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If you are traveling to Laos soon, you will surely step in and encounter a range of traditional households with unique designs and items. So, how about you learn some everyday Lao household items vocab to enjoy your trip with an authentic Lao experience?

Knowing basic household vocabulary in the Lao language will go a long way. The foremost reason stands in your accommodation. Since you must be planning to stay in a traditional house through Airbnb to immerse into the authentic Lao culture, knowing the essential words used by native speakers will allow you to conveniently navigate things concerning your room.

You can also use household Lao words in different situations, like asking for an item, repairing, or even purchasing one. Moreover, what can be the best way of describing the country’s unique houses- ເຮືອນ ( heuon) than uttering words that most people in Laos use? So, with today’s post, where we will cover all the essential household items vocab and facts relating to Laos architecture, you will be able to express yourself meaningfully with the locals and improve your language skills! If you are ready to learn Lao, continue reading.


The Lao Traditional Architecture

Let us first review the traditional Laos architecture and acknowledge the original beauty of the Lao nationals.

Traditional Lao homes are called heuon. The most distinct feature of a heuon is its construction based entirely on woven bamboo thatching or wood. They are usually built on stilts or piers above the ground. Such a practice took place in ancient times to provide protection from animals and also for ventilation, and along the line, the practice became a significant feature of cultural distinction.

In recent times, however, high-rise houses have become a way of protecting the structure from mud during the rainy season. Traditional houses are seen chiefly in rural areas, with different ethnic groups having unique hints to their houses. But, with the advent of the communist government and urbanization, traditional house styles are slowly disappearing in the town areas.

Most houses have a porch, and the interior consists of two rooms along with a common room, usually the outside area is booked for dining, cooking, and guests’ visits. Some houses have a chamber to worship where strangers are prohibited from entering.

One of the most interesting facts is that most Lao people still avoid building toilets. Although they are developing the in-house toilet system in urban areas, rural locals still defecate near streams or rivers. However, it is considered taboo in some places.

It is also essential to acknowledge that in Lao culture, the house is considered a refuge for life. The locals are enthusiastic about building their own homes and using local materials and tools. Construction is considered a serious business of the owner.


Common Lao Household Items Vocab

Lao household items vocab

In this section, we will go through some of the commonly kept household items in a Lao traditional house, along with some house-related vocabulary. Later, we will discover more words related to house items that are seen conventionally under different room categories. So, let’s get started.

1. House

Translation: ເຮືອນ

Since we are talking about household items, the first word we need to learn in Lao is ເຮືອນ. The pronunciation goes as heuon. The most straightforward type of house or the traditional house in Laos is called the heuon. If you are looking for traditional accommodation, you can use this word to ask for guides from the locals.

2. Home

Translation: ບ້ານ

The next house-related word is the ບ້ານ, and it is pronounced as a ban. As we all know, a home is one that is personally attached to a person, whereas a house is a structural building. If you want to discuss your home with the locals, the right word to use is ban.

3. Garden

Translation: ສວນ

Next, the most common thing related to a house in Laos is ສວນ- suan. Since most houses are located in areas near natural greens and water bodies such as rivers, streams, mountains, etc., home gardens become an inevitable part of the house. However, if we talk about gardens that are seen in urban households, there might be some limitations in such an expression regarding rural Laotian homes.

4. Neighborhood

Translation: ບ້ານໃກ້ເຮືອນຄຽງ

The term ບ້ານໃກ້ເຮືອນຄຽງ- ban kaiheuonkhiang is also of much use. If you are looking for a place to stay for an extended time, you must be aware of your neighborhood because Laos still has many rural villages and slum areas. Thus, if you want to state a particular concern to your agent or broker regarding your preferred neighborhood, you can use the word ban kaiheuonkhiang.

5. Table

Translation: ຕາຕະລາງ

Coming to house items, one of the most common things that you will see in every household is the ຕາຕະລາງ- tatalang. In Laos, the tables are usually of low height because they prefer sitting on cushions or on the floor. So, tatalang in Laos has shorter legs than normal conventional ones.

6. Bamboo Rice Steamer

Translation: ຫ້ວຍ​ຂາວ

If you have read about Lao food ingredients in the earlier posts, you are no stranger to the fact that sticky rice is the life of Laotion people. Hence, every household, be it rural or urban, has the ຫ້ວຍ​ຂາວ- houat khao. No Lao home is complete without this item. In fact, people also gift houat khao to newlywed couples as a blessing for a lifetime of rice cooking in their lives.

7. Mortar And Pestle

Translation: ໂຄກ ແລະ ຊາກ

Similar to the Houat Khao, another essential kitchen item that you will find in every house in Laos is ໂຄກ ແລະ ຊາກ- khok and saak. A mortar and pestle made of deep clay is a fixated item in the Laos kitchen that is used to blend spices, sauces, pastes, and salads. If you live in an Airbnb, you will definitely find one without any failure.

8. Bed

Translation: ຕຽງ

Like any other house, even in Laos, a ຕຽງ- tiang is a must-have. Although rural people prefer sleeping on the floor over a mattress, a tiang is a must-have in urban areas. Most Lao houses have low-rise beds, and they prefer keeping the bed legs short, made of authentic wood, and a giant mattress. High-rise beds are primarily seen in hotels.

9. Chopsticks

Translation: ຟັກ

Since Lao people eat sticky rice religiously, ຟັກ- fak is a commonly seen item. Just like in other countries of Southeast Asia, fak in Laos is a central part of the kitchen and is seen in every household. Although history records that people also use their hands to eat, eating with fak is a typical family rule. If you are new to the use of fak, now is the best time to see youtube tutorials and learn!

10. Traditional Stove

Translation: ແສງເພັງ

A traditional stove in Lao or ແສງເພັງ- Saengpen is one of the country’s charms. Mostly in rural areas, instead of modern stoves- ເຕົາ (tao), you will find one made of clay and cement known as the ແສງເພັງ- Saengpen, quite popular in Thailand as well. It is a Narn charcoal stove used by locals, which is considered more fuel efficient by Laotian women. Although modern glass or steel stoves are ordinary in Laotian households, if you go to a rural house, you are expected to find a Saengpen. 


Conventional Household Items In The Lao Language

Lao household words

Now we will go through various house items seen in every kind of household. While you already have the idea of some essential traditional items, learning the following words will further enhance your Lao vocabulary.

Kitchen Items In Lao

Apronຜ້າກັນເປື້ອນpha kan peuon
Blenderເຄື່ອງປັ່ນkheuong pan
Cutting boardກະດານຕັດkadan tad
Cabinetຕູ້ໂຊມີລີ້ນຊັກtu os mi lin sak
Cutleryເຄື່ອງຕັດໄມ້kheuong tadmai
Drawerລີ້ນຊັກlin sak
Dish rackຊັ້ນວາງຈານsan vang chan
Frying panຂົ້ວkhov
Grinderເຄື່ອງປັ່ນkheuong pan
Microwaveໄມໂຄເວຟmaiokh ve f
Ovenເຕົາອົບtao ob
Peelerປອກເປືອກpok peuok
Potholderຫມໍ້ຫຸງຕົ້ມmo hung tom
Refrigeratorຕູ້ເຢັນtu yen
Table clothຜ້າຕາຕະລາງpha tatalang
Utensilsເຄື່ອງໃຊ້ສອຍkheuong saisony

Bedroom-Related Lao Words

Bedsheetຜ້າປູບ່ອນນອນpha pu bon non
Bookshelfຊັ້ນວາງປຶ້ມsan vang pum
Bedside tableໂຕະຂ້າງຕຽງto khang tiang
Curtainsຜ້າມ່ານpha man
Fanພັດລົມphad lom
Night Lampໂຄມໄຟກາງຄືນokhm fai kangkhun

Livingroom Items In Lao

Coffee tableໂຕະ​ກາ​ເຟto ka fe
Dining tableໂຕະ​ກິນ​ເຂົ້າto kin khao
Decorative itemລາຍການຕົກແຕ່ງlaikan tokaetng
Magazine ວາລະສານvalasan
Paintingການແຕ້ມຮູບkan aetmhub
Rugຜ້າພົມpha phom

Bathroom-Related Lao Words

Body washລ້າງຮ່າງກາຍlang hangkai
Dental flossຂັດແຂ້ວkhad aekhv
Detergentຜົງຊັກຟອກphong sak fok
Hair dryerໄດ​ເປົ່າ​ຜົມdai peoa phom
Laundry basketກະຕ່າຊັກລີດkata sak lid
Paper towelເຈ້ຍເຊັດcheny sed
Shampooແຊມພູaesm phu
Toiletຫ້ອງນ້ຳhong nam
Washing machineຈັກ​ຊັກ​ເຄື່ອງchak sak kheuong


Lao House-Related Phrases

I love your houseຂ້ອຍຮັກເຮືອນຂອງເຈົ້າkhony hak heuon khongchao
Where is the bathroom?ຫ້ອງ​ນໍາ​້​ຢູ່​ໃສ?hong noa yu sai
Can I use the kitchen?ຂ້ອຍສາມາດໃຊ້ເຮືອນຄົວໄດ້ບໍ?khony samadsai heuonkhua daibo
What is the price of the room?ລາຄາຫ້ອງເທົ່າໃດ?lakha hong theoadai
Do you have toilet paper?ເຈົ້າມີເຈ້ຍອະນາໄມບໍ?chao mi cheny anamai bo
I don’t know how to use chopsticksຂ້ອຍບໍ່ຮູ້ວິທີໃຊ້ຟັກkhonybo huvithi sai fak satik
The sticky rice is deliciousເຂົ້າໜຽວແຊບໆkhaoniav aesb
I bought a new houseຂ້ອຍຊື້ເຮືອນໃຫມ່khony su heuonhaim


Have Fun In Laos!

Now that you know all the essential household words and phrases in Lao, nothing can stop you from experiencing authentic bliss during your trip. From Luang Prabang to Champassak province, no matter where you stay or explore, words like ແສງເພັງ, ຫ້ວຍ​ຂາວ, will undoubtedly come in handy. However, if you want to blend in with the locals thoroughly, you must learn much more about the country and its people.

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