Croatian Food Vocabulary: #1 Best Guide For Foodies

Want to learn about Croatian food vocabulary? If the answer is yes, then we have the perfect guide for you! After you finish reading this, you’ll be an expert in Croatian food and will surely impress your Croatian friends the next time you all go out to dinner!

If you want to learn Croatian and Croatian food vocabulary, then make sure to keep scrolling! But, be aware that what you’re about to read might make you hungry!

Croatian Cuisine Staples That You Should Know!

Before you go and learn Croatian food vocabulary, you should know some of the food staples of the country! For example, some might think that macaroni and cheese is a food staple in the US, so what are some food staples in Croatia? It’s time to find out!

Croatian Food Vocabulary

Dairy Products

In general, Croatians cannot live without dairy products, which you will no doubt notice if you visit the country. From milk to cheese to both, dairy products are a staple ingredient in Croatian cooking.

This is important to know if you happen to be traveling to the country and are lactose intolerant. If that’s the case, make sure that you research restaurants beforehand to see whether or not they offer dairy-free meals.


When it comes to adding more flavor and aroma, one ingredient that the people of Croatia tend to use most is garlic. Not only does this have a lot of health benefits, but it will make your house and food smell delicious! Not to mention, the taste of garlic will make you fall in love with the dish!

Herbs And Spices

If you go to Croatia and taste its amazing cuisine, you will definitely notice the amount of herbs and spices that goes into preparing each dish. In Croatia, it’s common to use a variety of herbs and spices, no matter the dish, in order to give it a rich flavor and aroma.

Learn This Croatian Food Vocabulary

Now that we’ve gone over some of the staples of Croatian cuisine, it’s time to move on to Croatian food vocabulary. Of course, don’t forget that if you want to learn more about Croatian cuisine, you can always do additional research!

Croatian Food Vocabulary

LettuceZelena salata
Olive oilMaslinovo ulje

Cream cheeseKremasti sir
Soy sauceUmak od soje

These are just a few of the hundreds of Croatian food vocabulary terms to know! In fact, if you want to learn more, we have the perfect app for you.

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