No Croatian On Duolingo? Here Are 2 Mind-Blowing Alternatives (2023)

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I know a lot of people who want to learn the Croatian language. Who wouldn’t want to speak a new language that’s so beautiful and fun to pronounce? However, finding resources can be quite tricky. And if you’ve been trying to learn, we bet you’re scratching your head wondering why there’s no Croatian on Duolingo, right? Well, we decided to look into this a bit more to understand the real reasons for that situation. 

When you want to speak Croatian, Serbian, or any other Slavic language, it’s essential to explore language exercises that make you speak and think like a native. In the case of Croatian, Duolingo surprisingly did not have any courses for this language. Despite being a widely spoken language, we’re even more surprised that they do not seem to have this in their development pipeline. So the biggest question here is … why?

Of course, there are alternative apps like Ling that can totally be a life-changer when learning languages like Croatian.

Let’s find out more reasons that can answer no Croatian on Duolingo!

Why Is There No Croatian On Duolingo?

Comparing Croatian to other Slavic languages, such as the Serbian language in Duolingo, you’ll see no native speakers in the forums are willing to teach Croatian voluntarily.

Where Is Croatian Spoken?

The majority of the population of Croatia speaks Croatian because it is the country’s official and national language. Bosnia and Herzegovina is home to sizable Croatian-speaking communities, especially in the country’s western and southern areas. In addition to Bosnian and Serbian, Croatian is also recognized as one of the official languages in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Croatian appears to be a rather rare language. With that said, it’s a premise that most Slavic languages on apps with a bigger audience are not that popular. However, looking at the data from Ethnologue, there are at least 8.6 million speakers of Serbian and 6 million speakers of Croatian. The number is not that far off, right? So there must be reasons that we are not looking at. Allow me to share with you what I have discovered.

Croatian Is Not As Popular As It Should Be

Some people would argue that French is the best language to learn now. Ironically, many people would rather learn a fictional language in Duolingo, such as Klingon or High Valyrian, than take an entire semester’s language course of core Croatian words. However, as beautiful or even historical Croatian phrases are, it still has a long way to go to be recognized as one of the most popular languages worldwide.

Why not be one of the few people in your community to speak Croatian phrases? You can even teach your friends how to conjugate Croatian verbs so you can learn Croatian faster. Excellent idea, right?

Learning Or Teaching Croatian Has Less Demand Than Other Languages

In line with our previous point, knowing that Croatian is a less spoken or less popular language means teaching it is not a priority. Having said that, fewer teachers or students may want to enroll or participate in a community full of native Croatian speakers. But don’t despair, as there are still a few tightly-knit groups online on social media willing to give you free lessons. It may even be better just to save up and go to Croatia yourself!

It’s Not Easy To Teach Croatian

Being fond of learning a new language often will make you understand how hard it is to memorize all grammar rules and conjugations and try to nail that tone and accent. Slavic languages like Croatian require you to exert effort in getting the right Croatian pronunciation, and sometimes, taking free lessons daily won’t be enough. If you’re aiming to learn the Croatian language quickly, paid, intensive lessons with a native speaker will be worth it.

Duolingo’s Volunteer Contributor Program Has Ended

Finally, we’re sad to hear that the possibility of having Croatian language courses on Duolingo will be a bit impossible at the moment. Duolingo has announced it has ended its volunteer contributor program due to standardizing its approach with its content. For that reason, we have other alternatives that you can use to continue your Croatian grammar lessons, learn essential words, and even do language exercises.

Why Should You Learn Croatian?

You may be wondering that Is It Difficult To Learn Croatian? The Foreign Service Institute has recognized Croatian as one of the world’s most difficult languages. Learning to read and write in Croatian is arduous since the language uses the Latin-based Gaj alphabet. Want to find out more? Check out the three shocking truths about learning Croatian here!

Duolingo courses have helped millions of people achieve their dream and introduce a new language. Although, it’s not the perfect app if you want to hone your listening skills, become a business professional in a foreign language, or become a translator. Instead, you’ll learn techniques, skills, and memorization methods as you learn a language like Croatian. Your other language learning method might be spaced repetition method/system, which is very efficient for memorizing. Even if you like flashcards or study intensively, only one right preference will suit you.

Duolingo continues to improve its languages and still strives to add more languages daily. Hopefully, you haven’t lost the motivation to learn Croatian yet, because we have two great options for you to choose from. Even better, they are all free and have more than 60+ official languages, including interactive games, a weekly quiz, and audio recordings to help you learn. Too good to be true, right? It’s possible with Ling!

Woman uses her phone to search why there are is no Croatian on Duolingo and the Alternatives

What Are The Alternatives To Duolingo?

There are hundreds of apps, Youtube videos, or even an intensive course to sign up for your conversation skills. There are many vital features that you can also learn from these apps, like a secret path that needs to be discovered. Although many of them can barely translate or help form sentences for you. You can learn from a free course or, instead, learn from a high-quality app with speech recognition technology while playing fun games.

Which language apps have Croatian that will help you in learning Croatian?

Ling App

How is Ling different from Duolingo? Ling app uses lessons created by actual native Croatian speakers to help you learn Croatian! It comes with gamified content and in-depth lessons that are easy to understand and follow. In fact, you only need to use the app for 15 minutes a day to get to grips with the language. It’s an excellent tool for learners who want to learn Croatian from scratch or expand their knowledge of this beautiful language.

The other best feature? It comes with a revolutionary chatbot! Whether you’re trying to assess your skills or want to practice previous lessons, you can simulate real-life conversations within the app! Now that’s something that beginners would love because no one wants just to dive head first and speak with the locals. So if that’s you, then Ling is the best platform for you.

Simply Learn

Looking for something simpler? Speak with the locals immediately by downloading the free app, Simply Learn Croatian. This educational resource is a phrasebook that provides you with all the expressions and words to help make your conversations flow more naturally. Inside the app, you’ll see several categories to find the expression you’re looking for quickly.

Other Resources To Learn Croatian

Quite a few different apps and websites work great in helping you learn Croatian. Ultimately, it is up to you if you can search for the best language-learning method that you can work with. You can find your own Croatian language tutor on iTalki or book private lessons online. The most popular choice is signing up for physical Croatian language classes. As we said before, it would be wise to make a language learning plan and mix things up if you are deadset on learning Croatian.

Learn More Croatian With The Ling App

Learn Croatian with Ling App

It’s a well-known fact that Croatian lessons or a single Duolingo Croatian course are not possible at this time. There are many advantages of knowing at least the core Croatian vocabulary, particularly if you’re interested in learning other Slavic languages. The learning process with fun Croatian lessons improves how your abilities will be in.

For that reason, Ling continues to excel in giving high-quality lessons for less-spoken languages such as UrduLithuanian or Thai. If you want to learn Croatian with Ling, it is easy to download with a few simple clicks on the App Store or Play Store. So what are you waiting for? Download this app now!

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