#1 Guide On The Best Actor In Laos Drama

best actor in laos drama

Did you know that “Houh mahk paak nai lakon lao yang pai suay lai?” literally translates to “Who is the best actor in Laos drama?” Since you landed in this post, this only proves that you are a fan of watching AND learning languages. Well, you won’t be disappointed because, in this post, we’ll go over the top actors in Lao drama. Let’s begin!

Lao Drama Industry

The government used to control the film industry in Laos by primarily releasing propaganda movies. The Ministry of Culture’s Cinema Department had sole control over the film industry until 1989. After the abolition of the monarchy, the first feature film, entitled ‘Gun Voice’ was produced, but it wasn’t released due to censorship.

However, times have changed, and the industry that once faced a bittersweet decline is starting to flourish with the emergence of a young generation of talented filmmakers. Moreover, the government of this socialist country has recognized the potential of the movie industry to attract investors, leading to collaborations with foreign companies in producing Laotian films.

In addition to films produced internally, many filmmakers from Bangkok, Thailand, and other parts of the world choose to shoot on location in this culturally rich country with its collection of picturesque sceneries. Numerous international crews had filmed on site, transforming the perception of the place from the era of the Vietnam War to the time when its government allowed the showcasing of its prime locations through films and other forms of art.

While the industry may still have limitations, Lao movies are gradually gaining recognition, demonstrating their potential to captivate a wider audience, both locally and internationally.

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Who Is The Best Actor In Laos Drama?

If you search for famous people from Laos, you will discover an impressive list of individuals who have excelled and achieved a history of success in sports, literature, and music. One individual of Laotian descent became an American politician, another left their mark as a Thai photographer, and there are those who have become executive directors, thriving in various industries within our society.

There are also names who excel in the drama industry, may it be in telling a story or acting well-portrayed roles. Others conquered fame in other countries, while some have directed artistic materials on cinema and TV. Most actors of Laotian heritage have become famous not only in Laos but in other countries as well, including Thai and the U.S. Who are these actors? Here’s a good list of actors who made names for themselves in the industry:

  1. Ken Lo

Lo was born to a Laotian mother and a Hong Kong-Chinese father. He first became Jackie Chan’s bodyguard before being given roles in his films. He was best known for his role as the lead antagonist in Chan’s film, “Drunken Master II.” He also had a major role in Steven Seagal’s movie, “Into the Sun.”

  1. Ananda Everingham

He is a Thai actor and model of Australian and Lao descent. His most popular film to date is “Shutter,” a horror film released in 2004. He also starred in the first commercial film made in Laos since the country adopted communism, called “Sabaidee Luang Prabang.”

Aside from being famous himself, the love story of his parents also had its share of the spotlight. It was made into a television movie set in the Mekong River in Laos by NBC in 1983, entitled “Love is Forever.”

  1. Sinakhone Keodara

He is a Laos-born actor, producer, director, and writer. He and his family sought political asylum in the U.S. in 1986. Since then, he has since championed the causes of the Lao-American community and other Asian Americans. In 2006, he moved to Los Angeles to try his hand at acting and made his TV debut in 2007 on the show “My Name is Earl,” where he brought life to the role of a trans hooker prisoner.

  1. Siluck Saysanasy

He is a television actor of Lao and Canadian descent. Saysanasy’s fame began via the series “Degrassi,” where he played the character named Yick Yu. Aside from acting, he has also tried his hand as an assistant director on several shows, including Designated Survivor, The Strain, Shadowhunters, and Degrassi: The Next Generation.

  1. Thanwa Suriyajak

This actor, model, and singer was born and raised in Laos but found brighter fame in Thailand at a young age. Among his early works as a Thai actor include “Love Summer on the Beach” and “Hugna Sarakham.”

Lao Words Related To Drama

Here are some Lao words related to drama that you can practice while looking into the works of the actors mentioned above:

English TermLao ScriptPronunciation (Lao)
Lao Dramaເນື້ອທີ່ລາວNuea tii lao
ActorເທັກປະກອບTet pak kawp
Actressຜູ້ກຳລັງຕອບPhu khm lang tob
Storytellingການໄປທີ່ບັນທັດKaan pai tii ban taa
GenreປະເພດວຽກການBpaephet wiak kaan
Emotive RangeຄວາມເຮັດດີKhua het dee
VersatilityໂຄງເຮືອນລວມKhong her yang law
Sceneຊົ່ວໂມງKhao mohng
Kaan pat ti bawt
ImpactການເຫຍີບທັງບຽນKaan yaoy bor yung yao
Cultural HeritageສານທາດພອນຂອງສຸກກະສາວSaat ta phaen khong suka sao
TraditionລະດັບປະຕິບັດLa daap pat ti bawt
DialogueເອກະສາວສຽງAk sa wa siang
Stageຮ້ານຮວມHan muang

Learn How To Speak Lao Using Ling

If you want to learn more Lao words and how to use them in everyday conversations, the best option is to use the Ling app. This app serves as both a language translator and tutor, ensuring an enjoyable learning experience through interactive activities and games. You can download it from the Play Store or App Store to explore its features.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in discovering the top actors from other parts of Asia, we have compiled a compelling list of individuals to watch out for in Korea and the Philippines. Check them out!

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