Ultimate 2023 Dutch Calendar

2023 Dutch calendar

So it turns out that The Netherlands has very few public holidays annually. In fact, there are only ten Netherlands holidays included in the 2023 Dutch calendar that the population is eligible to take off work per year. That’s rather paltry compared to other nations such as Thailand which has nineteen.

Public holidays are usually when government offices, schools and banks are closed. It’s best to always check, but usually tourist attractions remain open (unless holidays or observances fall on the same day).

Now of course, there are other ‘off the radar’ holidays as well which we’ll talk about. Not every fun thing is included in a national calendar, because, well, that wouldn’t make sense but would be incredibly helpful to a tourist.

Let’s take a look at the 2023 The Netherlands calendar and the special events happening this year!

Which Calendar Does The Netherlands Use?

The Netherlands has used the Gregorian calendar since 1583. The majority of their holidays are based around the Christian calendar and there are other ‘fun’ holidays too, such as Sinterklaus, but none of these are officially recognized by the government.

The Netherlands calendar has 12 months and 365 days like the rest of most of the world, so you won’t have any surprises.

How To Read The Date In Dutch

Ling can teach you to read and say dates and times in Dutch in great detail, so check out our ultimate guide, but here is a brief rundown of how to read and say the date in Dutch.

The order of the date goes like so:

Day – month – year

23rd April, 2023

2023 Dutch calendar events

Not To Miss Festivals In The Netherlands: The Top 5

The Dutch 2023 calendar unfortunately only includes officially recognized Netherlands holidays, so we thought we’d share some other pretty fantastic events. While these aren’t national holidays and you won’t find them on any official Netherlands calendar.

These special events are held in major cities around the country and are usually free to attend.

The festivals and events are in order not by popularity, but by when they appear on the 2023 calendar.

Have a look!

Amsterdam Light Festival

When: January 1-22 2023 & then again November 30, 2023 -January 21, 2024

Artists are invited to decorate Amsterdam so that it lights up at night. Exhibits can be seen all over this grand city and the majority of light exhibits are free. You can see most just by walking around at night.

Keukenhof Flower Show

When: March 23-May 14, 2023

The Netherlands is of course, very famous for its flowers. You may have learned about tulips in your economics class in school. Each year, flowers are celebrated as a part of the Netherlands’ past, but also because they attract millions of tourists. In 2023, the Keukenof Flower Show, will be back to its glory. It’s not to be missed.

2023 Dutch cultural events

Amsterdam Roots

When: June 27-July 2, 2023 (Likely Dates)

This is a large cultural festival that will include performances and food. The music will be culturally centered not just on Dutch culture, but world culture as well to celebrate the ethnicity of the changing population. It’s a celebration of art and culture that’s been ongoing for forty years.

International Fireworks Show

When: Aug 11-12 & 18-19, 2023 (Likely Dates)

Held in Scheveningen, this special fireworks show is actually an international competition. Countries compete to create the greatest fireworks display put to music! It’s really cool to see new and innovative fireworks displays.


When: November 12, 2023

A very different take on Santa Claus, this parade is what children look forward to each November. Rather than a Ho-ho-ho, children are greeted with what can only be described as a Santa that makes you want to be a good boy or good girl. This parade takes place in Amsterdam and it’s back in 2023 after a two-year Covid hiatus.

Netherlands Holidays 2023 Dutch Calendar

Here are the Dutch public holidays 2023.

Public Holiday in EnglishPublic Holiday in DutchDate
New Year’s DayNieuwjaarsdagJanuary 1
Good FridayGoede VrijdagApril 7
Easter SundayEerste PaasdagApril 9
Easter MondayTweede PaasdagApril 10
King’s DayKoningsdagApril 27
National Remembrance DayDodenherdenkingMay 4 (not an official holiday)
Liberation DayBevrijdingsdagMay 5 (official holiday every 5 years; next in 2025)
Ascension DayHemelvaartsdagMay 18
Whit (Pentecost) SundayEerste PinksterdagMay 28
Whit (Pentecost) MondayTweede PinksterdagMay 29
Christmas DayEerste KerstdagDecember 25
Boxing DayTweede KerstdagDecember 26
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