Is Korean Worth Learning? 13+ Best Reasons!

K-pop, K-dramas, K-food, and K-products are dominating the world. The Korean wave is indeed unstoppable. So, the timely question is, “Is Korean worth learning?”

It’s no secret that South Korea has a growing economy, and one of the major reasons is the Korean wave of popularity. This makes many people from around the world draw attention to Korean culture. Korean pop music is breaking records, Korean dramas are crave-worthy, and Korean fashion and skincare products are on-trend. That’s why it’s not surprising that many people wanted to learn about everything related to Korea.

With all the popularity that said, the real question is, “Is Korean worth learning?” Generally, learning a new language is worth it, but let’s go deeper and discover why learning Korean is worth it.

Reasons Why It’s Worthy To Learn The Korean Language

Korean is one of the Asian languages, particularly East Asian languages that are easy to learn. Some also consider that it’s a fun language to learn. But is being easy and fun to learn already worth it to spend time and effort learning Korean? Here are many more reasons to learn Korean that will make it worth it.

#1 Learn Korean Culture

Is Korean worth learning

Learning Korean will open doors for a deeper understanding of Korean culture. Even in Korean dramas, you can see how colorful the Korean culture is, and you’ll undoubtedly discover more once you learn Korean.

Learning Korean will enable you to talk to the locals and understand their literature and every aspect that makes up the Korean culture. With this, you will have more profound knowledge and understanding about the Koreans than what other people can read on the internet or watch in K-dramas or movies.

#2 Learn The Korean Alphabet

The writing system in Korean, Hangul, is widely regarded as the most rational in the world. If you have read the rich history of Hangul, you’ll know how important it is for Koreans. You won’t need days to learn Hangul. Learning Korean will help you master Hangul. By learning Hangul, you’ll quickly understand all the scripts from the street signs, newspapers, and blogs.

You might also see another writing system that uses Chinese characters. This writing system is called Hanja. This is a different writing system used way before King Sejong invented Hangul. By also learning this, you’ll be able to learn more about South Korea and North Korea since it was also used there in the past.

#3 Learn More Korean Vocabulary

Studying the Korean language or any foreign language will widen your vocabulary. This will enable you to talk and connect with more than 75 million people. These people are not just limited to the South Korean population but worldwide. More connections, more horizons, and opportunities will be opened.

Is Korean worth learning

#4 Stimulate Intellectual Growth

One of the important reasons to learn Korean is to boost your intellectual capacity. Learning a new or second language like Korean will improve your cognitive processes, mental development, and memory. As experts say, those who know new languages think differently than those who do not.

#5 Improve Your Korean Language Skills

Once you start learning Korean, you wouldn’t just stop learning vocabulary. You would also learn other language skills that help you communicate effectively. You can speak Korean like native speakers; you can learn Korean grammar and master the writing system to achieve Korean fluency.

Having well-developed language skills will make it easier for you to understand basic sentence patterns and structure. You will also be aware of the proper way of speaking Korean, including the politeness level. Developing these language skills is essential to make communication more effective and meaningful.

#6 Enjoy Korean Dramas

Tired of watching Korean dramas or Korean movies with subtitles? Well, imagine how great it would be if you didn’t need them anymore. You can watch the timeless K-dramas and Korean movies like Crash Landing On You, Descendants Of The Sun, Start-Up, Business Proposal, and the new one Money Heist Korea without bothering to look down and read the subtitles.

Watching a Korean drama is a hobby of most Korean culture fun. But, let’s admit it. Sometimes, the subtitles aren’t too accurate to catch the real meaning of the words said by the characters. They have different meanings in the Korean language that native speakers only understand, so learning Korean will make your binge-watching easier. Whether in your home or a Korean cinema, English translations wouldn’t be needed too much.

Is Korean worth learning

#7 Enjoy And Appreciate K-Pop Music

With BTS, BLACKPINK, and other Korean music topping the music charts, it’s more likely that you have heard, danced, and sung along with them. Many people go crazy about Korean music, and it’s not surprising if you are too. But the thing is, do they understand the lyrics?

Korean pop culture has been given a spot on the world stage. With BTS being nominated for International music awards and idols breaking records, its fanbase is continuously going bigger. By learning Korean, you’ll be able to understand and appreciate every lyric of the K-pop songs. You can also use them when talking to your bias or fans like you during concerts and fan meets.

You won’t be relying upon English translation when you learn the language. You will also pronounce every lyric right when you learn to speak Korean. Although Korean is not a tonal language, pronunciation might still be different than your language.

#8 Get Accepted In Korean Schools And Universities

We know how Koreans value education. We see it in their Korean dramas; they have pretty good schools where you can study and reach your dreams. If you learn Korean, you will have a chance to study in these prestigious Korean schools and universities. Not only do you understand the books, but you can also make new Korean friends.

When you get accepted to any of these schools and universities, opportunities for both local and foreign companies will most likely hire you. This will be worth doing since the price is career growth.

#9 Get More Career Opportunities

Korean companies are now getting bigger internationally. Many big companies are found in Korea, including Kia Motors and Samsung. Aside from these big companies, you can find many career opportunities in South Korea.

Just look at Lisa of BLACKPINK. She once lived in another country but had a chance to become one of the biggest K-pop idols even though she’s not a native Korean. You wouldn’t notice at first glance that he’s not a native Korean.

According to interviews, she doesn’t know how to speak Korean, but by fully immersing herself in the culture and the language, she was able to learn. Now, she’s selling records and singing Korean songs like a native speaker. It could also happen to you; learning Korean can be your first step closer to your dream.

Not all opportunities can be found in South Korea. In fact, you can also use your Korean skills even when you’re in your country. With the Korean wave spreading worldwide, there are lots of people who want to learn Korean. Learning the language will open doors for you to teach the language and become a tutor, and more.

#10 Make Friends With Korean Native Speakers

Have you heard the word “chingu (친구)”?. You have to start making new friends when you’re new in South Korea, or at least new in a Korean community, even online. Learning Korean will open a new world to meet new friends and talk with native Korean speakers. Talking with a native Korean person will help you develop your language skills, whether online or in person.

By learning Korean, you’ll be able to talk like native speakers, and the more you know, the deeper the conversation you can make. By doing this, you’ll be able to make more friends you can cherish and bond with.

Is Korean worth learning

#11 Interact Through Social Media

What if you can’t go to South Korea? Where will you use your Korean skills? Well, social media is making everyone closer to each other. You can meet South Koreans through social media and communicate with them. Learning Korean will help you interact with native speakers through social media, whether for a chat or call.

With that, you’ll be able to learn how they communicate, how they make comments, and even the emojis they use. Social media’s power is now almost limitless, and everyone seems one chat away.

#12 Travel Around Korea With Ease

When you’re in South Korea, most Koreans speak their native language. So, learning Korean people’s language will make your traveling easier. You can easily ask for directions, book accommodation, order Korean food, buy skincare products, and more.

It is also the language spoken in North Korea. But, with the North and South Korean relations, it’s impossible to travel to North Korea from the South. If you want to visit North Korea, there are other ways to get there but remember that they will be so strict. But, if you have the opportunity to go there, you can use what you have gained in learning the Korean language.

#13 Understand Korean Youtube Content

Another form of Korean entertainment is the video content found in video streaming apps and websites like Youtube. This includes vlogs, interviews, tutorials, TV shows, mukbangs, and music awards. If you study Korean, you will easily understand what you’re watching. There is no need to click the subtitle button, which is not always accurate.

#14 Be A Vlogger For Korean Content

Who doesn’t watch Youtube nowadays? Content creation or vlogging is one of the trendiest things to do nowadays. You can do and share your passion, and you can also earn money. So, many people, even non-Koreans, are creating Youtube videos that feature Korean content like Korean music, Korean food, Korean skincare, Korean makeup, and more. Even the famous idols have their Youtube channels.

So, if you know Korean, you can also start your own Youtube channel that talks about Korean culture. Nowadays, everything about it has become trendy, whether it’s a song, food, clothes, or skincare products. So, take that opportunity to use what you have learned and earn.

Is Korean worth learning

#15 Write Blog Posts Using The Korean Language

Do you love writing? Knowing other languages aside from your native language will widen your opportunities in a writing career such as blog writing like this. If you learn Korean, a lot of companies nowadays hire writers both part-time and full-time to write content for them. Even if you’re not a native speaker, knowing just the basics will land you a good writing job that can earn you some money.

#16 Date Koreans

Seeing faces like Park Seo-Joon, Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Tae-Hee, and Jennie Kim, it’s no surprise you want to date Koreans. But just making friends is pretty hard if you don’t know Korean. How much more if it’s someone you want to date?

Dating a Korean requires more than saying “I love you” and “I miss you.” So, if you want to have that K-drama-like love story, you might want to learn Korean. Besides, it’s hard to date when you have a language barrier.

#17 Get In Touch With Your Korean Roots

If you’re a native Korean living in another country for a while, you may want to reconnect with your Korean relatives. This will make the whole process a lot easier than not doing so. So, it would be much easier and more meaningful if you learned Korean since you haven’t been there for a while.

Final Thoughts: Is Korean Worth Learning?

With all the advantages given above, it is undoubtedly worth learning Korean. Once you have learned Korean, nothing can limit you from doing different things. That’s the primary purpose of learning languages, right? It can widen your horizons, achieve social and personal growth, and more.

Korean isn’t a complex language to learn. Always remember that those who know how to speak different languages like Korean or any language in the world are always one step ahead of those who are not.

Learning Korean Is One Click Away!

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Knowing Korean will bring you to different worlds that can make you grow personally, socially, mentally, and professionally. So, learn Korean now!

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