#1 Best Guide To Lao Weather Vocabulary

What is the first thing you do when planning to go somewhere? Check the weather forecast and plan accordingly, right? Likewise, before you travel to Laos this season to have a fantastic vacation, you will undoubtedly check the weather forecast and learn whether it is the best time or not.Thus, to make things easier and more fun for you, we suggest you sit back and learn some common Lao weather vocabulary and make it your greatest asset.

Learning weather terms in the Lao language like ລະດູຮ້ອນ (summer), ລະ​ດູ​ຫນາວ (winter), etc., can have many advantages. It will help you understand the forecast without any language barrier and make you speak better in the Lao language. Such a key will fill your journey with lively conversations with the country’s people and give you many memories.

So, take some time and get acquainted with weather vocabulary and related phrases before you board your flight to Laos. If you are interested, let’s begin the right way!

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Lao Weather Forecast: Facts To Know

Here is a quick peek at the Lao weather conditions to make your trip stress-free and secure. Other than the grammar practice, these facts, and knowledge will surely come in handy to make your days even better by giving you a firm idea of how the standard climate acts in the country.

The climate in Laos is usually said to be tropical. It experiences seasonal monsoon pours, which means hotness and humidity are a part of the regular wet season. Although it receives plenty of rain and has humid conditions on a typical day, the temperature remains average at 29 degrees celsius during the dry season and drops below during winter. Unlike other warm countries, Laos still has more comfortable and suitable weather for travelers.

Overall, Laos has pretty comfortable weather conditions for tourists to visit during the dry season. It is best to skip the rainy season as it will help prevent you from getting stuck in flooding from heavy rainfall, humidity, and heat that might itch your skin.

However, if you belong to a hot country, the temperature change will not be much of a deal for you. So, keep these facts in mind and plan accordingly to have the best time in Laos. You do not want to miss out on the pretty skies with the mesmerizing sun and beautiful greenery that Laos has nurtured for you to witness.

Lao weather vocabulary Primary Terms

Lao Weather Vocabulary: Primary Terms

Now let us come to the central part and learn some primary weather terms with proper Lao language translation and pronunciation. Memorize them and say goodbye to your old translator during the Lao trip!

1. Sunny – ບ່ອນມີແດດ

The first typical weather that we all beg for when it comes to outdoor plans is ບ່ອນມີແດດ. Pronounced as bon mi aedd, Lao experiences warm and sunny weather almost throughout the years. However, the primary summer time begins from March to May, and the period for heavy rain begins after these months. Although sunny summers can be pretty hot and dry, afternoon storm periods can sometimes make it less heated and bearable.

2. Rainy – ຝົນ

The next weather condition is something we all love when we are at home with a cup of coffee but beg for it to go away when it comes to hanging out with friends. Yes, we are talking about the rainy weather, which is known as ຝົນ – fon in Lao. After summer, in the month of March-May, the rain starts. Lao distinctly experiences two rainy seasons; even the average downpour can be as high as 3000 mm per year.

The heaviest rainfall can be seen during the months of August and September, so it is recommended not to visit the place during this period. Although it is quite pretty to hear the raindrops fall on the roof, it can be a hurdle for many plans as a tourist.

3. Cloudy – ມີເມກ

The following climate change we all desire is the cloudy, known as ມີເມກ – mimek, weather. The world feels free when the sky remains grey with a soft wind, and there remains no worry. It is precisely the kind of weather that I desire when I am out traveling. In Laos, during the dry season, the temperature remains partly cloudy, and the air remains humid.

Although humidity can be a task to deal with, the cloudy serene sky can make your coffee date a perfect match. Even during the wet season, you will experience the misty beauty before the storms take over. Nevertheless, the dry season, from November to April, is the best time for visitors.

4. Windy – ລົມແຮງ

The pleasant weather to make your Instagram feed full of aesthetic pictures is ລົມແຮງ – lom aehng. From wearing flowy clothing to opening your silky locks, the windy weather plays its own magic. The windiest months in Laos are March, November, and January. To feel the breeze run through your skin and hair, you must stick to the dry season plans and expand or shorten your travel plans accordingly. Although strong winds can become a hassle, the mild, windy weather with beautiful cloud situations is something you cannot miss.

5. Stormy – ພາຍຸ

Along with sunny days and windy nature, Loas also experiences stormy – phaiu weather with heavy rainfall and thunderstorms during the wet season. The strongest generally hits during the period of August and September. It is best to avoid this period as Laos has records of heavy storms affecting thousands of lives, especially in rural areas. Tropical storm Noru was recorded hitting Laos in September 2022, bringing heavy rainfall and storms. Thus, to have a cooler and more relaxing time in the nation, it is better to keep these two months out of the checklist.

6. Foggy – ໝອກ

Foggy or ໝອກ- mok conditions in Laos often occur during the night time during December and January. Other than that, the days are usually sunny and hot in temperature. In fact, even during the winter months, Laos experiences heat and hot conditions during the day. So, if you are a person who is looking for a foggy and wintery destination, Laos can be your second option on the list.

7. Snowy – ຫິມະຕົກ

Snowy or ຫິມະຕົກ- himatok condition is almost rare in Laos. Weather reports say there is no annual snow in Laos, and only cool winters are experienced instead of intense snowy weather. So, the place is more hot and humid with heavy rain sessions rather than a cold, snowy station. Nevertheless, the pleasant sunny weather makes it the best for tourists to explore the nation and witness its beauty without any uncertainty.

Other Lao Weather Terms- Climates, Seasons, And More

Here we will go through some more words related to the weather in Lao. It will enhance your vocabulary further and help you form phrases. As we all know, the weather is always the best way to start a conversation. So, let’s read together.


Autumnດູໃບໄມ້ລົ່ນdu baimailon
Balmyບາ​ມີ​ba mi
Cycloneພາຍຸໄຊໂຄລນphaiu sai okhln
Droughtໄພ​ແຫ້ງ​ແລ້ງphai aehngaelng
Evaporationການ​ລະ​ເຫີຍ​kan la hoeny
Global Warmingໂລກ​ຮ້ອນolkhon
Humidityຄວາມ​ຊຸ່ມ​ຊື່ນ​khuaam sum sun
Heavy Rainຝົນ​ຕົກ​ຫນັກfon tok nak


Land breezeລົມພັດດິນlom phad din
Lightningຟ້າຜ່າfa pha
Moistureຄວາມຊຸ່ມຊື່ນkhuaamsum sun
Monsoonລົມມໍລະສຸມlom molasum
Smogໝອກຄວັນmok khvan
Springລະດູໃບໄມ້ປົ່ງladu baimaipong
Unstableບໍ່ໝັ້ນຄົງbo mankhong
Winterລະ​ດູ​ຫນາວla du nav
Lao weather vocabulary common phrases

Lao Weather Phrases To Practice

In this section, we will learn a few common weather phrases that we regularly use. Comprehending these will make the language more understandable for you while engaging in dialogues with people.

It is sunny todayມື້ນີ້ແມ່ນບ່ອນມີແດດmuniaemn bon mi aedd
How is the weather?ອາ​ກາດ​ເປັນ​ແນວ​ໃດ?a kad pen aenv dai
I love the rainy seasonຂ້ອຍຮັກລະດູຝົນkhony hak ladufon
The breeze feels so pleasantລົມພັດຮູ້ສຶກສະບາຍໃຈຫຼາຍlom phad husuk sabaichai rai
The weather is too humid todayມື້ນີ້ອາກາດຊຸ່ມເກີນໄປmuni akad sum koenpai
It was foggy in the morningມັນໝອກໃນຕອນເຊົ້າman mok naitonsao
Do you love summer?ເຈົ້າຮັກລະດູຮ້ອນບໍ?chao hak laduhon bo
I feel dizzy when it is sunnyຂ້ອຍຮູ້ສຶກວິນຫົວເມື່ອມີບ່ອນມີແດດkhony husuk vin hua meu mibon mi aedd
I love cloudy weatherຂ້ອຍມັກສະພາບອາກາດທີ່ມີເມກkhony mak saphaboakad thi mimek
It is going to rain soonມັນກຳລັງຈະມີຝົນຕົກໃນໄວໆນີ້man kamlangcha mifontok naiuaaini

Over To You!

So there you go! Now you know all the essential weather words and phrases that you can easily use to create bonding with the locals. More than that, knowing these words will help you during weather emergencies in the country as you will no longer need assistance while reading display boards and asking questions with the locals. With skills to impress, you have also unlocked the skills to protect yourself during your journey.

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