp
Good afternoon ສະບາຍດີເມືອງ Sabai di meuang
Good evening ສະບາຍດີຕ່າງກັນSabai di tong kan
How are you? ວ່າໃດຕ້ອງການບໍ?Vo dai tung kan baw?
I’m fine, thank you ຂ້ອຍເປັນດີ, ຂອບຂອບKhoy pen di, khob khob
What’s your name? ທ່ານຊື່ຫຍັງ?Than seu nyang?
My name is… ຊື່ຂ້ອຍເປັນ…Seu khoy pen…
Thank you ຂອບຂອບKhob khob
Goodbye ຂໍຂອບKhob chao

Colors And Shapes

Get ready to learn Lao even more, kids! When you say “ສີ” (si), which means ‘color,’ you’re diving into a world of vibrant hues. And guess what? “ຮູບ” (houb), which means ‘picture,’ is here to introduce you to the coolest shapes ever! Now you can paint your world with words and describe all the awesomeness around you!

English TranslationLaoRomanization
Red ສີແດງSiaedng
Blue ສີຟ້າSifa
Yellow ສີເຫຼືອງSi heuong
Green ສີຂຽວSikhiav
Orange ສີສົ້ມSisom
Purple ສີມ່ວງ Si muang
Pink ສີບົວSi bua
White ສີຂາວ Sikhav
Black ດຳDam
Circle ວົງ Vong
Square ຮຽບຮ້ອຍHiabhony
Triangle ສາມຫຼ່ຽມSam riam
Rectangle ສີ່ຫຼ່ຽມSi riam
Star ດາວDav
Heart ຫົວໃຈ Huachai

Explore the colorful world of the Lao language and have fun describing shapes in a whole new way!


Family And Relationships

Meet “ຄົນ” (khon), the word for ‘people.’ From “ພໍ່” (pho) for dad to “ແມ່ຕູ້” (aemtu) for grandma, the Lao language lets kids weave heartwarming stories and express the love that’s as big as the family itself!

English TranslationLaoRomanization
Family ຄອບຄົວ Khobkhua
Father ພໍ່ Pho
Mother ແມ່ Aem
Brother ອ້າຍAi
Sister ເອື້ອຍ Euony
Grandfather ພໍ່ຕູ້Photu
Grandmother ແມ່ຕູ້Aemtu
Uncle ລຸງLung
Aunt ປ້າPa
Cousin ພີ່ນ້ອງPhinong

Get ready to dive into the world of family and relationships in the Lao language – it’s like a joyful family reunion with words!

Navigating Numbers And Time

Guess what, little mathematicians? Learning numbers just got a turbo boost of awesomeness! Dive into the Lao numeral wonderland and get ready to count, play, and conquer numbers like never before. Let’s paint your world with digits and make numeracy the coolest adventure ever!


Numbers From One To Ten

Unleash your inner number magician with these fantastic Lao numerals! Let the counting adventure begin!

English TranslationLaoRomanization
One ໜຶ່ງNeung
Two ສອງSong
Three ສາມSaam
Fourສີ່ Sii
Five ຫ້າຍHaa
Six ຫົກHok
Seven ຫ້າHaa
Eight ຫົກປີHok paet
Nine ຫົກເຈັດHok jet
Ten ສິບSip

Telling Time

Be ready to master the art of time-telling in Lao style. With the magic word “ໂມງ” (mong) or ‘clock,’ you’ll not only conquer clocks but also add a dash of practical superpowers to your language journey. Let’s dive into the world of hours, minutes, and endless fun!

English TranslationLaoRomanization
Time ເວລາVela
Clock ໂມງOmng
Hour ຊົ່ວໂມງSouaomng
Minute ນາທີNathi
Second ໂມງວິນາທີ Mong wi na thi
Morning ຕອນເຊົ້າ Tonsao
Afternoon ຕອນບ່າຍTonbai
Evening ຕອນແລງ Tonaelng
Night ກາງຄືນ Kangkhun
Midnight ເວລາທ່ຽງຄືນVela thiangkhun

Embrace the time-telling adventure with Lao words—you’ll be ticking and tocking in no time!

A Journey Through Nature: Describing The World

Exploring Nature’s Wonders

Brace yourselves to unlock the power of the Lao language and dive into the world of nature. With Lao words by your side, you’ll be chatting with trees, whispering to the wind, and discovering the magic of the great outdoors like never before. Let’s embark on a journey of words and wonder!


Animals And Insects

Be ready to explore the wild world of animals and insects in the Lao language—it’s like going on a safari of words!

English TranslationLaoRomanization
Dog ໝາMa
Cat ແມວAemv
Elephant ຊ້າງSang
Butterfly ຜີເສື້ອ Phi seu
Bird ນົກNok
Fish ປາPa
Monkey ລິງ Ling
Frog ກົບ Kob
Bee ເຜິ້ງPhoeng
Snake ງູNgu

Weather And Seasons

Talk about weather and seasons like a true Lao meteorologist!

English TranslationLaoRomanization
Sunny ບ່ອນມີແດດBon mi aedd
Rain ຝົນFon
Cloud ຟັງFang
Wind ລົມLom
Snow ຫິມະ Hima
Summer ລະດູຮ້ອນ Laduhon
Autumn ດູໃບໄມ້ລົ່ນ Du baimai lon
Winter ລະ​ດູ​ຫນາວLa du nav

Exploring Lao words isn’t just about talking—it’s a thrilling ride that leads to understanding cultures, boosting those super-smart brains, and weaving friendships across borders. With each Lao word, your little one unearths a treasure trove of stories, traditions, and heartwarming connections. What’s more fun? Well, with a language-learning app, they can learn on their own page.

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