Telling The Time In Lao: The #1 Awesome Need-To-Know Guide

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There are some fundamentals when it comes to learning a new language, and this is one of them: telling the time in Lao. We will focus on timekeeping and days and months to give you a more comprehensive understanding.

First things first, the basics. We’ll show you how to tell time in Lao and other ways to learn Lao on your own with these amazing vocabulary words and phrases. Let’s start!

How Do You Ask The Time In Lao?

Almost anyone who wants to learn a language will need to learn this phrase. Especially if you’re planning to visit Lao. To ask the time, you simply say:

  • What time is it?

And to answer the question, you just respond with:

  • It’s one o’clock
    manaemn nung omng
Telling The Time In Lao AM + PM

Telling The Time In Lao: AM + PM

Learning how to tell time in Lao is a must if you want to make the most out of your trip to Laos! It will help you get to your favorite activities and attractions on time and impress the locals with your newfound Lao language skills! Imagine dazzling your new Lao friends by telling them the time in Lao like a pro! And what other amazing way can you do that other than learning with a language app?

Download the Ling app from the App Store or Google Play Store and start your Lao journey now!

You can also use this vocabulary table. Grab a pad and pen, and let’s get started – you’ll be a Lao time-telling pro in no time!

EnglishLaoLao Script
01:00nung omngsaoໜຶ່ງໂມງເຊົ້າ
02:00song omngsaoສອງໂມງເຊົ້າ
03:00sam omngsaoສາມໂມງເຊົ້າ
04:00si omngsaoສີ່ໂມງເຊົ້າ
05:00ha omngsaoຫ້າໂມງເຊົ້າ
06:00hok omngsaoຫົກໂມງເຊົ້າ
08:00aepd omngsaoແປດໂມງເຊົ້າ
09:00kao saoເກົ້າເຊົ້າ
10:00sib omngsaoສິບໂມງເຊົ້າ
12:00sibsong omngສິບສອງໂມງ
14:00song omngaelngສອງໂມງແລງ
15:00sam omngaelngສາມໂມງແລງ
17:00ha omngaelngຫ້າໂມງແລງ
18:00hok omngaelngຫົກໂມງແລງ
20:00aepd omngaelngແປດໂມງແລງ
23:00siboed omngສິບເອັດໂມງ
00:00sibsong omngsaoສິບສອງໂມງເຊົ້າ

Parts Of The Day In Lao

Telling the time in Lao isn’t the only phrase important for you to memorize. Knowing how to express yourself in Lao during different parts of the day can also help you make meaningful connections with the people you meet on your travels.

EnglishLaoLao Script
Evening, Afternoonlaengແລງ

Days Of The Week In Lao

Learning the days of the week in Lao is important for scheduling appointments, planning events, and understanding local customs. It also shows respect and appreciation for the Lao culture.

EnglishLaoLao Script
Fridayvan sukວັນ​ສຸກ

Months Of The Year In Lao

Crucial for planning travel itineraries, participating in local festivals, and understanding the climate throughout the year in Laos is knowing the names of the months. Make your travel experience in Laos more enjoyable and use our list below:

EnglishLaoLao Script

Which Calendar Is Used In Laos?

The Buddhist Calendar

Lao is a Buddhist country, and the Buddhist calendar is closely aligned to the moon and the sun.

This is complicated, and we couldn’t fully explain it in a short piece like this; however, know that the length of years can vary between 354, 355, and 388 days.

2 of the 3 years end in shortened solar years because the months are defined by lunar cycles that are alternatively 29 and 30 days long.

If you plan to spend a long time in Lao, this is worth looking into, particularly if you’re in a business with many Lao workers. However, if you ask someone the year(and they see you’re English), they’ll give you the year in the Gregorian way.

The calendar also defines what days employees have off. Some big ones include Makha Bucha and Wisakha Bucha. These holidays are extraordinarily well-observed compared to holidays in other countries, and on Buddhist holidays, for example, it is impossible to buy alcohol even from supermarkets and bars.

Chinese Zodiac Calendar with 12 animal horoscopes is also used in Laos

The Lao Zodiac Calendar

The Lao zodiac is still very popular today and is embraced all over the world. It purports to tell you what kind of person you are in conjunction with the energies of the stars and planets.

I’m sure you’re already familiar with the Chinese zodiac, i.e., the year of the dragon, etc. Lao has its own form of the zodiac with only minor alterations. In order, the years are rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, naga, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig.

Learn The Lao Language With Ling

As a native English speaker, I’ve realized (especially when visiting a country like Laos) that speaking English is simply not enough. It’s impolite, and you don’t learn as much about the people as you could.

I hope that list covered everything you wanted to know about telling the time in Lao. We also regularly update this blog, which accompanies the app. Here, we focus on Lao culture as well as learning Lao generally. It’s our pleasure to bring it to you to supplement your learning. My personal favorite entries recently have been about how to say sorry in Lao and common daily vocabulary in Lao.

If you enjoyed this blog, consider downloading the Ling app, which offers fun and informative mini-games, quizzes, and SRS flashcards. Moreover, there is a leaderboard that allows you to compare yourself to other Lao learners.

Our lessons cover complex topics and aim to get you speaking immediately with simple vocabulary that helps you read street signs, eat lunch, and negotiate yourself through a soccer game with Lao locals. Lao people love to play soccer!

End ເນາະ

List of Days of the week in Lao

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