Introduce Yourself In Irish: 40+ Useful Phrases

Finding yourself feeling stuck and quite unsure on how to introduce yourself in Irish Gaelic like a total native speaker? Leave your worries out as we have here a simple guide that will help you make a powerful introduction when speaking with Irish people. In today’s post, we will walk you through the how-to say and answer Irish greetings, introduce yourself with different descriptions, and ask your own questions. Ready to learn? Off we go!

Ireland has always been one of the top places in the world that many of us are planning to visit at least once in our lifetime. Several skilled workers are also looking to move to the country in the business context thanks to its appealing opportunities, bustling tech scene, and low taxes. And if all that is not enough to convince you to move to Ireland, just think about its different gloriously beautiful natural wonders, castles, and museums!

Whether you are planning to travel to Ireland or you want to impress an Irish friend/colleague, learning how to say the basic introductions can help you project yourself in a much more professional way. If you plan to make the Irish language your second or third language, we understand that it might seem intimidating to use it in real life. To ease your mind, we have here an easy to follow guide on how to do the basic introductions:

  1. Start with a warm greeting
  2. Ask how the second person is feeling
  3. Present yourself and add a few descriptions about your traits, likes, and dislikes, as well as hobbies and interests.
  4. Ask the name of the other person
  5. Close the conversation by saying goodbye

As you may know, the format may change depending on the situation, but at least you will have a general version that you can use as a backup.


General Irish Gaelic Greetings

How To Introduce Yourself In Irish: An Easy 2021 Guide
Introduce Yourself In Irish – Greetings

Have you ever heard of the popular saying that everything starts with hello? We can all agree that everything really did start with a simple exchange of hi and hello in most of our relationships. It might sound a bit weird to start introducing yourself if you instantly come up to a person and start with “my name is…” right? To help you get a more authentic conversation, you can use the following Gaeilge words/ phrases for greetings below.

Irish Language English
Dia duit / daoibh! Hello
Dia is Muire duit / daoibh Hello
Haigh / heileo Hello (casual)
Dar fia / dar priosta / dar m’anam Hello (casual)
Maidin mhaith Good morning
Tráthnóna maith Good afternoon
Oíche mhaith Good evening


Irish Gaelic Expressions For Asking How Someone Feels

How To Introduce Yourself In Irish: An Easy 2021 Guide
Introduce Yourself In Irish – Asking How Someone Feels

It is deemed essential for you to make sure that communication is a two-way street in any spoken interaction. You do not ever want to be in a position where you feel like you are bombarding someone with so much information all at once, right? To get the other speaker to join in and follow the conversation, you may ask them how. Read below the often used expressions you can use as part of your everyday vocabulary.

Irish Language English
Cad é mar atá tú? How are you doing?
Tá mé go maith. I am good
Tá áthas orm. I am happy
Tá tuirse orm I am tired
Tá brón orm I am sad
Tá uaigneas orm I feel lonely 
Níl mé go maith I’m not feeling good
Tá mé ceart go leor I am alright
Tá imní orm I am worried
Tá fearg orm I am angry
Tá sceitimíní orm I’m excited


Irish Language Introductions

How To Introduce Yourself In Irish: An Easy 2021 Guide
Introduce Yourself In Irish

Of course, you cannot just outright say your name in real conversations, right? You will need transitional words/ phrases that will act as a sign that you are about to speak your introductions. If the conversation is casual, you can also immediately ask for the name of the other person. Read on below the most native Irish ways to learn:

Irish Language English
Mark is ainm dom My name is Mark.
Is mise Gen I’m Gen
Mise Kevin I’m Kevin
Cén t‑ainm atá ort? / Cad is ainm duit? / C’ainm atá ort? What is your name?
Tá sé go deas bualadh leat It is nice to meet you!
Tá sé go deas bualadh leatsa freisin. It is nice to meet you too!
Tá áthas orm bualadh leat Pleased to meet you (If the other speaker says his/her name after your introduction)


Simple Irish Gaelic Descriptions

And since we are already learning too much about the Irish Gaelic words and phrases, let’s make expand further your language even more with the expressions you can use to describe yourself. As with regular conversations, you do not need to go all out and find ways to use these all, but there might be a chance that you will need to describe your physical traits fully. See and understand our examples below:

Irish Language English
Tá mé ard. I am tall
Tá mé beag I am small
Tá mé tanaí I am slim
Tá mé ramhar I am fat
Tá mé óg I am young
Tá mé sean I am old
Tá mé cairdiúil I am friendly
Tá mé greannmhar I am funny
Tá mé faiteach I am shy
Tá mé spórtúil I am sporty
Tá mé neamhspleách I am independent
Imrím cispheil I play basketball
Imrím líonpheil I play netball
Is maith liom surfáil I like surfing
Is maith liom iascaireacht I like fishing
Is maith liom ceol I like music

*Note: For specific discussion on the Irish color words, click here.


How To Close The Conversation In The Irish Language

How To Introduce Yourself In Irish: An Easy 2021 Guide
Introduce Yourself In Irish – How To Close The Conversation

Are you trying to find the exact phrases you can say to leave the conversation and say goodbye? See the guaranteed-to-work examples below that you can use every single time.

Irish Language English
Fáilte. Welcome.
Slán! Goodbye.
Feicfidh mé arís thú. I’ll see you again.
Feicfidh mé amárach thú. I’ll see you tomorrow.
Tóg go bog é! Take it easy

Did you like this post, and have you enjoyed learning about all the fun ways on how to introduce yourself in Irish? If you did like it, you better read on our previous lessons, like saying I love you and happy birthday in Irish. Are you finding yourself with time and are looking to understand Irish better? Then you better check out the Ling app by Simya Solutions.

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