Best Guide To 40+ Tagalog Words About Hobbies

Last updated on November 16th, 2022 at 09:58 am

Filipinos are definitely some of the happiest people you can meet. They know how to turn a dull day into a fun-filled one, as they can come up with new hobbies/activities to make their time worthwhile. That is why we’ve put together is a fantastic list of Tagalog words about hobbies/activities.

According to 2021 statistics, particularly in the recent study by Sales Rain, the Philippines ranked third as the happiest country in 2021. Meanwhile, Global Finance states that the country fell to the 70th rank in terms of poverty. So, based on the data collected, you can say that Filipinos do not depend on riches for their happiness.

You surely would not waste any time with them because they will welcome you even to cooperate with their hobby ideas. You will be surprised how their activities are not as inexpensive as one may think.

Just so you know: The Ling app has an entire unit on Tagalog words about hobbies/activities. Come over and learn Tagalog from beginning to end.



Tagalog Words About Hobbies And Activities That You Should Know

If these interest you, then you might want to check this out and learn more about Tagalog! As you read on, you will learn about the Tagalog translation of these hobbies and activities in order to make your Tagalog not just good, but impressive!

MagsulatTo write
MaglokoTo joke around
KumantaTo sing
SumayawTo dance
LumakbayTo travel
MaglutoTo cook
MaglinisTo clean
Mag-aralTo study
LumangoyTo swim
TumakboTo run
Mag-tahiTo sew
KumainTo eat
MaglaroTo play
PagbabasketbolTo play basketball
MagbasaTo read
GumalaTo go out
Mag-imbento ng…To invent….
Mag-gitaraTo play the guitar
MagpintaTo paint
GumihitTo draw
MagtanimTo plant
Magsalita To talk
SumugalTo gamble
MakipagbiruanTo joke around
TumakboTo run around
MamiliTo shop / To buy
MagbentaTo sell
MakipagkaibiganTo make friends
Mag-makeupTo do my makeup
Gumawa ng…To make….
Maghanap ng…To find….
TumanghalTo perform
UmarteTo act
MakinigTo listen
MatulogTo sleep
TumulongTo help
MagdasalTo pray
MagkipaghabulanTo chase someone
MaghugasTo wash
MagtrabahoTo work
ManoodTo watch
Magbabalibol To play volleyball
PakikipaghalubiloTo socialize
Mag-partyTo party
Uminom ng…To drink…
MakipagtawananTo laugh with friends
Manood ng….To watch…
PumasyalTo take a walk


Common Tagalog Phrases For Hobbies And Activities

If you want to discover new hobby ideas, Filipinos will not let you down. But first, you will need to know the common Tagalog phrases to use when communicating with them about their hobbies/activities.

First, you need to know what hobbies and activities mean to them. The Tagalog term for a hobby is Libangan. Sure, a hobby means anything that makes them happy and satisfied, especially when they have too much free time. But most Filipinos can turn it into a passion.

So, if you are going to deal with them or join them in their hobbies and activities, take note of the following words and phrases:

1. Anong Ginagawa Mo?

Do you need to ask someone about what they are doing in Tagalog? Then this phrase is a must-use. To put it simply, Anong ginagawa mo means, “What are you doing?” This question can be a perfect conversation starter to learn what the other person has been doing. In this way, you can start talking about other Tagalog Phrases About Hobbies.

2. Paano Ba Gawin Iyan?

The Tagalog rendering of this phrase is “How to do it?” and you will need that phrase if you want to learn a new hobby in a new language, such as Tagalog.

Filipinos are welcoming enough to teach you such a cool hobby by themselves as they appreciate that you want to learn from them and not from YouTube videos.

3. Pwede Ba Akong Sumali?

As mentioned above, Filipinos take it as kindness when you ask them personally when you want to do such hobbies/activities with them. This phrase is helpful as it directly asks a person, “can I join?” Meanwhile, if you are too shy to ask, you can use formal questions like, “Maaari ba along sumali?”

4. Tara!

It is also essential to engage in a great hobby by exchanging with them your interest. It would not hurt to try to invite them to your fun hobby. After all, it is very easy to do as you will need only one word, “Tara,” which means, “Come on!”

5. Pahinga

Pahinga is the Tagalog term for the word “rest,” but when a person says “pahinga muna tayo” it could mean “let us rest for a while” or “let’s take a break.”

Tagalog phraseEnglish Translation
Anong ginagawa mo?What are you doing?
Paano ba gawin iyan?How to do it?
Pwede ba akong sumali?Can I join?
TaraCome on or Let’s go


Hobbies/Activities Filipino Enjoy!

Filipinos are very active. They always have the best hobby ideas that they usually turn into their passion. As you get to know them, you will realize that their list of hobbies falls into the following categories: Music, Fashion, and Sports. You will also realize that these are not as inexpensive hobbies as you would think.


When it comes to music, Filipinos have become active around the globe not only for their great voices but also for making their own music. If you are familiar with the movie Frozen, you probably know about its Filipino award-winning music composer. In this case, creating his own music was once a fun hobby and has turned into a job.


One of the Filipino creative pursuits is fashion. They invest their time recreating their own clothes from out-of-the-box ideas. They play with colors and different patterns to create new trends.

Some of them chose to dive into the world of fashion and try to inspire others, so they create their own YouTube channel. This great art form proves that people can turn such a creative hobby into a source of income.


How good is your hand-eye coordination? Filipinos are also famous for their love of sports. You can check every arena in the Philippines and see how they love Basketball. Also, there is a big chance to meet a sports-memorabilia-collecting Filipino because of their love for the athlete.

In line with this, you can spend so many hours talking about sports. It is good to learn Tagalog sports vocabulary for a longer conversation.

Other Hobbies That Filipinos Love

There are many things that occupy the time of Filipinos. When they finish their chores, you can find them doing indoor hobbies, such as board games like Games of the General. Filipino women, on the other hand, love jewelry making at home.

Take note of how they handled their hobbies and activities during the pandemic. They formed free community events to help out people, and they also tried their best to learn an active hobby to take all the stress away. It could be in a form of creative writing or searching for a new skill.

Final Take-Away

The famous descriptions for Filipinos are resilient, happy, and enduring. Still, if you look deeper, you will see that they manage to come up with interesting hobby ideas to handle their situation. They prove that it can be a cheap hobby for you to stay happy, even in your own home.


Learn More Tagalog Phrases On The Ling App!

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If you talk to natives in Tagalog, you wouldn’t have to worry too much since this topic is casual. Besides, it will be their pleasure to have someone accompanying them while finding a new hobby to enjoy together.

If you want to engage in a more fruitful conversation, you can make full use of a language application, such as Ling App. It is easy to use, and it will surely help you translate simple English words to Tagalog.

You can also check out some similar lists like common Tagalog vocabulary that you can use to communicate with Filipinos, so you can fully engage yourself in their hobbies/activities.

Other language applications, such as Duolingo, are very limited when it comes to useful phrases because they only offer word-for-word or formal phrases that Filipinos do not often use especially when it is about a great hobby.

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