How To Easily Order Beer In Korean: #1 Best Guide

how to order beer in Korean in Korea - Learn with Ling

Did you know that Koreans actually love the taste of beer? With just a few shots or even plenty, they get to relieve the stressful feeling building up in them. Good beer also calls for the most delicious food, so are you ready to order beer in Korean?

In South Korea, raising a glass is not simply indulging but a vibrant celebration of camaraderie, forging connections that stand the test of time. From bustling city streets to tucked-away makgeolli houses, the drinking culture weaves a tapestry of shared experiences, animated conversations, and cherished memories.

However, one dilemma that you may encounter when drinking out is the language barrier. Although Koreans can understand English, they may not speak it very well, which can be stressful for both parties. So, when ordering food or drinks, you might want to learn these essential Korean phrases to order beer in Korean!

Easy Ways To Order Beer In Korean

If you’re planning to take some time off from work since it’s your day off the next day, visiting a Korean restaurant and getting delicious food is one way to enjoy it. But it’s impossible not to order a beer, especially if you’re with your friends or co-workers. However, as a foreigner in South Korea, do you know how to order food or beer? Here we have some phrases that can come in handy during these situations!

how to order beers in korea

1. 맥주 주세요 (Maek-Ju Ju-Se-Yo)

Ordering food or beer from a menu always requires you to use the polite form. Whether you speak English or Korean, being respectful to servers is always a must. This phrase simply translates to “Please give me a beer,” in English. It’s a brief yet well-mannered way to order beer in Korean. Maekju refers to beer, while Juseyo translates to please.

2. 맥주 한 잔 주세요 (Maek-Ju Han Jan Ju-Se-Yo)

Are you someone who gets easily tipsy? Then you might want to just order one glass of beer. In purchasing a drink, you won’t use sino korean numbers, instead, utilize the Hana-dul-set counting system. When translated to English, the phrase would look like this: Beer one glass, please. It means, “One glass of beer, please.” Note that this sentence is similar to the first one, but 한 잔 added to it. Han refers to one, while Jan means glass.

3. 맥주 두 잔 주세요 (Maek-Ju Du Jan Ju-Se-Yo)

If you’re feeling a little brave and you trust that you won’t end up throwing up your meal, then ordering two glasses of beer may be good for you! This common phrase is similar to the second one, but with “Han” replaced with “Du,” which means two.

Additionally, did you know that some Koreans like drinking as it’s a vital part of their social life? In Korean culture, they drink when they’re happy, sad, or just feeling like it. It’s a great way to have fun too, every once in a while.

4. 맥주 한 병 주세요 (Maek-Ju Han Byeong Ju-Se-Yo)

Is a glass of beer not enough? Well, drinking your heart out as you munch on your favorite side dishes truly calls for a bottle! If you want a whole bottle of it after ordering two servings, then here’s what you have to say: 맥주 한 병 주세요. It’s almost identical to the previous phrases for ordering beer, but this time instead of 잔 (Jan), you used 병 (Byeong), which translates to “bottle.”

5. 맥주 세트로 주세요 (Maek-Ju Se-Teu-Ro Ju-Se-Yo)

Korean meals are best shared with your family and friends, but do you know what makes them a little spicier? We’re not talking about the fiery flavor— we’re talking about the vibe that it gives out! Well, a set of beers can really set you off for a good night. So, if you’re ordering this many, make sure to remember this essential Korean phrase: 맥주 세트로 주세요 (Maek-Ju Se-Teu-Ro Ju-Se-Yo). Seteuro means “set” it’s a loanword from the English language!

Best Korean Meals To Pair With Alcoholic Drinks

You won’t get to enjoy a little alcohol without traditional Korean dishes. Upon visiting Korean restaurants or tents, you’ll find different meals that your tastebuds will definitely enjoy!

1. Korean Fried Chicken + Maekju

Korean-style fried chicken and beer are the typical combos that you’ll find in Korean dramas. It comes with several flavors ranging from sweet to burning hot that can actually push you to get a good gulp from your bottle of beer. It’s also juicy and crispy, which makes it go perfectly with the alcoholic beverage.

2. Samgyupsal (Korean BBQ) + Soju

Aside from beer, you can always order other alcoholic beverages like Soju, that’s also famous in Korea. It comes with several fruity flavors, and you may even mix it with other drinks if you like. When it comes to pairing it with traditional Korean food, why not try barbecue? If you like to eat pork, you’ll surely enjoy eating this dish with some soju!


3. Jeon + Makgeolli

Are you skimming through the vegetarian menu for the best Korean food to pair with Makgeolli? If you’re up to try something new, then try out these pancakes. Some are made up of meat and fish, while others are purely composed of vegetables. So, don’t pass on trying this fritter in Korea once you get your hands on a Makgeolli as they make the best pair!

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