How To Say Sorry in Georgian: 5 Easy Ways To Do It

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Hey there! So, you’ve found yourself in a situation where you need to apologize in the Georgian language? Well, you’ve landed in the right place. Let’s journey together through the nuances and beauty of this language and culture to help you say sorry in Georgian.

Just like in many cultures around the world, apologizing in Georgian isn’t merely about saying a word. It’s a gesture, an emotion, an essence that resonates deeply with the Georgian culture. Have you ever heard the phrase “actions speak louder than words”? It applies here, too.

Being genuine is the key. Georgians value authenticity, so it’s not just about saying the word, but about expressing genuine remorse.

Ways To Say Sorry In Georgian

With Georgia’s deeply-rooted traditions, it’s not shocking to learn that they value words of apology. It’s essential to maintain peace and harmony in their community, just like in any other culture. Moreover, learning how to say sorry in Georgian also gives you a good head-start on building bonds with locals.

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1. Sorry – Bodishi

There are times when we are in a bit of a rush, and we happen to bump into someone accidentally. It can be quite an inconvenience for the latter, so if you speak English, you may just say “Sorry” to compensate for your actions. If you’re a foreigner who happens to be taking a trip to Georgia, you can simply say “Bodishi” (ბოდიში), which translates to “Sorry.”

2. It Is Correctable – Misastsorebelia

Misunderstandings are inevitable in workplaces, so if you want a more formal way to apologize to someone, you can say მისასწორებელია (Misastsorebelia). The Google translation means: It is correctable. However, a more nuanced translation of this phrase can be “I apologize,” and it connotes a more serious and formal tone.

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3. I Messed Up – Misastsoreblad Viqavi

Do you have the guts to admit that you’re wrong? Kudos to you, because it may take courage to do it but you still did! So, if you want to own up to your mistakes, another way to do it is by saying მისასწორებლად ვიყავი (Misastsoreblad viqavi) in Georgian. This can be translated to “I messed up” or the casual phrase “Yep, that was on me.” Although I don’t really recommend using it in very serious situations as you won’t want to sound insincere.

4. I Was To Correct – Tsasastsoreblad Viqavi

If you rely entirely on Google Translations, you’ll get “I was to correct” in return. It makes sense, right? In the Georgian language, you can also interpret this as “I was wrong” or “I made a mistake.” It’s quite similar to the third one, but if you aim to complete this sentence, it may have the meaning “I was in a state to be corrected.” It is written as წასასწორებლად ვიყავი.

5. I Want To Rectify – Gasastsoreblad Minda

We all have that moment in life wherein we want to make up for our mistakes. If you ever find yourself wanting to rectify a situation, you can always say this phrase – Gasastsoreblad minda (გასასწორებლად მინდა). It delivers the message that you wish to be corrected or you want to make things right. What a great way to compensate for your mistakes!

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Things To Remember When Apologizing To Georgian People

Apologies mean nothing if you don’t know its value to the people you’re speaking with. Here are some things you have to take note of when saying sorry in Georgian!

1. Sincerity Matters

Words won’t really have any value if you don’t mean them. Like, what’s the point of learning these tricky Georgian phrases if you won’t take them seriously? So, if you ever apologize to locals, be sure that you genuinely mean it!

2. Non-Verbal Communication

Have you ever realized that apologies are often accompanied by non-verbal cues? In Georgia, you can include proper eye contact, bowing slightly, or placing your hand on the left side of your chest to show genuine remorse. These are just a few ways to wordlessly show how apologetic you are.

3. Address The Issue Directly

It may be a hobby for some, but for Georgians, it’s best to directly address the issue. Instead of thinking of ways you can dodge the issue or just giving them a gist of what went wrong, it’s more appropriate to just tell them the truth. I can help you establish a more trusting relationship with them too!

4. Avoid Over-Apologizing

While it’s essential to be remorseful, excessively apologizing can come off as inauthentic. Recognize the mistake, offer an apology, and then make efforts to correct or avoid repeating the error.

5. Personal Relationships

Georgian culture places great importance on personal relationships and social bonds. If you’ve wronged someone, especially a close friend or family member, it might require additional effort to mend the relationship, including face-to-face conversations or gestures of goodwill.

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