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You never know what could happen to you on a trip to Japan. Imagine you feel sick, or you somehow hurt your body (God forbid!). You go straight to the hospital, but hey, you’re in Japan and there is a huge language barrier, remember? Most Japanese doctors and nurses don’t speak English or any other language than Japanese.

In that case, you’ll be glad to know the words related to body parts in Japanese. So that you can express yourself in the health context by explaining what’s wrong with your body at a basic level.

So, in this blog post, we’ll cover different body parts in the Japanese language. Keep reading!

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How Do You Say “Body” In Japanese?

There are three different words you can use to say body in Japanese. They may look like the same word in terms of meaning, but there are some tiny nuances. Let’s see what they are!

体 (Karada)

[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]体 [/Speechword]

This is the most common way of saying “body” in Japanese. It refers to both animal and human bodies. You can use 体からだ (karada) to refer to a body in any situation, just to be safe!

身体 (Shintai)

[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]身体[/Speechword]

This one is a bit more formal. For example, a full-body checkup at a doctor is called 身体検査し (shintai kensa). Unlike karada, it only refers to the human body.

身み (Mimi)

[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]身み[/Speechword]

身み (mimi) refers to the internal body, and you can also use it to talk about your consciousness. So this word doesn’t really mean your physical body but rather your inner self.

Body Parts In Japanese

After learning how to refer to your body in general, let’s learn the words for body parts in Japanese. We provide you with full vocabulary lists with an English translation and romaji for each word below.

Body Parts In Japanese - cute japanese girl smiling


Here’s the vocabulary list for body parts that are on your head.

HeadAtama[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]頭[/Speechword]
HairKami[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]髪[/Speechword]
EarMimi[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]耳[/Speechword]
FaceKao[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]顔[/Speechword]
ForeheadHitai[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]額[/Speechword]
EyeMe[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]目[/Speechword]
EyelidまぶたMabuta[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]まぶた[/Speechword]
Eyelashまつ毛Matsuge[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]まつ毛[/Speechword]
Eyebrow眉毛Mayuge[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]眉毛[/Speechword]
NoseHana[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]鼻[/Speechword]
Nostril鼻の穴Hana no ana[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]鼻の穴[/Speechword]
BeardHige[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]髭[/Speechword]
MouthKuchi[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]口[/Speechword]
TeethHa[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]歯[/Speechword]
TongueShita[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]舌[/Speechword]
LipsKuchibiru[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]唇[/Speechword]
CheekHoho[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]頬[/Speechword]
ChinAgo[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]顎[/Speechword]
NeckKubi[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]首[/Speechword]
ThroatNodo[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]喉[/Speechword]

Upper Body Parts

Here’s the vocabulary list for body parts that are on your upper body.

Upper body上半身Jouhanshin[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]上半身[/Speechword]
ChestMune[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]胸[/Speechword]
StomachHara[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]腹[/Speechword]
ShoulderKata[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]肩[/Speechword]
Back背中Senaka[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]背中[/Speechword]
ArmUde[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]腕[/Speechword]
ElbowHiji[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]肘[/Speechword]
Wrist手首Tekubi[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]手首[/Speechword]
HandTe[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]手[/Speechword]
FingerYubi[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]指[/Speechword]
Thumb親指Oya yubi[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]親指[/Speechword]
Pointer finger人差指Hitosashi yubi[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]人差指[/Speechword]
Middle finger中指Naka yubi[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]中指[/Speechword]
Fourth finger薬指Kusuri yubi[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]薬指[/Speechword]
Little finger小指Koyubi[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]小指[/Speechword]
Body Parts In Japanese - little japanese girl sitting on grass

Lower Body Parts

This is the vocabulary for body parts on your lower body.

Lower bodyかはんしんKahanshin[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]かはんしん[/Speechword]
HipsKoshi[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]腰[/Speechword]
Buttお尻Oshiri[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]お尻[/Speechword]
FeetAshi[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]足[/Speechword]
Thigh太腿Futomomo[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]太腿[/Speechword]
KneesHiza[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]膝[/Speechword]
Ankle足首Ashikubi[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]足首[/Speechword]
HeelKakato[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]踵[/Speechword]
Toesつま先Tsumasaki[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]つま先[/Speechword]

Internal Body Parts

Here’s the vocabulary list for internal body parts.

Internal organsないぞうNaizou[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]ないぞう[/Speechword]
Small intestine小腸Shouchou[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]小腸[/Speechword]
LungsHai[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]肺[/Speechword]
Heart心臓Shinzou[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]心臓[/Speechword]
BoneHone[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]骨[/Speechword]
Muscle筋肉Kinniku[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]筋肉[/Speechword]
BrainNou[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]脳[/Speechword]
Liver肝臓Kanzou[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]肝臓[/Speechword]
Kidney腎臓Jinzou[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]腎臓[/Speechword]
Pancreas膵臓Suizou[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]膵臓[/Speechword]
BloodChi[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]血[/Speechword]
Body Parts In Japanese - Japanese doctor

Related Japanese Phrases You Need To Know

Here are some useful phrases that you can use when you see a doctor. If you have a health problem try to explain yourself with the phrases below. This will help you have a better conversation with the Japanese doctor.

My hip hurts.腰こしが痛いたむKoshi ga itamu[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]腰こしが痛いたむ[/Speechword]
My body feels heavy.体からだが重おもいKarada ga omoi[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]体からだが重おもい[/Speechword]
My eyes feel tired.目めが疲つかれるMe ga tsukareru[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]目めが疲つかれる[/Speechword]
Take care of your body.お体からだに気きをつけてください。Okarada ni ki o tsukete kudasai[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]お体からだに気きをつけてください[/Speechword]
My finger’s bleeding.指から血が出ています。Yubi kara chi ga dete imasu.[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]指から血が出ています。[/Speechword]
My muscles are sore.筋肉痛です。Kinnikutsū desu.[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]筋肉痛です。[/Speechword]
My skin itches.肌がかゆいです。Hada ga kayui desu.[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]肌がかゆいです。[/Speechword]
My back hurts.背中が痛いです。Senaka ga itai desu.[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]背中が痛いです。[/Speechword]
I have pain in my legs when it rains雨が降ると、脚が痛みます。Ame ga furu to, ashi ga itamimasu.[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]雨が降ると、脚が痛みます。[/Speechword]

From now on, you know how to explain yourself at the doctor’s in Japanese. But what about other situations? If you want to be able to express yourself at the restaurant, at the cafe, or in the streets while asking for directions; start using Ling today!

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