#1 Best Guide: Jindo Sea Parting Festival

#1 Best Guide Jindo Sea Parting Festival In Korea

Did you know that once a year in South Korea, the sea actually parts? I know, I didn’t believe it either until I experienced the Jindo Sea Parting Festival (진도신비의바닷길축제) in person either!

When I first saw photos of happy families celebrating on the temporarily exposed seafloor, I just had to see it for myself. Imagine having a front-row seat as the sea parts like something straight out of the Bible or movies! Of course, I had a million questions: How does it happen? Is it safe? What else goes on besides gawking at the parted ocean?

If an adventure that seems almost too crazy to be true is on your travel bucket list, then do not miss joining in the excitement of the Jindo Sea Parting Festival. Let me give you all the trip-planning details, my friend! I’ll also share some easy words in the Korean language to help you out during your trip!


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What Is The Jindo Sea Parting Festival About?

In a nutshell, the Jindo Sea Parting Festival (also known as the Korean Moses Miracle) celebrates one of the world’s coolest natural phenomena, the ocean literally opening up to expose the seafloor between Jindo Island and Modo Island! This extra low “spring” tide occurs briefly for a couple days once a year, usually in March or April depending on the lunar calendar.

Within an hour, the tide comes flooding back in, returning the ocean to its normal depths. The temporary land bridge connecting the islands is about 2.8 kilometers long but only around 40 meters wide, so the excitement builds as visitors traverse the slippery ocean bed with water on both sides before the sea reclaims its turf.

When Does The Sea Parting Occur?

Mark your calendars because the 2024 Jindo Sea Parting Festival runs from March 11th to March 13th! Now I know what you’re thinking – the sea doesn’t stay parted for three whole days, right? And you would be correct. This legendary phenomenon only lasts about an hour at extreme low tide.

What Is The Jindo Sea Parting Legend About?

Behind this dazzling ocean phenomenon lies a romantic Korean fable passed down through generations. It begins with tigers overrunning South Korea’s Jindo Island, attacking villages, and prompting residents to escape to nearby Modo. In the chaos, an old woman named Bbyong was left behind.

Overcome with grief, Bbyong stood on the shoreline daily praying to Yongwang, the god of the ocean, to reunite her with her family. After years of weeping to the seas, she finally received an answer in a dream. Yongwang told her that the following day, a rainbow would emerge across the ocean for her family to safely return to Jindo.

The next morning, Bbyong raced to the beach and lo and behold – the waters had miraculously parted revealing a resplendent rainbow road! Her prayers were answered as her gleeful family crossed the ocean floor to embrace her once more.

A view of the Jindo Sea Parting Festival coast

Tips For The Jindo Sea Parting Festival Goers

Ready to witness the almost biblical parting and walk the Jindo miracle sea road? Here are some tips to truly make your experience worth it!

Buy The Jindo Sea Festival Boots

You’ll want to sport the signature bright red and yellow rubber boots offered by street vendors. Not only does the color scheme perfectly match the festive vibe, but stomping through ankle-deep water and thick mud is way more fun with boot-suction noises! These keepsake souvenirs also ensure sure footing over the slippery muck.

Get A Torch

Timing your crossing during sunset makes for unforgettable photo backdrops of golden hour light dancing on the receding waves. But you’ll want a trusty torch on hand once darkness sets in. The festival path is only illuminated by strings of lanterns, so a personal flashlight lets you see all the starfish and seashells studding the seabed without having to watch every step.

Write A Wish To Bbyong

Local legend promises Bbyong’s rock monument will grant wishes in exchange for paying respects to her memorial stone. Jot down your hopes on one of the colored prayer flags for sale and tie it to the Rockpile memorial so Grandma Bbyong magic can make your heart’s desire come true!

Walk Fast

While you’ll want to pause for epic photos, remember to hustle along the 2.8-kilometer ocean road before the tide comes back in! Authorities monitor conditions to ensure visitors complete the crossing safely, but the parted waters only expose a 40-meter wide path for about an hour. You’ll have more time to lounge on the carnival rides and packed food stalls after commemorating your sea traversing feat.

Jindo Sea Parting spot

Easy Korean Words For Your Jindo Island Trip

Don’t let an intimidating new language deter you from a Jindo Sea Parting Festival adventure! While plenty of locals speak English, dazzle them by whipping out a few key Korean phrases to butter up those ajummas (middle-aged women) dishing up street food.

EnglishKorean ScriptKorean Pronunciation
Thank you감사합니다Gamsahamnida
Excuse me실례합니다Sillyehamnida
How much?얼마예요?Eolmayeyo?
Where is…?…어디예요?…eodi-yeyo?
Jindo Dog진돗개Jindotgae
Sea Parting Festival바다가 갈라지는 축제Bada-ga gallajineun chukje
I’m lost길을 잃었어요Gireul ilheosseoyo
Do you speak English?영어 할 수 있어요?Yeong-eo hal su isseoyo?
I would like to go to……에 가고 싶어요…e gago sipeoyo
How to get to…?…에 어떻게 가요?…e eotteohge gayo?
Can I get a ride?태워 주실 수 있어요?Taewo jusil su isseoyo?

Ready To Visit A Korean Festival?

If learning about South Korea’s show-stopping Jindo Sea Parting Festival hasn’t already convinced you to add this mesmerizing natural event to your bucket list, I’m not sure what will!

And while no other South Korean festival can compete with the novelty of walking across the ocean, Korea overflows with lively cultural celebrations all year that offer similar vibes on dry land! From the Boryeong Mud Festival’s messily good fun to the electric energy at Ultra Korea’s outdoor EDM sets to the Tongyeong International Music Festival’s world-class orchestral performances, this country really knows how to throw an unforgettable party.

If insider tips are what you need to finally embark on that life-changing Korea trip, download the Ling app for free Korean culture crash courses and language lessons to smoothly assimilate once boots hit Korean soil! The only question that remains is – are you ready to experience the magic of Korea for yourself?

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