HiNative Vs Mango Languages: Best Apps Of The Year?

Several language learning apps are up for grabs over the internet. But are you still searching for the best language app with interactive exercises that correspond to your learning approach? If that’s the case for you, then let us have a quick comparison between the two popular language learning apps, HiNative Vs. Mango Languages. These two apps are top-rated among learners, and it would be wise to get to know their features before you pay for the premium versions. If you are ready for that, let’s get it on!

HiNative App: A Quick Review

HiNative App: A Quick Review

HiNative is one of the recognized language learning apps that a native speaker will teach about their native language to other users. Technically, it is like an educational portal wherein you will meet various language instructors from across the globe. Here, you can expect native speakers to ask different open-ended questions and guide them to learn and master a new language related to the native language.

HiNative app can be accessed and downloaded in the AppStore (IOS app), PlayStore (Android app), and website using your computer, tablet, or laptop. In my opinion, HiNative cannot help you become a native speaker of a foreign or second language. I think that the app is great but it cannot substitute real, qualified language tutors. Though the app has several native speakers and language activities, it is still an insufficient app to use to achieve language fluency and proficiency.

How To Use HiNative

Since the HiNative App is a gamified Q&A language learning app. Using this app will need the language learners to learn and master a new word in a pointing system.

HiNative app provides pre-determined questions to be answered by the learners. Some questions may be given from other users (to earn points and advance to a new level). Moreover, HiNative also asks learners if some clarifications and concerns concerning their target language.

Features Of HiNative

Some fantastic features of Mango Languages are the following:

  • A Q&A language learning app with pre-determined questions for language learners.
  • You can check the search feature of the app to determine if the questions are already answered by other users to abstain from the repetition of topics within the community.
  • Record videos and audio records
  • Listen to audio lessons and video lessons from a particular native speaker.
  • Like other language learning apps that have a language exchange partner

Is HiNative A Free App?

HiNative is a free app using the free version which offers limited features for language learning. If you want to learn more about this, please check out our detailed review here.

HiNative App’s Premium Version

Below is the premium version of the HiNative App:

  • A monthly subscription costs $5.68 per month. 
  • Annual Subscription costs $4,96 per month or $59.63 per year.

Pros And Cons Of HiNative

Easy to use language learning appChallenging and complicated questions from other native speakers and users
Get feedback from native speakers about your recorded audioThe graphic user interface and the community is not an engaging environment for language learning
Offers various foreign languages (120 foreign languages) than other language learning appsUnclear questions in learning languages (too complex for beginner)

Mango Languages App: A Quick Review

Mango Languages App: A Quick Review

Mango languages is one of the best language learning apps in the market. This is an excellent app for a complete beginner because it teaches not only the language or grammar skills but also cultural insights about their target language.

Mango languages can be accessed without an internet connection by downloading all the materials and data online. This app is available in the AppStore (IOS), PlayStore (Android app), and website. In my opinion, the Mango languages app cannot help you to become a native speaker but it is a great tool to use for learning. Though it offers several interactive games to master your target language, it is not enough to achieve language fluency.

How To Use Mango Languages

After signing up and setting up your profile, you may start learning a language depending on your learning style (listening, audio-visual, speaking, and others). You can create your flashcards to review new language and new words concerning your target language.

Features Of Mango Languages

Some amazing features of Mango Languages are the following:

  • Has a cool feature which is the Learning Pathway. Using this feature, language learners will learn a language per unit and per chapter like reading an online module.
  • Learn a language and new words quickly and engagingly because of the colored and patterned words feature.
  • Equipped with simple grammar lessons and cultural notes about their target language.
  • Equipped with a speech recognition technology like Google translate, which is called the Machine Translation that gives feedback to the performance of the language learners.
  • Offers real-life video lessons and music videos that teach various non-verbal language about the target language.
  • Offers online language courses using the premium version.
  • Online language courses are available and accessible in the premium version
  • Equipped with 70 foreign languages

Is Mango Languages A Free App?

Mango Languages is a free app that is the free version. Offline language resources are available in this version but are limited to language learning. Looking for a more in-depth review analysis about the Mago Language’s fee structure? Check out our detailed review here.

Mango Languages Premium Version

Below are the three paid versions or Premium subscriptions of the Mango Languages App:

Single Language

  • The monthly subscription costs 7.99$ per month. 
  • An annual subscription costs 6.67$ per month or 79.99$ per year.

All Languages

  • The monthly subscription costs 17.99$ per month. 
  • An annual subscription costs 14.99$ or 179.99$ paid every 12 months.


  • The price is custom-made

Mango Languages: Pros And Cons

Learn languages quickly, specifically the vocabulary words of a new languageTeaching pronunciations and audio lessons are sometimes uncertain
Equipped with grammar notes and cultural notesConversations from the app are stimulated
Equipped with interactive captions in learning sentence structured lessonsThe monotonous and reiterated tone of Machine translation
Provides English transcriptions and translations in learning multiple languagesNo writing skills and activities
Steady graphic user interfaceRepetitive and simple flashcards
Spaced repetition and speech recognition technology for speaking skills and listening exercisesDelayed machine translation

HiNative Vs Mango Languages: Final Thoughts

HiNative Vs Mango Languages: Final Thoughts

If I am to recommend only one, I honestly choose the Mango Languages App because it is a hassle-free language learning application than HiNative. In addition, Mango Languages has an economical price than HiNative. In terms of language activities, Mango Languages has more interactive lessons than HiNative. Language learners can also learn a language quickly or even multiple languages because of the interactive games that Mango languages offer.

But all in all, choosing between these two language apps is solely contingent on the learning preference of the learners.

If you are not satisfied with these two apps, recommend an alternative app that can help you learn a language innovatively and engagingly.

Best Alternative Language Learning App

Best Alternative Language Learning App: Ling App

In terms of language learning, many users look for an alternative language learning app in learning vocabulary words of a specific target language. One of the best alternative language learning platforms is the Ling App. The Ling App by Simya Solutions offers interactive lessons for over 60+ foreign languages. This app also offers various language resources that greatly help language learner improve their vocabulary training of a specific language engagingly.

Some of the excellent features of the Ling App are the following:

  1. Offers free version and premium version like other language apps
  2. Flashcards and engaging quizzes to learn a new language
  3. Equipped with an A.I. chatbot 
  4. The language lessons are not just for vocabulary but also for grammatical structures
  5. A flexible and easy-to-use app

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry and download the best language learning app and become a native speaker with the help of the Ling App.

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