Register For TOPIK Test Online In 4 Quick Ways

If you are already somewhat familiar with the Korean language or studying in Korea as a foreigner then you might have heard about the TOPIK test. But what is the procedure to get enrolled in the TOPIK test?

You have been trying for so long to get the TOPIK Test but failed to understand the characters of the Korean alphabet! You struggle to read a single word in Korea while other people quickly found ways to learn sentences.

Do they know some secrets that you don’t? Actually Yes! They do have some secrets. I am also one of those people with a secret and in this article, I will go through all the secrets about the TOPIK exam with you!

So let’s get started and get you to pass the test!

Register For TOPIK Test Online

We are international students living and specializing in Korean language and linguistics from Seoul National University in South Korea. My friend recently graduated from here and for his master’s degree, he needed to pass a Korean language test. To prepare for it he decided to take the TOPIK test first. 

Initially, when we got started with the registration process we didn’t know that the process would be that HARD. We were trying to reach the TOPIK website through the laptop and it kept on showing “YOU CAN’T REACH THAT WEBSITE THROUGH MOBILE.” We tried different websites for this issue but it didn’t work.

Therefore, we called the TOPIK organization and, they told us that sometimes the website detects laptops as mobile so you have to use a DESKTOP or PC. That is when we got our very first lesson or tip:

  • Use a desktop for your registration

You have to wait almost one and a half hours to log in because this website is very busy since a lot of people are trying to get enrolled. You have to make an account on the TOPIK website beforehand.

  • Make an account before the registration date

Of course, it takes a lot of hard work but that’s the route. Follow the instructions underneath to get the opportunity of taking the TOPIK-TEST, test schedule in the year 2022. The registration steps are mentioned in this article for your help.

How To Prepare For TOPIK Test Online?

We are presenting all the information on the TOPIK Test for the year 2022 for anyone planning to take the TOPIK test (Test of proficiency in Korea). On this page, you may find tons of additional study materials for the TOPIK test. 

Korean Lessons

Enrolling in Korean lessons is the greatest strategy to achieve a high TOPIK score. Although it is feasible to learn a language on your own, there is no assurance that your training will be of the same caliber as that offered by recognized institutions.

Additionally, there isn’t much assurance that what you’re learning or teaching yourself is accurate. You’ll have a solid basis for further studying Korean while attending and passing a Korean class. You can start down the path to a greater understanding by enrolling in appropriate classes.

You will have a good idea of how well you performed on the TOPIK exam if you are currently receiving enough education in Korean.

It’s crucial that you practice the fundamentals in the months before the exam. This entails immersing yourself in Korean by reading, writing, and other activities including attending seminars, listening to audiobooks, watching TV series and movies, and speaking to others more frequently in Korean.

Check out more details on TOPIK websites, explaining the TOPIK Test’s structure strategies, study material, video tutorials explaining the test, the application process, levels, passing scores, etc.

  • TOPIK – The Complete Guide
  • TOPIK Levels and Passing Marks
  • TOPIK GUIDE Mock Tests are another resource for online practice.

You can download the past TOPIK papers of the tests with answers to obtain a sense of understanding after you’ve become familiar with its format. Mock tests explaining the structure strategies to solve tests are also available on the website for your better practice. You can download practice tests with answer sheets and solve them for better practice.

There is a team of passionate researchers, committed to helping international students from Seoul national university specializing in different subjects. They help foreigners learn Korean to get success and prepare for the TOPIK test. They help in guiding vocabulary, grammar, changing questions, and evaluating TOPIK Test.

The Complete Guide to TOPIK, helping international students prepare for TOPIK test through Self-Study Package, is highly advised whether you are taking the TOPIK Test for the first time or just want to pass a higher level.

 It is a digital study package that has everything you require to perform well on the TOPIK exam, including all previous TOPIK, practice tests with answer sheets, Korean grammar, and vocabulary study guides, video tutorials outlining the test format, methods for solving the questions, and much more. 

TOPIK Test Schedule In Your Country

TOPIK will take place six times in 2022: three times in Korea (in January, May, and November) and three times abroad (in April, July, and October). In 2022, the 80th, 81st, 82nd, 83rd, 84th, and 85th TOPIK examinations will be administered. Here is a little table for brief info for you!

Exam84th TOPIK 
Test DateOctober 15-16, 2022
Registration week2-8 August 2022
Results24th November
Exam85th TOPIK
Test DateNovember 13, 2022
Registration week6-13 September 2022
Results15 December
RemarksKorean only

The 83rd TOPIK registration date is out of date so the next TOPIK test registration will be announced on 28th August on the official TOPIK website, make sure to make your account on the TOPIK website beforehand, and also try to log in early because almost all of the slots filled very fast and once the slots are filled you can’t get enrolled for Topik Test.

Please get in touch with your country’s Korean embassy or Korean Culture Center for more information about the TOPIK test there. For TOPIK I (level 1-2), the registration fee is KRW 40,000, and for TOPIK II (level 3-6), it is KRW 55,000. The price ranges from $20 to $30 in the USA. In India, it fluctuates between 800 INR and 1000 INR.

Steps To Register For TOPIK Test Online

Register For Topik Test Online

You can sign up to take the TOPIK test in Korea online even if you are already living in Korea. You must, however, seek assistance from the Korean embassy if you are from outside the nation. You might wish to conduct an additional investigation because certain local institutions might let you register through them.

You can find the most recent information on the official TOPIK website if your Korean is good enough. You must get in touch with the Korean embassy, Korean cultural Center, or affiliated organizations if you reside in any other nation. With the registration, they will assist you.

The registration process for TOPIK is completely online for overseas but the exam is conducted on-campus only. Here are the most crucial steps to register for the TOPIK test online by utilizing the Official TOPIK Website. You can select a different language from the options once the TOPIK official website has been opened. To register for TOPIK on the official TOPIK website, follow the steps listed below:

First Step: Log In

The 로그인 (Logeu in) i-e log in and 회원가입 (hoewongaib) i.e sign up for menu options are located in the top right corner of the website. You must click on 회원가입 and register if you haven’t already done so on the TOPIK website. Just 로그인(logeu-in), if you already know your ID and password.

2nd Step: Sign Up

The next page will open when you click the 시험접수(siheomjeobsu) or “Register for TOPIK” button in the left corner of the page. Look at the application period’s schedule. You cannot register if it is not the application period. To begin the registration procedure, click on 접수하기(jeobsuhagi).

3rd Step: Pick A Testing Center

Select the test location now. Search for the exam site you need or look through the list of available test sites. Select the test level you wish to take. It is mentioned how many candidates have registered for the exam. You should be aware that you cannot select a test center that is already at capacity. Applications won’t be accepted any longer after the available slots are filled.

4th Step: Provide Information

Look under 시험접수정보(siheomjeobsujeongbo) for the registration details, including the test level and test center. Click the button 다음단계(da-eumdangye) after entering your contact information in the box provided under 개인정보(gaeinjeongbo).

5th Step: Photo Upload

By selecting the 사진 수정/등록하기 (sajin sujeong/deungloghagi) “Edit/Upload Photo” button, you can upload a passport-size photo file.

Verify that the photo you’re attempting to upload complies with the requirements. You could be punished if, on the day of the test, it is impossible to verify your identity using the photo you have provided.

6th Step: Check/Edit Information

Click the button 다음단계 (da-eumdangye) for final payment after checking the exam level, test center, and registered personal information. Click the button 이전단계 (ijeondangye) to return to the previous page if the registered information is inaccurate.

7th Step: Pay The Enrollment Cost

Create a virtual account because you have two options for paying the registration fee: bank transfer or credit card (virtual account). You must enter the details needed in case of a return if you opt to pay by Korean bank transfer (virtual account). Make sure to precisely enter the account number that was given to you because each person is given a different account number for Korean bank transfers (virtual accounts).

Last Step: Verify Registration Information

Verify the validity of your registration and transaction. On the Registration Status page under “My Page,” you may view your registration information.

You’re finished! We mentioned all the resources and guides for your preparation so go to these pages now to download previous TOPIK exams, review other study guides and advice on the TOPIK resource page, and get organized for your studies. We wish you better luck with your exam. Thank you!

Why Register For TOPIK Tests Online? 

Register For Topik Test Online

How well do you speak Korean? By completing the 2022 TOPIK test, the most well-known Korean language competency test in the world, you may determine your exact level. If you’re learning Korean, you might want to assess your present proficiency. Numerous factors make the TOPIK test a fantastic option. You can learn Korean from a wide variety of sources, including books, instructors, audio and video tutoring, language applications, websites, and online lessons.

You should carefully consider taking TOPIK for a number of reasons.

  • First off, a high TOPIK score might help you enroll in a Korean university. You could be excused from enrolling in additional language courses before beginning your study. Furthermore, it is frequently required to take the TOPIK in order to graduate from university in South Korea.
  • A TOPIK certificate and a strong TOPIK score will also aid in your job search at respectable Korean businesses. Any non-native Korean speaker is eligible to take the TOPIK exam, score in the TOPIK and certificates are valid for two years after completion.
  • Only the TOPIK certificate is recognized internationally as proof of your proficiency in Korean.
  • Additionally, if you wish to move to Korea and apply for a residency visa, earning a high TOPIK score will be useful. A point-based system is used for immigration in Korea. So we strongly advise you to get a great score if you want a residency visa in Korea.

 As a result, individuals with higher TOPIK scores stand a significantly better chance than those with lower scores of obtaining the long-term visa required to work, study, or reside in Korea. Hope you learn a lot about TOPIK test from our website and we solve all your queries.

Do you have a time slot set aside to take TOPIK now that you are aware of its nature? Have you ever taken TOPIK before? If so, were you satisfied with your results? What is your motivation if you take the TOPIK soon? Inform us.

Wrapping Up

Register For Topik Test Online

Check out the TOPIK I Vocabulary list and TOPIK II Vocabulary List to start preparing for TOPIK Tests now that you are ready to register for the test online. Ling App can prove to be especially helpful in this regard since the lessons provided on the Ling App provide a perfect blend of fun and knowledge.

Happy Learning!

Download Ling today and start speaking confidently in Korean

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