5 Best Thrift Stores In Tokyo For Budget Travelers

5 Best Thrift Stores In Tokyo For Budget Travelers

Strutting through Tokyo dressed to the nines without draining your travel fund? Now that’s what I call a vacation win! Between the hidden secondhand boutiques and overflowing mall chains, you’ll be shocked to know that there are actually several thrift stores in Tokyo where you can score high fashion garms and glam accessories for cheap.

We’re talking racks upon racks of beautiful clothes, designer bags, and blings tagged at half what you’d pay retail. Maybe even less! And for devoted diggers like me willing to intently inspect each piece, the thrift gods may bless you with a never-worn gem. Yep, sometimes you can catch gleaming inventory that got returned before hitting stores or pulled for the next season.

Ready to snatch up the best pieces? If so, read along as I unveil the top vintage shopping spots to check out when you’re in Tokyo. Oh, and wait! I’ll also expose some of the best Japanese words every traveler should know. Let’s begin! Let’s begin!

Best Thrift Stores In Tokyo For Clothes

Best Thrift Stores In Tokyo For Clothes


Address: 〒150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Jingūmae, 4-chōme−31−10 YMスクエア原宿B1F

If you’re craving that iconic Harajuku street style but don’t want to pay premium prices, make a beeline for Kinji used clothing. This beloved destination provides the perfect thrifted fix for fashionistas obsessed with loud colors, funky layers, and bold accessories.

The moment you enter, you’ll discover rails upon rails of wicked cool ensembles handpicked for both guys and gals channeling Harajuku vibes. We’re talking bright-colored tops, embroidered jeans, platform creepers – even sporty athleisure pieces – all pre-loved and ready for a new life in your suitcase. But hey! They also have the more neutral-colored stuff that will remind you of what Uniqlo and Muji offer.

The selection here manages to encompass all the wow-factor novelty that Harajuku is famous for while staying totally affordable. I mean, I even created my head-turning looks from this shop alone without needing to compromise my travel budget!


Address: 6 Chome-14-2 Jingūmae, Shibuya-ku, Tōkyō-to 150-0001, Japan

Obsessed with flexing designer labels but refuse to fork out thousands for a single piece? Then you absolutely cannot skip a pilgrimage to RagTag while thrift shopping across Tokyo. This iconic chain has perfected the art of serving up discounted high-fashion bounty hunters like me.

With floors neatly divided by those coveted brand names we crave (like Hermes, Bottega Veneta, and Chanel!) and special sections for various street-style subcultures, prepare to feel like a kid in a couture candy store. RagTag brings that blood-pumping thrill of the hunt for gems from really expensive brands – except the only tears will be from the unbeatable steals you uncover.

And no need to panic if Harajuku’s not on your itinerary. RagTag boasts 15 shops scattered across this fashion mecca, including hotspots like Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Ginza. So a quick detour whenever designer decadence calls is totally doable.

2nd Street

Address: 〒150-0041 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Jinnan, 1 Chome−22−9 サンクスビル 1F、2F

If your hunt for thrifted treasures is more about quantity over big splurgey scores, look no further than 2nd Street. With over 550 brick-and-mortar vintage stores plus online, this titan chain boasts an endless bounty of garms waiting to be snatched up.

You’ll discover aisles stuffed with both global and local brands, from Supreme and North Face to quirky Japanese labels that perfectly balance classic with edge. And the product range goes way beyond just threads – peep the terraces of kicks, walls of handbags, and accessories galore.

While you may not unearth rare vintage gems, the sheer options at 2nd Street let you consistently build head-turning outfit after outfit that seems straight off Shibuya’s prime street style hub. And with locations absolutely everywhere across Japan’s fashion landscape, a quick scoring sesh is always close by wherever your explorations take you.

Quick tip: 2nd Street is my personal favorite because I actually snatched up several blouses and coats there for just 500 yen!

Mode Off Stores

Address: 〒 110-0005 Tokyo Ueno, Taito-ku, 4-2-3

If scoring dirt-cheap threads and household goods gives you a special kinda rush, make a beeline for Mode Off and the entire Off-chain gang. Brought to us by the same brilliant minds behind Book Off (Japan’s beloved hub for secondhand books), Mode Off serves up bountiful bargains across clothing, furniture, electronics, and more.

We’re talking racks stuffed with basics and statement pieces priced cheaper than convenience store chocolate. And while trend-chasers may not discover too many grails, devoted diggers can nab wardrobe staples galore. Make sure to poke around those brand name corners too for chance run-ins with fancier Ralph Lauren and Louis Vuitton pieces when luck strikes.

Beyond garb, the wider Off store empire spans specialties like Hard Off (hardware and appliances), Hobby Off (collectibles and figures), and Garage Off (bulky furniture items). So whenever thrift trip cravings hit in Japan, an Off outlet filled with heavily marked-down goods is never far away. Time for some epic penny-pinching!

Stick Out

Address: 〒155-0031 Tokyo, Setagaya City, 世田谷区 Kitazawa, 2-chōme−14-16

Calling all true blue bargain barons and sincerely savvy shoppers – Stick Out brings thrifting to deliciously dizzy new heights. This bonkers vintage vortex stuffs its space with thousands of clothes, kicks, and accessories with one catch: everything clocks in at a mad 700 yen flat.

Yes, you read that right!

Grail-level leather jackets, cherry tees, and handbags galore, all yours for the price of convenience store snacks. Now the sheer selection does mean quality varies dramatically in the piles. But devoted rummagers can uncover buried luxury items – and the rush of scoring such decadence for literal pennies never gets old!

While less picky garment grabbers will thrive here, Stick Out equally excels for thrill seekers lusting after the glorious hunt. When else can you freely grab armloads to sift through without wincing at the potential damage?

Why Visit Japanese Thrift Stores In Tokyo

Why Visit Japanese Thrift Stores In Tokyo?

While known for luxury houses like Louis Vuitton and sky-high retail, Tokyo overflows with thrift shops, vintage boutiques, recycle stores, and markets stuffed with pre-loved steals. In fact, this reflects the Japanese culture of reducing waste and extending the use of quality goods as much as possible.

You see, Japan’s refined recycle culture produces an astounding amount of coveted items made accessible to thrifty travelers. From the famous off-store chains dealing in used clothing and household items to tiny neighborhood recycle shops with hidden gems, treasure awaits behind every door.

Whether your happy place means ransacking vinyl crates, admiring ornate teacups, or scoring Yohji Yamamoto threads, vintage vendors and thrift stores in Tokyo got you covered. The sheer volume of unique goods available also stems from Japanese tendencies to carefully curate and maintain possessions before eventually passing them on.

And that’s nothing compared to the cultural immersion secondhand shopping here provides. Browsing retro markets, chatting with thrift shop owners, pouring over memorabilia and nostalgic knick-knacks…this is the authentic local experience money can’t buy.

Words For Finding Japanese Thrift Stores

Armed with just a few key Japanese words, you can navigate Tokyo’s secondhand scene like a local and find those hidden vintage vendors and thrift gems. Here’s some vocabulary to listen for:

  • “古着” (Kotobuki) – Signifies a recycle shop or secondhand store
  • “古着” (Furugi) – Means used/secondhand items
  • “古着屋” (Furugiya) – Second-hand clothing store
  • “小売店” (Komise) – Small, local shop often with bargains
  • “楽しみ” (Tanoshimi) – Fun shopping and good finds
  • “安い” (Yasui) – Cheap, low prices!
  • “衣類店” (Uwagi) – Clothing shop

So just keep your eyes peeled for signboards with these terms as you explore different neighborhoods.

Ready To Go Bargain Hunting?

And that wraps up an insider’s look into Tokyo’s array of vintage stores. As we discovered, hunting for vintage clothing offers tourists both cultural immersion and incredible savings not found in luxury flagships. From famous OFF store chains to neighborhood recycle vendors to retro markets across the best shopping wards, these Japanese stores provide a cherished pastime that dish out prized goods, authentic interaction, and sheer discovery.

And to further enrich your thrifting adventures, be sure to download the innovative Ling app. Ling provides bite-sized Japanese language lessons to travelers, letting you master essential phrases for communicating in stores, directions, dining, and more. Unlock the full cultural experience of secondhand shopping in Tokyo with handy gamified lessons from Ling!

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