No Serbian On Rosetta Stone: 2 Best Alternatives

Have you been looking for a Serbian course but come to the realization that the language learning giants don’t accommodate you? Don’t worry; we got you. There may be no Serbian on Rosetta Stone, but there is Serbian on Ling.

So what is Ling? Ling is the new kid on the block. The foreign language learning app is growing exponentially and racking up great reviews on the app store. Ling has taken the formula first innovated by the likes of Rosetta Stone and Duolingo and refined it to create an app that is both well-structured and fun.

The other thing about Ling that is exceptional is that there are 60 other languages to choose from. And the base is not always from English. If you’re a native Korean speaker, you can learn Mandarin Chinese from a Korean base. The same goes if you’re Chinese and want to learn Korean. Learning a second language with Ling Language courses has never been easier.

What Are Some Unique Features About The Serbian Language?

Linguists group together Serbian and Croatian and call it Serbo-Croatian (It is also used in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Kosovo). It has minor language status in Croatia and some other central European countries. Although the population of Serbian is 6 million, the number of Serbian speakers is 12 million.

Note: Serbian is officially a dialect of Serbian-Croatian. It is very closely related to Bosnian and Montenegrin. The dialect most widely spoken is called Shtokavian; however, another dialect is Torlakian.

Fun Fact! Serbian is the only language that uses Cyrillic script and Latin script simultaneously.

Some Commonly Asked Questions About Serbia- No Serbian On Rosetta Stone

What is the English level like in Serbia?

As with many other countries in this part of Europe, the English level is constantly improving. That means if you talk to young people, you’ll probably find their English is better than the older generations. Interestingly, a lot of older people prefer to talk German.

How Safe Is Serbia?

Belgrade is extremely safe compared to most capital cities globally, both in the day and at night. The only real issues are petty theft, such as bag snatching or pickpocketing.

How Expensive Is Serbia?

The capital Belgrade is perhaps the cheapest capital in Europe. You and your partner can have a full meal with wine and pay less than £30.

No Serbian on Rosetta Stone

Reasons To Learn Serbian- No Serbian On Rosetta Stone

This list will mainly focus on reasons to specifically visit Serbia with the obvious caveat that speaking Serbian will make your life easier. There are more general reasons to learn any language. The most obvious are the positive psychological effects like the increased neuroplasticity plus the sense of accomplishment that comes with completing a worthwhile task.

  1. History. In recent years Serbia has had a troubled past; however, people forget that the country also has a more interesting ancient history. People often talk about how Turkey is the gateway between East and West. However, Serbia was another place where there was friction between the Ottomans and Habsburgs. In total, Serbia has seen over 100 wars! You can see evidence of both effects as you walk through the capital Belgrade.
  2. Nightlife. Belgrade is another European capital that has become very popular with groups of Northern European travelers. Belgrade has a little something for everyone, whether you’re a social drinker or a party animal!
  3. Food. The prevailing logic in Serbia is that the food is best in the South. It makes sense as this area is closer to the Mediterranean, which is famous for its cuisine. Serbia is not ideal for vegetarians! The Serbian diet is very meat-heavy. There’s, in fact, a popular festival in Leskovac which is dedicated to meat. Some popular dishes include sarma, gibanica, and cevapi. Note: It’s seen as a sign of good manners never to leave your plate empty so get used to carving a few more notches into your belt!
  4. Nature And Spas. Because of Serbia’s tumultuous history, the country is relatively untouched regarding tourism. Serbia is home to beautiful rivers as well as cave systems. However, what Serbia is most famous for is its spas that have such a historical reputation even the Romans loved them. Keep an eye out for the most famous Vrnjačka Banja.
Serbia - Learn Serbian Ling App

No Serbian On Rosetta Stone. What Are The Alternatives?

  • Preply. The only weak element of language learning apps is that they don’t allow for real-time conversation practice(Ling has developed a chatbot, but the technology still isn’t there). That is why I’d recommend getting a real-life tutor from Preply. Preply is a platform that connects you with native tutors from 100s of different countries. Options are slightly more limited for a smaller country like Serbia. However, the good thing is finding a Serbian tutor like this, the prices are likely to be lower.
  • Learn Serbian With Ling

Learn Serbian With Ling-No Serbian On Rosetta Stone

Ling is undoubtedly the best option for learning Serbian or any other language. Ling offers a little bit of everything for prospective language learners. We have reading, writing, speaking, listening, and vocabulary. What users have particularly liked is the fact that all of the audio is recorded by native speakers.

If you liked this blog, leave a comment below. We currently have a dedicated Serbian blog which is updated at least once weekly. Some particularly popular blogs have been about how to express feelings and emotions in Serbian and Serbian Clothes.

Thanks for reading. Come over and learn a new language!

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