Tangadan Falls: #1 Best Travel Guide For Expats

Tangadan Falls #1 Best Travel Guide For Expats

One of the best parts of living in the Philippines is discovering those off-the-tourist-trail places that feel like your own secret paradise. And today, I’m spilling the beans on one of my latest finds – Tangadan Falls in San Gabriel, La Union. I stumbled across some photos of this incredible waterfall on Instagram a few weeks ago and knew I had to see it in person. So I packed my swimsuit, hired a driver, and made the trip up from Manila to see this tucked-away beauty for myself.

And wow – it exceeded all my expectations!

From the lush jungle vibe to hidden cliff jumping spots to turquoise waters perfect for swimming, Tangadan Falls turned out to be a true hidden gem. The best part? Unlike more popular falls like Pagsanjan or Kawasan, I had Tangadan almost all to myself! Just me, a few friendly locals, and the mesmerizing sound of water cascading down the cliffs. It was pure magic.

If you want to escape the city for some off-grid tropical adventure, this spot should jump to the top of your Philippines bucket list! Ready to learn more about it and some handy Tagalog phrases? Let’s begin!

What Is Tangadan Falls?

Think La Union is all about surfing waves? Think again! This northern province has crazy beautiful waterfalls tucked away from the beach crowds. Topping that waterfall list is Tangadan Falls – a jungle gem with turquoise pools so mesmerizing, your surfboard might just get jealous!

Nestled between towering cliffs in the quiet Barangay Amontoc, Tangadan Falls serves up two tiers of cascading aquamarine magic – one 40 feet and one 20 feet deep. We’re talking natural swimming holes lined with boulders and lush plants just begging to be snapped for the ‘gram. And no rickety platforms needed to cliff jump here! Just hurl yourself off the rocks into refreshing pools that seem made for frolicking away a steamy Philippine afternoon.

How To Get To Tangadan Falls

How To Get To Tangadan Falls?

So, you’ve added Tangadan Falls to your La Union bucket list! Now comes the fun part, actually getting to this hidden jungle gem. Don’t worry, the journey is totally doable as a day trip from the beaches. Here’s everything you need to know!

Board A Bus From Manila

First things first – get yourself to La Union! Your best bet is booking a bus from Cubao or Sampaloc terminals in Manila. Lines like Partas, Farinas, Dominion, and Viron buses will drop you right off in San Fernando City or at least near the San Juan municipal hall.

Grab A Tricycle To San Gabriel

Once you’re settled into your beach digs, hire a trike for the 30-45 minute ride inland to San Gabriel town proper. Rates start around P500 roundtrip if you’re solo.

Check-in At The Municipal Office

Make a quick pit stop to pay the entry fee and environmental fee (P30 per person) at the Municipal Treasury Office. Keep that receipt handy!

Hire Your Guide

You’ll need to join up with one of the official tour guides – required before they’ll let you pass! The P500 group rate gets you a pro who’ll lead the way to those glorious falls.

Trek To Paradise

Then comes the fun part, a 15-20 minute trek through jungle trails to reach Tangadan’s aquamarine pools. Adventure time, baby!

Best Things To Do At Tangadan Falls

Now that you’ve made the epic journey inland to Tangadan’s secluded jungle locale, it’s time for the fun to start. Here are my top recommendations for activities to make the most of these gorgeous falls!

Take A Refreshing Swim

Absolutely nothing beats taking a dip in the crisp, aquamarine pools beneath the falls! The two tiers create a pair of stunning natural infinity pool settings. Just watch your step on those slippery rocks.

Live Daring With Cliff Jumps

For all my adrenaline junkie expats – Tangadan has plenty of cliffs and boulders prime for cliff jumping. Just scout your landing zone before hurling yourself into the pools below! Pro tip: ask your guide for the best daredevil spots.

Hop On A Raft

If you visit during rainy season when water levels get high, sign up for a guided rafting adventure along the river’s rapids. Just imagine all those cascades at high power while you battle the whitewater!

Easy Tagalog Phrases For Your Tangadan Adventure

You got your bus tickets booked, tour guide lined up and swimsuit ready to go. Now time to prep that Tagalog! Chat up the friendly locals with these handy phrases for your Tangadan trip!

“Magkano po ang bayad?”

This means “How much is the fare?” when haggling transport pricing to the falls. Flash that expat charm and haggle away!

“Masaya po!”

It means “fun!” or “enjoyable!” Break this out when leaping from those cliffside perches or frolicking under the falls for a friendly shoutout.

“Ang ganda!”

When you finally lay eyes on those gorgeous aquamarine cascades, exclaim, “It’s beautiful!” to rave about the natural beauty.

“Salamat po!”

This classic means “thank you!” Make sure to thank your trike driver, guide, and any vendors or locals who give you assistance with this grateful phrase.

Ready To Visit Elyu?

Well, there ya have it – Everything you need for an epic day-trip excursion to La Union’s magnificent hidden gem, Tangadan Falls! After getting your transport, permits, and tour guide in order, you’ll be on your way to a true off-grid adventure – complete with memorable swims, daring leaps, and plenty of gram-worthy shots! Just don’t forget to pack that sense of wonder along with your swimsuit.

Want to up your Tagalog game for chatting with the locals? Download the Ling app to brush up on key phrases. And if you have any other questions to start planning your trip, just holler. Sending good La Union vibes your way and hoping to see your Tangadan adventures flood the ‘gram soon, fellow explorers!

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