30 Easy Croatian Words For Types Of Shops

Croatian Words For Types Of Shops

Are you ready to unleash your inner Rebecca Bloomwood and be a shopaholic by exploring these Croatian words for types of shops? Imagine strolling along the cobblestone pathways, feeling the Mediterranean breeze, and indulging in delicious local delicacies. But wait, there’s a twist to this journey! To truly immerse yourself in the Croatian experience, try to learn the whimsical words for different types of shops. From the enticing “pekare” for bakeries that waft the aroma of fresh pastries, to the enchanting “cvećarnica” where vibrant blooms greet you with a smile, Croatian shop names are a delightful surprise at every corner.

Get your shopping bags ready and bring some Croatian into your vocabulary to make your next trip to Croatia an even more enchanting experience!

Why Should You Try Shopping In Croatia?

Shopping in Croatia is an enchanting experience that every traveler should embrace. Nestled along the Adriatic coast, this picturesque country offers a unique blend of tradition and modernity, reflected in its “vrste trgovina” (types of shops). Wander through the charming cobblestone streets of Dubrovnik’s Old Town, and you’ll discover boutique shops brimming with handmade jewelry, intricate ceramics, and local artwork.

For those seeking a taste of Mediterranean luxury, the coastal towns of Split and Hvar boast high-end fashion boutiques and gourmet delicacies. Meanwhile, bustling markets in Zagreb are a treasure trove of local delicacies, from truffles to olive oils, making it impossible to resist bringing a piece of Croatia’s culinary heritage back home.

Beyond the allure of souvenirs, shopping in Croatia also unveils its rich cultural tapestry. The vibrant “lokalnim tržištima” (local markets), such as Dolac Market in Zagreb or Green Market in Split, are not just shopping destinations but windows into the soul of the country. Engage with friendly “prodavači” (vendors), sample fresh produce, and immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere.

Whether you’re searching for authentic Croatian “roba” (goods) or simply indulging in retail therapy, shopping in Croatia is an adventure that offers both memorable treasures and a deeper connection to the heart of this captivating destination.

Croatian Words For Types Of Shops

Grocery Stores (Trgovine)

Grocery stores in Croatia are vibrant hubs offering a diverse array of fresh produce, local delicacies, and everyday essentials. These charming shops serve as community gathering spots where you can explore the rich culinary traditions of the region while picking up your daily necessities.

Supermarkets (Supermarketi)

Supermarkets in Croatia are modern retail havens that provide a one-stop shopping experience. These spacious stores offer an extensive range of groceries, household items, and international brands, making them ideal for both locals and tourists seeking convenience and variety. With their well-organized aisles and diverse product selections, Croatian supermarkets ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable shopping adventure.


Bakery (Pekara)

In Croatia, bakeries are aromatic sanctuaries of freshly baked delights. These charming shops offer a mouthwatering selection of bread and traditional Croatian pastries like “krafne” (donuts) and “pita” (savory pies). Step inside a Croatian bakery, and you’ll be greeted by the comforting scent of warm bread and the opportunity to savor the country’s rich baking traditions.

Butcher Shop (Mesnica)

These specialty stores offer an impressive array of locally sourced meats, sausages, and cuts, ensuring that every meal is a flavorful experience. Step into a Croatian butcher shop to explore the country’s culinary traditions and discover the finest ingredients for your next gastronomic adventure.

Fish Market (Ribarnica)

Croatia’s fish markets are a seafood lover’s paradise by the Adriatic Sea. These bustling markets showcase the day’s catch, from succulent fresh fish to exquisite Adriatic seafood like squid and mussels.

Fish market in Croatia

Fruit And Vegetable Market (Tržnica Voća I Povrća)

Here, you’ll find an abundant array of locally sourced produce, from sun-ripened Adriatic fruits to fresh Mediterranean vegetables. Stroll through these bustling markets to immerse yourself in the bountiful tastes of Croatia and discover the essence of its culinary traditions.

Deli (Delikatesna Radnja)

These charming shops offer a tantalizing selection of cured meats, artisan cheeses, and specialty items, allowing you to craft the perfect charcuterie board or indulge in traditional Croatian delicacies.


Wine Shop (Vinoteka)

Croatia’s wine shops are a haven for oenophiles seeking to explore the country’s rich winemaking tradition. These boutique stores offer an exquisite collection of local wines, from the renowned Plavac Mali to crisp white Grasevina.

Clothing Stores (Prodavaonice Odjeće)

Clothing stores in Croatia, ranging from boutique fashion shops in Zagreb’s historic streets to beachwear boutiques along the Dalmatian coast, offer a diverse shopping experience. You can explore modern and stylish attire in stores like XYZ Boutique or discover traditional Croatian designs in shops like Dubrovnik’s “Croatia Design.”

Shoe Stores (Prodavaonice Obuće)

Shoe stores in Croatia provide a wide range of footwear options for every occasion. From comfortable walking shoes for exploring historic cities like Split to trendy sandals and flip-flops perfect for the Adriatic beaches, Croatian shoe stores offer both style and comfort.

Other Croatian Words For Types Of Shops

Still want to explore more shops you can see in Croatia? We got you! Get ready to navigate the shops you can buy from by remembering these terms:

Electronics StoresProdavaonice elektronike
Home Appliance StoresProdavaonice kućanskih aparata
Jewelry StoresProdavaonice nakita
Cosmetic StoresKozmetičke trgovine
Toy StoresProdavaonice igračaka
Hardware StoresŽeljezarija
Sporting Goods StoresProdavaonice sportske opreme
Furniture StoresProdavaonice namještaja
Antique ShopsAntikvarijat
Art GalleriesUmjetničke galerije
Craft ShopsZanatske radnje
Liquor StoresProdavaonice alkoholnih pića
Pet StoresProdavaonice kućnih ljubimaca
Stationery StoresProdavaonice papira
Secondhand ShopsSecondhand trgovina
Health Food StoresProdavaonice zdrave hrane
Outdoor and Adventure StoresProdavaonice za aktivnosti na otvorenom i avanturu
Barber shopBrijačnica

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