20+ Easy Phrases For Household Chores In Japanese

Household Chores In Japanese

Trying to level up your knowledge about household chores in Japanese?

If you’ve ever struggled to lend a hand with dishes or laundry at an Airbnb, trust me – I’ve been there! Trying to navigate household chores in another language can get messy. But having some Japanese cleaning and cooking vocabulary up your sleeve makes all the difference in building connections.

Take it from this Japanese expat who’s mastered the art of tidying tatami mats and sink scrubbing over years of apartment shares! In this guide, I’ll serve you a practical lexicon in the Japanese language for dusting, folding, meal prep, and more – no textbook stuff. Just real talk to bond fast with flatmates, hosts, or homestays through taking care of domestic duties together.

When you're booking a Traditional Japanese house, learning  Household Chores In Japanese is a must

Household Chores In Japanese

When it comes to home life in Japan, you gotta talk chores! Now I know scrubbing floors and taking out trash ain’t glamorous. But it opens up doors to understand living like a local. And the Japanese take cleaning duties real seriously – it’s practically an art form rooted in centuries of tradition.

See, Japan values order, precision, and collective harmony. And keeping a tidy home is considered vital for achieving wa (group peace). The head of the family even inspects the whole house before New Year to usher in luck for everybody. Then there are special days like Big Cleaning Day in late spring when neighbors unite to sweep streets spotless.

Point is, chore division in households here has a big cultural backdrop. Even vocabulary used reflects core values, like using the humble verb “suru” for common tasks in different Japanese rooms in the house.

Chores In The Bedroom

Historically, futons laid out on tatami mat floors were the norm for sleeping. This flexible setup allowed bedrooms to transform into multipurpose living spaces by day. Given that most apartments in Japan do not have a physical bed base, then it’s super important to keep things tidy.

EnglishJapanese ScriptRomanization
Make the bedベッドを整えるBeddo wo totonoeru
Change the sheetsシーツを変えるShītsu wo kaeru
Clean the room部屋を掃除するHeya wo souji suru
Dust the furniture家具にほこりを払うKagu ni hokori wo harau
Organize the closetクローゼットを整理するKurōzetto wo seiri suru
Vacuum the carpetカーペットを掃除機で吸うKāpetto wo sōjiki de suu
Wipe the windows窓を拭くMado wo fuku
Put away clothes服を片付けるFuku wo katazukeru

Chores In The Kitchen

In Japanese homes, the kitchen reigns as the heart of household operations! Far more than just a cooking hub, this space ties into cultural concepts of also nurturing togetherness.

EnglishJapanese ScriptRomanization
Wash the dishes皿を洗うSara wo arau
Dry the dishes皿を乾かすSara wo kawakasu
Put away the dishes皿を片付けるSara wo katazukeru
Clean the countertopsカウンタートップを掃除するKauntātoppu wo souji suru
Mop the floor床をモップで拭くYuka wo moppu de fuku
Take out the trashゴミを出すGomi wo dasu
Organize the pantry食料品庫を整理するShokuryōhinko wo seiri suru
Clean the stoveコンロを掃除するKonro wo souji suru

Chores In The Dining Room

Now this space also does double duty as a family living area in many modest Japanese homes. So keeping it neat for meals and relaxation time matters big time.

EnglishJapanese ScriptRomanization
Set the tableテーブルをセットするTēburu wo setto suru
Clear the tableテーブルを片付けるTēburu wo katazukeru
Wipe the tableテーブルを拭くTēburu wo fuku
Polish the silverware銀製品を磨くGinseihin wo migaku
Arrange the chairs椅子を並べるIsu wo naraberu
Decorate the dining room食堂を飾るShokudō wo kazaru

Chores In The Bathroom

Bathrooms in Japan are serious business when it comes to cleaning! With deep soaking tubs and spotless white tiles, there’s no hiding grime. Most families even don bathroom slippers reserved only for this space to limit germ transfer. And you’ll find unique tools like shower room brooms tailored to tidy and dehumidify.

EnglishJapanese ScriptRomanization
Clean the sinkシンクを掃除するShinku wo souji suru
Scrub the bathtubバスタブをこするBasutabu wo kosuru
Wipe the mirror鏡を拭くKagami wo fuku
Mop the floor床をモップで拭くYuka wo moppu de fuku
Replace the towelsタオルを取り替えるTaoru wo torikaeru
Clean the toiletトイレを掃除するToire wo souji suru
Organize the toiletries洗面用具を整理するSenmenyōgu wo seiri suru
Empty the trashゴミ箱を空にするGomibako wo kara ni suru

Chores In The Laundry Room

When it’s laundry time in Japan, families don’t mess around! Unlike tossing clothes casually into machines back home, there’s a whole special process here. The most important part of the process? The cleaning before and after using the room, of course!

EnglishJapanese ScriptRomanization
Sort the laundry洗濯物を分けるSentakumono wo wakeru
Wash the clothes服を洗うFuku wo arau
Dry the clothes服を乾かすFuku wo kawakasu
Fold the clothes服をたたむFuku wo tatamu
Iron the clothes服にアイロンをかけるFuku ni airon wo kakeru
Hang the clothes服を吊るすFuku wo tsurusu
Put away the laundry洗濯物を片付けるSentakumono wo katazukeru
Tatami floor maintenance

Basic Sentence Structure In Japanese

When it comes to pitching in on household tasks in Japanese homes, one handy grammar structure is “[Chore]をしなければなりません” ([Chore] wo shinakereba narimasen). Just insert whatever chore is on the agenda!

Let’s break it down with some examples using the chores we’ve discussed:

  • “I need to wash the dishes.”
    • Japanese: 皿を洗わなければなりません。
    • Romanization: “Sara wo arawanakereba narimasen.”
  • “I need to clean the bathroom.”
    • Japanese: お風呂を掃除しなければなりません。
    • Romanization: “Ofuro wo souji shinakereba narimasen.”
  • “I need to do the laundry.”
    • Japanese: 洗濯をしなければなりません。
    • Romanization: “Sentaku wo shinakereba narimasen.”

Learn Japanese With Ling

Well friends, I hope this little lesson on household chore harmony in Japan has you eager to dive in with host families!

I’ll have more travel-ready vocabulary, etiquette explainers, and insider tips coming soon for your next Japan adventure. But in the meantime, if you want to brush up on speaking survival phrases beyond just cleaning, be sure to download the Ling app! Immerse yourself in real dialogue recorded by natives covering all sorts of topics beyond dusting off tatami mats.

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