13 Extra Spooky Korean Words For Halloween

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Halloween: that enchanting dance of the macabre, candy, and creativity. A favorite in the West, its magic has fluttered across oceans, bewitching even the hearts of those in Korea. In this article, we’ll get to know basic Korean words for Halloween and help you expand your vocab with all things spooky. Ready? Grab your broomstick, and let’s begin!

Halloween Traditions In Korea

Now, on November 11th, you might see South Korean youths gleefully exchanging Pepero sticks—those delicious, thin treats, not unlike our Western breadsticks, but coated with an array of flavors. It’s called “Pepero Day,” a nod to a more Westernized treat.

But, as the chill of October sets in, Seoul’s vibe starts hinting at something eerily familiar. Yes, the specter of Halloween is making its presence felt! Increasingly, streets are witnessing the popularity of costume galas and the delightful scream-factories we call haunted houses. Globalization? Maybe.

But hey, who doesn’t love a good ghost story from any part of the world?

South Korea, already a global sensation for its pop culture, has given Halloween its own distinctive flair. Here, Halloween isn’t just an old Celtic tradition; it’s a glamorous, commercial bash. Costume parties thrive, letting attendees shift personas—from the fanged grace of vampires to the beloved figures of K-dramas.

And while door-to-door candy quests—what we fondly know as trick-or-treating—aren’t the norm, the trend is ghosting into select communities. It’s an adorable sight: little phantoms and witches blending “Trick or Treat” with their Korean counterparts, proving that Halloween’s language is truly universal.

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Korean Words For Halloween

Embrace the Halloween spirit, and who knows, maybe drop a few into your conversations to impress—or spook—your friends. Ready? Lanterns lit? Let’s glide through!

마녀 (Ma-nyeo) – Witch

Ever wondered how to toast to a witch in Korean? Say “마녀”. These magical beings, donning pointy hats and brewing mysterious concoctions, have an international fan base—showing up in stories from Transylvania to Tokyo.

괴물 (Gwe-mool) – Monster

Ah, 괴물! When the inky cloak of night descends and things go bump, it’s these monsters playing hide and seek. Think of them as the mischievous global citizens of the supernatural realm.

유령 (Yu-ryeong) – Ghost

Planning a ghost hunt in Seoul? Brush up on your “유령” chants. These ethereal souls like to hang out in old buildings and sometimes, if stories are to be believed, in the corners of your mind.

뱀파이어 (Baem-pa-i-re) – Vampire

A favorite at the movies, these sharp-toothed charmers go by “뱀파이어” in Korean. Order garlic at dinner, and you might just hint at your favorite creature of the night.

호박 (Ho-bak) – Pumpkin

It’s not Halloween without the trusty “호박”. Whether carved with a grin or whipped into a pie, this orange marvel steals the October spotlight.

좀비 (Zom-bi) – Zombie

Meet the world’s most relentless walkers: “좀비”. They might have questionable table manners, but they’re pop culture’s darlings from LA to Seoul.

늑대인간 (Neuk-dae-in-gan) – Werewolf

When the moon’s full and someone’s howling, it might just be a “늑대인간.” A blend of man and wolf, these creatures make full moons all the more thrilling.

마법 (Ma-bup) – Magic

If you’ve got a trick up your sleeve, you’re wielding “마법”. Because honestly, what’s Halloween without a dash of dazzle and drama?

마법사 (Ma-bup-sa) – Wizard

“마법사”: the mystical folks with wands, wisdom, and sometimes, wonderful beards. Dumbledore would be proud.

무덤 (Mu-deom) – Grave

It may sound gloomy, but “무덤” or graves are Halloween’s main stage—after all, all good ghost stories need a chilling setting.

박쥐 (Bak-jwi) – Bat

The fluttery darlings of the night sky, “박쥐” have a thing for both dark caves and vampire stories. Who can blame them?

검은 고양이 (Geom-eun Go-yang-i) – Black Cat

Walking past one might not be the best start to your day, but “검은 고양이” or black cats surely know how to strike a pose, especially in October.

뼈 (Ppyeo) – Bone

It’s all about “뼈” when skeletons take center stage. Be it moonwalking in animations or just chilling by the fireplace, bones are the unsung heroes of Halloween decor.

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Korean Phrases For Halloween

Here are some basic phrases in Korean that’ll help you connect better with your Korean friends. Let’s begin!

  • “할로윈 파티 언제해요?”
    Meaning: When is the Halloween party?
    Pronunciation: “Hal-lo-win pa-ti eon-je-hae-yo?”
  • “무서운 가면 추천해 주세요!”
    Meaning: Recommend me a scary mask!
    Pronunciation: “Mu-seo-woon ga-myeon choo-cheon-hae joo-se-yo!”
  • “사탕 주세요!”
    Meaning: Give me candy! (Equivalent to “Trick or Treat!”)
    Pronunciation: “Sa-tang joo-se-yo!”
  • “그 옷 정말 무서워!”
    Meaning: That costume is really scary!
    Pronunciation: “Geu ot jeong-mal mu-seo-weo!”
  • “괴물이야!”
    Meaning: It’s a monster!
    Pronunciation: “Gwe-mul-i-ya!”

while our pronunciation guides above aim to mirror the original Korean zest, accents can be a tad playful. Different regions, different vibes. Plus, we all have our unique way of rolling our tongues, right? Still, equipped with this guide, you’re all set to jive in the Korean Halloween groove.

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