5 Best Philippine Language Schools For Beginners

Philippine Language Schools For Beginners

Trying to pick up Spanish or master Mandarin but struggling with dull online programs that never seem to stick? We’ve all been there, amirite? Well, throw those lackluster language apps out the window because we uncovered the best Philippine language schools for total beginners. Yaaaas, that’s right – actual physical classrooms with real human professors who won’t let you slack off when you’re just starting out.

Intrigued? Well, stick around as we spill the deets!

Best Philippine Language Schools

When seeking to master languages like Spanish, Mandarin, or French as a beginner, where you study matters. While apps and online programs provide flexibility, nothing beats learning in a physical institute tailored specifically for language education. Expert professors, structured curriculums, cultural immersion – only prestigious destinations deliver excellence across all facets of fluency.

Luckily, the Philippines hosts some of the top-tier foreign language centers in Asia. To spotlight the creme de la creme for new learners, we compiled this guide to Manila’s premiere language school picks spanning universities, cultural institutes, and private colleges. Their offerings set Filipinos up for success – whether aiming to nurture a lifelong passion or achieve career-boosting bilingual abilities.

University Of the Philippines - Philippine Language Schools For Beginners

University Of the Philippines – For Serious Language Scholars

Location: Roxas Ave, Diliman, Quezon City

Price: Starts at P3,000 for 30-hour language courses

When it comes to prestige, no Philippine institution tops the University of the Philippines (UP). And trust me…their extramural language programs across Manila live up to that top-tier reputation!

As part of the uni’s mission to provide affordable education for all, they opened foreign language programs to the public at insider rates. In my experience, the curriculums comprehensively cover all facets of language fluency – reading, writing, listening comprehension, and speaking. So you’ll take on grammar, vocabulary, dialogues, and cultural basics while immersed completely in your chosen language – be it Korean, Bahasa, Mandarin, Japanese, Thai, or beyond.

A key advantage I noticed is the flexible schedule, attracting busy professionals to enroll. For instance, I remember taking Japanese 1 (total beginner level) online every Saturday afternoon for three months. This accessibility meant a lot to me since I lived far from Manila at the time. But for those able to commute, in-person small group classes also facilitate an immersive, interactive learning environment.

Additionally, UP structures its course offerings to accommodate all levels – from complete newbies in Japanese 1 to JLPT N1 review sessions for advanced students. Young learners aren’t neglected either. Special classes for kids ages 7-12 focus on beginner grammar, phrases, and cultural activities delivered in an engaging, age-appropriate style.

So whether you’re a parent seeking a nurturing language experience for your child or a busy professional finally pursuing your passion for linguistics, UP’s renowned extramural programs are structured to set Filipino language enthusiasts up for fluency.

Ready to learn? For more information, check out UP’s offerings here.

Lyceum Of Makati - Philippine Language Schools

Lyceum of Makati Université – Epic Language Faculty In The Heart Of Makati

Location: Kasa Street, Makati City

Price: Up to P11,000, depending on the language

Nestled amongst the skyscrapers of the Makati CBD lies the Lyceum of Makati Université – a Philippine training institute offering one of the most affordable foreign language programs in the area.

As an accredited TESDA school focused on developing technical skills for global employment, Lyceum goes beyond your typical language center. Think certified seminars designed to equip students of all ages with internationally recognized abilities in foreign tongues.

Their varied curriculum currently includes beginner courses in languages like German, Japanese, and more. With small class sizes capped at 16 students and a curriculum aligned with international fluency standards, you’ll take on vocab, grammar, and conversational skills in an intimate learning environment – a rare find at their affordable price point!

During the time I was preparing my documents for POEA or the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration to work as an OFW, I met several Germany-bound Filipinos who took classes here to prepare themselves for their new lives. I also learned that aside from the basic language training, the instructors also offer lessons related to culture and traditions as well. So if you ask me, this can be a solid choice for those who really planning to move abroad.

Excited to learn? For more information, check out LMU’s offerings here.

Mirriam College - Philippine Language Schools

Miriam College – Personalized Language Lessons In Katipunan

Location: Katipunan Ave, Quezon City

Price: Individual – P13,500 | Group of 4 – P3,750 per person

Seeking personalized language programs? As a learner, I highly recommend Miriam College’s specialized foreign language courses in Katipunan. Their year-round foreign language offerings connect dedicated students with distinguished professors for customized sessions on Saturdays. And when I say customized, I literally mean that everything is tailored to your needs or the goals of a specific group.

How did I know this? I took their French module last year. Each 15-week program comprises 30 total hours of immersive small group or solo instruction. Under the guidance of stellar international faculty, students like me take on reading, writing, listening, and conversational lessons tailored to individual goals – be it business Chinese fluency or European travel preparations.

As a busy professional myself, I appreciated Miriam’s flexibility too. Affordable rates gave me the chance to hone foreign language abilities around my schedule. With intimate class sizes capped at just 4 learners in my cohort, I received personal attention unavailable even in prestigious uni programs.

But hey! Miriam also caters to young beginners! Their kids’ classes focus on beginner grammar, vocabulary, and phrases delivered in a lively, culturally rich style. Pretty cool, right?

Ready to start learning? For more information, check out Miriam’s offerings here.

Instituto Cervantes De Manila – Specialists In Spanish Mastery

Location: G/F Greenbelt 1, Ayala Center, Makati City

Price: Starts at P4,000 per 30-hour course

Tucked away within the halls of Greenbelt lies Manila’s best-kept secret for mastering Español. I’m talking about the iconic Instituto Cervantes – Spain’s official language and cultural center right in the heart of the city.

As someone who struggled for years to advance past textbook Spanish, stumbling upon Instituto Cervantes gave me hope. Their accredited professors focus solely on Spanish instruction across reading, writing, listening, and speaking mastery. So whether you’re a confused newbie or an advanced speaker, their flexible online and in-person courses will boost your confidence in conversing.

I still remember the energy and camaraderie of my first A2 beginner’s class. Our professor wove vocab, grammar, and culture into dynamic lessons that finally made the language click. Within weeks, formerly intimidating real-world conversations became a breeze.

Beyond courses, Instituto Cervantes also conducts internationally accredited DELE and SIELE assessments to certify Spanish language abilities, ideal for visa applications. Additional member perks include cultural workshops, film screenings, and more to enrich understanding of the vibrant Spanish-speaking world.

Ready to enroll? For more information, check out the complete details here.

Ateneo Philippine Language Schools

Ateneo Confucius Institute – Immersive Language Programs

Location: Ateneo de Manila Campus, Katipunan Ave, Quezon City

Price: Around P15,000+

For dedicated students seeking command of Mandarin, Ateneo University offers dynamic Chinese language and cultural education on their Katipunan campus and online. Beyond textbook grammar or repetitive online learning apps, their classes authentically capture China’s language and arts through dynamic lessons from native experts. I still remember the energy during our first Jīngjù opera workshop – singing folk tales in elementary Mandarin as professors demonstrated theatrical techniques honed over dynasties.

Their programs cater to all levels, with language courses divided into Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced tiers. Each contains 5 sub-levels to precisely match abilities. Expert faculty deliver dynamic lessons integrating grammar fundamentals, conversation exercises, media analysis, and cultural context within an intimate classroom setting capped at 15 learners.

Beginner programming establishes strong vocabulary, reading, writing, and listening skills equivalent to the internationally accredited Youth Chinese Test (YCT) and Chinese Language Proficiency exams like HSK or HSKK. Upper-division electives facilitate pathways to advanced fluency or business competencies in Mandarin.

Want to enroll? For more information, check out the offerings here.

The Role Of Self-Paced Language Apps

Of course, not everyone can afford intensive institute enrollment or wants to commit to rigorous curriculums. This is where user-friendly language learning apps shine – granting the flexibility busy individuals need to nurture new linguistics abilities on their own time.

I personally relied on apps for years to build conversational confidence across European and Asian languages without strict schedules. Comprehensive programs with self-grading lessons, audio reviews, and extensive vocabulary tools worked best to reinforce retention between study sessions.

After trying Rosetta Stone, Duolingo, and more, Ling emerged as the clear front-runner for independent learners thanks to their unique teaching approach. Instead of repetitive grammar drills, Ling focuses entirely on practical conversations mirroring real-world interactions from day one. The best part? Expert authors craft the curriculum spanning topics from travel survival to business dealings across 60+ languages.

Give it a try now!

The Path To Fluency Awaits

As the world grows increasingly connected across borders, developing global citizens through immersive language acquisition becomes ever-crucial. We hope reviewing these premier institutes offers a productive first step in your budding journey towards multilingual mastery – unlocking life’s possibilities however you define them. The path towards Spanish, Mandarin, or Arabic fluency awaits. ¡Buena suerte!

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