80+ Best Spanish Music Vocabulary To Know Now

Apart from Spain being a wonderful country with beautiful beaches, mountainous ranges, and fabulous food (you should try their Paella!), the country also has a beautiful musical culture. The likes of classical flamenco and new pop music are taking over Spanish-speaking countries. So, today, we are all about Spanish music! We will explore the common Spanish music vocabulary you should know and common phrases you can use to start a conversation on this topic. Additionally, we will also check out some Spanish music artists you should be listening to! Let’s get right into it.

Spanish Music Vocabulary: Musical Instruments

Knowing the musical instruments in Spanish will come in handy, especially if you want to purchase a musical instrument or belong to a band. Let’s take a look!

music instruments
Instrumentel instrumento
guitarla guitarra
saxophoneel saxofón
violinel violín
trumpetla trompeta
flutela flauta
organel órgano
harpel arpa
cymbalslos platillos
celloel violonchelo
drumsla batería
clarinetel clarinete
mandolinla mandolina
xylophoneel xilófono
pianoel piano
keyboardel teclado
tambourinela pandereta
double bassel contrabajo
amplifierel amplificador
accordionel acordeón
heavy metalel heavy metal

Music Genres In Spanish

Different people love different music genres, which makes the music world interesting. Find out some Spanish words for various music genres below!

reggaetonel reguetón
jazzel jazz
rockel rock
operala ópera
rapel rap
classical musicla música clásica
disco musicla música disco
pop musicla música pop
country musicla música country
folk musicla música folklórica
modern musicla música moderna
bluesel blues
R&B (rhythm and blues)el R&B
tangoel tango
hip-hopel hip-hop
lambadala lambada
reggaeel reggae
bachatala bachata

Spanish Music Vocabulary: General Vocabulary

a lady singing

Let’s take a look at some general music vocabulary that will come in handy for everyday use.

singerel/la cantante
vocalistel/la vocalista
microphoneel micrófono
songla canción 
soloistel/la solista
rock bandla banda de rock
vocalistel vocalista
recordel cassette
tapeel sencillo
stageel escenario
composerel compositor
notela nota
concertel concierto
musicianel músico
lyricsla letra
symphonyla sinfonía
duetel dueto

Musical Note Terms In Spanish

Are you a singer or a director? Then you will agree that knowing the Spanish word for musical notes will help you better communicate with your students and make teaching music easier. So, let’s check them out.

chordel acorde
double bassel contrabajo
altola contralto
pitchel tono
bridgeel puente
sequencela secuencia
octavela octava
staffel pentagrama
slurla ligadura
voicela voz
intervalel intervalo
scalela escala
melodyla melodía
accentel acento
baritoneel barítono
sopranola soprano
tenorel tenor
music scorela partitura
downbeattiempo fuerte
beatel pulso
quarter notela negra
half notela blanca
double flatla doble bemol
flatla bemol
bass clefla clave de Fa

Popular Music Phrases To Start A Conversation

two men talking

Want to start meaningful ‘musical’ conversations with a friend or a stranger the next time you travel to Spain? Then check out these popular music phrases that get the job done.

  • Do you like music? – ¿Te gusta la música? 
  • Yes, I love it:- Sí, me encanta.
  • What kind of music do you like? – ¿Qué clase de música te gusta? 
  • I love Banda – Me encanta la Banda.
  • Who is your favorite singer? – ¿Quién es tu cantante favorito?
  • My favorite singer is Juanes. – Mi cantante favorito es Juanes.
  • Do you know this song? – ¿Conoces esta canción? 
  • Who’s playing? – ¿Quién toca?
  • Do you know this band? – ¿Conoces esta banda?

3 Interesting Songs To Help You Practice Your Spanish

Of course, I won’t leave you without some great music in the Spanish language that you can sing to and improve your Spanish pronunciation and vocabulary. These songs also have catchy lyrics, so you don’t have to worry about being bored to death. Let’s take a look at these musicians and sons!

1. Despacito – Luis Fonsi

Yes, we mean the despacito you have heard of, and no, not the Justin Bieber version (sorry, guys!). The original track Despacito was released by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee and had more than 90% of its lyrics in Spanish. The catchy lines and the Spanish lyrics make it one of the greatest songs to jam with as you learn the Spanish language.

2. Piensa En Mi – Luz Casal

Well, if you are into moody, heartbreak/sad songs instead, then you will enjoy Luz Casal version of Piensa En Mi, the way she sings each word provokes waves of emotions to run through your body. And one thing you will love is that the Spanish lyrics, when translated into English, make a lot of sense.

3. 19 Dias Y 500 Noches – Joaquin Sabina

If you’ve always been a fan of Spanish music, then you will know Sabina. Joaquin Sabina is one of the Spanish finest songwriters and singers, and the 19 Dias Y 500 Noches is one of the popular songs that won him numerous awards. More importantly, this song is also great for practicing your Spanish skills.

Final Thoughts

We don’t wish to end this article, but I am sure you were able to learn one or two Spanish music vocabulary that you can use for daily conversations. But that is not all! You can continue your Spanish learning process with the Ling App. So, what is the Ling App?

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