No Hindi On Busuu? Nothing Beats Our 2 Best Options!

In 2019, it was found out that Hindi is one of the thirds most spoken languages in the world. Interested to speak and be able to connect with over 615 million native speakers? Find out more in this post as we answer why there is no Hindi on Busuu and our most recommended resources to speed up your language learning journey!

Language learning is not just a hobby for some. In fact, recent reports are suggesting that if you can understand and express yourself in a different language (other than the native one), you might have better chances in your life and career. Why is that? Well, being able to speak a language allows you to gain a better perspective about the culture, traditions, and the people of a particular country. And if you are in the business, you will find yourself having this distinct competitive edge which means you can earn more!

But hey! If you are seriously looking to profit from this, we at Ling App highly recommend that you study any of the following: the hardest languages, the easiest languages, the most spoken, and least ones across the globe. At present, there are five major languages that are widely spoken by millions and these are English, Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, and French. Basically, most of these stem from the Indo-European language, which means that if your first language is English, you will find it easier learning those too!

And perhaps, this is the reason why you landed on this page! You probably want to know more about the Hindi language and the most comprehensive resources to make learning the language easier for everyone. Well, worry no more because this post will give you the best free recommendations today! If you are up for that, then off we go!


The Hindi Language

India has always been the home of inquisitive and smart people which is no wonder why they excel in academics more than any other nationalities in the world. Some of the most popular Indian nationals who have influenced millions of people are Mahatma Gandhi, Shive Khera, Nirmala Sitharaman, and Rahul Gandhi.

Aside from the people, one of the most notable things about India is that they are the home to more than 121 languages (not including the dialects) making them one of the best countries to be in if you want to be fully immersed in a culturally rich country with the most diversified languages.

In fact, unlike other countries, India does not have one specific “national language” instead they have official languages based on sector. The most recognized languages when dealing with government entities are Hindi and English. However, there are still 21 other languages part of their Constitution.

No Hindi on Busuu?

If you are planning to go to India, it is still widely recommended that you focus your language learning journey on Hindi. You see, Hindi is the mother tongue of almost 55% of the people and is used primarily by the locals from the big cities. What makes it even more desirable to learn is the fact that it is highly influenced by English and Arabic languages. 

However, please understand that the language itself is pretty complicated for beginners especially if you have never encountered the language before (may it be in movies or music). Some of the reasons why it is hard for beginners are the following:

  1. Totally different writing system
  2. The enunciation can make or break the meaning of the word
  3. The tone is a big thing in India
  4. Grammar placement is different from English

But just because it’s challenging it does not mean that you should stop on your tracks and consider other languages instead. No! Hindi is worth the effort especially for professionals since the whole country is rich in opportunities due to its developing economy!


No Hindi Language On Busuu?

So, are you ready to learn the Hindi language? Well, I bet that you have been looking for the top resources which can help you out. From paid courses online to language learning apps, there is really no shortage of the available options that will support your quest towards fluency. If you have been doing your research right, then you probably have encountered Busuu.

Among other brands like Duolingo, Ling App, and Memrise, Busuu is also one of the most trusted language learning apps in the world and it has been downloaded over a million times. Among other brands like Duolingo, Ling App, and Memrise, Busuu is also one of the most trusted language learning apps in the world and it has been downloaded over a million times. This platform features a whole range of services from basic conversation features to actual speaking opportunities with certified language speakers to practice pronunciation.

Busuu is an app that makes language learning easier by developing high-quality course content and a rich language learning community. Busuu’s language learning app focuses on 12 main languages including Polish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, German, Turkish, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, and Spanish.

It boasts that you can learn any language in 10 minutes every single day and will urge you to practice with its amazing learning community that helps anyone from across the world. Aside from the courses, it also provides language cultural insights stories, and tips/ tricks to learn quickly.


How Do I Learn Hindi Quicker?

Learning Hindi may indeed be challenging but the rewards once you master it is just way more than you can imagine- from being able to connect authentically with the native speakers to landing new careers! In this part, I will be discussing the top strategies that have worked for many!

Strategy 1: Learn Practical Phrases First Using A Dedicated Phrasebook Application

Instead of jump right away and learning the complex Hindi grammar, you can find your confidence by starting with the phrases used in real-life situations instead. Learning the most used conversation phrases and words will allow you to get the boost that you need as it will give you a grasp on the basic grammar and sentence construction per context.

One example of the top mobile platform you should consider is the Simply Learn by Simya Solutions. Simply Learn makes learning a language easier since it features the most native Hindi phrases categorized based on need such as basic greetings, introductions, travel basics, emergencies, and so much more! It is constantly being updated and cross-checked with native speakers to ensure that each of the 1000+ phrases (under 30+ categories) is correct and at par with what is really used in the country.  

Strategy 2: Learn Vocabulary Using A Language Learning App For Free

no hindi on busuu

Contrary to common belief, you do not have to spend lots of money just to learn a language. Traditionally, most people will say that in order to be fluent, you will have to take loads of language classes and travel to a country where it is widely spoken. However, given the development in the field of technology, you can now learn just by using your smartphone!

To make learning a language easier, accessible, and much more fun, Simya Solutions have also created the Ling App, available for download at Google Play and the App Store. It is a free mobile application designed to provide professional-grade lessons along with challenging quizzes, interactive course content, and puzzles and games to make sure that you really understand critical grammar points, enhance vocabulary words, and remind you to consistently practice every single day.

Ling app is a one-stop-shop app that makes learning extra special. Most importantly, it is always updated and it boasts a great number of available languages!

Strategy 3: Consistently Dedicate At Least 10 Minutes A Day For Practice

The best technique for people to learn languages is through constant practice. You see, learners can’t become master native speakers overnight. In this sense, if you are serious about language learning, our best tip is for you to make it a habit to immerse yourself with words and grammar structure whenever you have some spare time.

By using the Ling App, you can get tons of speaking, writing, and listening practice and those can significantly level up your skills. By setting aside a minimum of 10 minutes per day, we guarantee that you can become a pro in no time!

Strategy 4: Immerse Yourself With Hindi Cinema And Music

Let’s go back to how we, as kids, have learned our first language. Most of us will agree that the vocabulary words we grow up with are not just from what we learned at school but also from our immediate environment. Thus, researchers have always reminded parents to make sure that young learners are surrounded by what they want them to learn.

Unlike English, Hindi words differ in the sense that it is not usually read in a straightforward manner. In fact, you must have a flexible tongue, or else the meaning of the words you are expressing may change the meaning.

Want to learn the proper pronunciation of words when speaking Hindi? Our top recommendation is for you to mimic native speakers by watching Bollywood films and listening to their music. By doing so, you allow yourself to become familiar with how speakers of Hindi use specific tones and their way of pronunciation for specific words.


Language Learning Made Easy!

As I end this article, I hope that I was able to shed light on the strategies and the 2 better (and easy) alternatives to Busuu: the Ling App and Simply Learn. Do remember that for language learners to thrive, it is important that you practice consistently the pronunciation and grammar rules as well as enhance your speaking skills by connecting with the speakers of this language (literally millions of people willing to help you out!).


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