#Throwback: Greatest OPM From the 2000s


Happy, sad, brokenhearted, or in love? No matter how you feel, OPM from the 2000s will surely have something to offer. In this post, we’ll go over the nostalgic Tagalog OPM songs from the ’00s and give you some inside scoop about each. Let’s begin!

Why Learn Top OPM Hits From The 2000s?

Original Pilipino music (or OPM) is a big part of the culture and character of the Philippines. Over the years, OPM has changed, drawing on many different styles and sounds to create a unique sound that is easy to recognize. Technically, Original Pilipino Music or Original Pinoy Music, which is now more often called “OPM,” is used just to mean a style of pop songs from the Philippines, mostly ballads, that became famous after the Manila sound of the late 1970s faded out.

The music of the 2000s included many iconic moments in the music industry that will remain in our memories long after we’ve forgotten the words to the songs that made them so iconic. It also helped shape a bit of the Filipino culture from Gen X to Gen Alphas today.

In the 2000s and the 2010s, leading OPM artists include Sarah Geronimo, Kitchie Nadal, Moonstar88, Itchyworms, Rocksteddy, Aiza Seguerra, Hale, Spongecola, Mark Bautista, Silent Sanctuary, Parokya Ni Edgar, Kamikazee, and Callalily among many others.

The OPM from the 2000s has surely been the anthem of the lives of the people from that generation. Whether for lovers, childhood friends, or just for your life, there has been a great song or album that will best match what happened. If you want a trip down memory lane and feel nostalgic, here is a list of OPM from the 2000s that you can listen to. You can also use the music video for additional nostalgic feels.

What Are The Popular OPMs In The 2000s?

Magbalik” – Callalily

Tulad ng mundong hindi
Tumitigil sa pag-ikot
Pag ibig di mapapagod

Here’s a song for most Filipino high school students’ love life. In the middle of the 2000s, the song “Magbalik” was one of the most distinctive noises you would have heard in a classroom or hallway. Ex-campus sweethearts and hopeless romantics alike listened to this song again and over as if they had already experienced the worst heartbreak possible. Callalily frontman Kean Cipriano’s regretful vocals soar over a calm opening bass line and the unexpected wailing of guitars in this tune.

Jopay” – Mayonnaise

‘Wag ka nang mawala (‘wag ka nang mawala)
‘Wag ka nang mawala (‘wag ka nang mawala)

Dadalhin kita sa aming bahay

‘Di tayo mag-aaway
Aalis tayo sa tunay na mundo

Jopay is a member of the famous girl group Sexbomb Girls, who was the inspiration for this timeless song. Speaking of the song being so timeless, just recently, this song was put in the spotlight again after one video of a man singing it differently went viral. This gave way to the song’s popularity among the young generation today.

The Day You Said Goodnight” – Hale

Take me as you are
Push me off the road
The sadness
I need this time to be with you
I’m freezing in the sun
I’m burning in the rain
The silence
I’m screaming, calling out your name

If you’re looking for a go-to karaoke song filled with such emotions and great lyrics, “The Day You Said Goodnight” is definitely a song to consider. It is a song by the band Hale, who is known for their elegantly-crafted songs like “Sandali Na Lang,” “Blue Sky,” and “Broken Sonnet.” While these three songs are great, “The Day You Said Goodnight” is arguably one of their most iconic songs that you can still hear even up to this day. Some might say that “The Day You Said Goodnight” was the song that showed how different OPM was in the 2000s.


Hanggang Kailan” – Orange and Lemons

Umuwi ka na baby
‘Di na ako sanay ng wala ka
Mahirap ang mag-isa
At sa gabi’y hinahanap-hanap kita

The band Orange and Lemons wrote a song called “Hanggang Kailan.” This song is about a man who is longingly waiting for someone but doesn’t know for sure if they will get back together. This sweet song about missing your special someone always makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It still resonates today; in fact, Dan Ombao, a singer from Idol Philippines, gave his rendition of this song, making it also popular with the younger generations.

Spageti (Spaghetti) Song” – Sexbomb Girls (Feat. Joey De Leon)

Apir tayo, sumakit ang ulo ko, sumakit ang bewang ko
Sexbomb, Sexbomb, Sexbomb (O, tuluy-tuloy lang, ha?)
Apir tayo, sumakit ang dibdib ko, sumakit ang tuhod ko
Sexbomb, Sexbomb, Sexbomb (Oh, sabay-sabay)

Spaghetting pababa, pababa nang pababa
Spaghetting pataas, pataas nang pataas

Of course, the year 2000s will never be complete without the novelty songs that also defined the generation. One of the most iconic novelty songs is the “Spaghetti Song” by the Philippine girl group called Sexbomb Girls. This song, along with their other songs, is phenomenal and iconic that even today, you can still see people dancing or talking about it.

Other OPM Songs From The 2000s

Aside from the five songs above, there are lots of music that were born in the 2000s, like the following:

Song TitleSinger/Band/Artist
Akin Ka Na LangItchyworms
Forever’s Not EnoughSarah Geronimo
From The StartRachelle Ann Go
GitaraParokya Ni Edgar
Hanggang Wency Cornejo
Hanggang NgayonKyla
Hawak KamayYeng Constantino
HighBarbie Almalbis
Huwag Ka Nang UmiyakSugarfree
Huwag na Huwag Mong SasabihinKitchie Nadal
IkawSarah Geronimo
Ikaw LamangSilent Sanctuary
I’ll Never GoErik Santos
JeepneySponge Cola
Kahit Isang SaglitMartin Nievera
Kung Ako Na Lang SanaBituin Escalante
Kung Wala KaHale
Miss Kita Pag TuesdayRJ Jimenez
NobelaJoin The Club
OoUp Dharma Down
PangakoRegine Velasquez
Pagdating ng PanahonAiza Seguerra
Pwede BaSoapdish
RainbowSouth Border
SanaUp Dharma Down
Same GroundKitchie Nadal
SundoAia De Leon
Suntok Sa BuwanSession Road
Tabing IlogBarbie’s Cradle
Tell Me Where It HurtsMYMP
This Guy’s In Love With You PareParokya ni Edgar
We BelongToni Gonzaga

How Do You Say OPM From The 2000s In Tagalog?

The Tagalog translation for OPM from the 2000s is mga musikang Pinoy galing sa 2000s.

Most Filipinos do not use the Tagalog number translation for this special Tagalog noun. That is because OPM or 2000s Original Pinoy Music is mostly used as a title already. You can even type it out on Spotify or YouTube Music, and there is a playlist ready for you to listen to. It would sound awkward if it was translated in the literal sense.

More Vocabulary To Practice For OPM From The 2000s

Want to gain more Filipino friends? Sound like a local Tagalog speaker with these sample Tagalog sentences!

Hey, what is your favorite OPM?Uy, ano ang paborito mong OPM?
My favorite band is…Ang paborito kong banda ay..
Will you go to the gig this Friday?Pupunta ka ba sa gig ngayong Biyernes?
Eraserheads will supposedly have a reunion!Magrereunion daw ang Eraserheads!
Do you want to listen to this OPM song together?Gusto mo ba pakinggan tong OPM na kanta kasama ako?

Frequently Asked Questions About OPM From The 2000s

Who Are The Best Bands In OPM From the 2000s?

The Filipino media in the 2000s have been remembered in many ways. Filipinos have always been into rock, ballads, and other OPM songs, no matter what the genre is. However, if we are talking about bands, it will always be rock bands.

Here are 25 Filipino bands to headbang to:

  1. Eraserheads
  2. Kamikazee
  3. Parokya Ni Edgar
  4. Razorback
  5. Dicta License
  6. Wolfgang
  7. Rivermaya
  8. Imago
  9. Sandwich
  10. Typecast
  11. Mojofly
  12. Urbandub
  13. 6 Cycle Mind
  14. Silent Sanctuary
  15. Sponge Cola
  16. Hale
  17. Soapdish
  18. Mayonnaise
  19. Up Dharma Down
  20. Sugarfree
  21. Moonstar88
  22. The Itchyworms
  23. Hilera
  24. Session Road
  25. Siakol

This list will never end, so we also suggest you discover other OPM bands through the algorithm of listening to your favorite OPM songs!

Who Are The Best Ballad Duo And Solo Singers Of The 2000s OPM?

Filipinos can’t get enough of music and it shows! There are many solo singers, particularly ballad and pop singers, that dominated the OPM charts in the 2000s. But don’t forget! There are also solo rock singers and acoustic performers that Pinoys love.

Here are just fifteen (15) of the most famous Filipino singers:

  1. Regine Velasquez
  2. Sarah Geronimo
  3. Martin Nievera
  4. Jose Marie Chan
  5. Pops Fernandez
  6. Ariel Rivera
  7. Kitchie Nadal
  8. Barbie Almalbis
  9. MYMP
  10. Christian Bautista
  11. Kyla
  12. Carol Banawa
  13. Paolo Santos
  14. Aiza Siguerra
  15. Nina

Can I Learn Tagalog By Listening To OPM From The 2000s?

Yes, you can definitely hear Tagalog words when listening to Tagalog lyrics. It is a helpful way to retain many Tagalog words. Through rhythm, beat, and songs, you can use it as a mnemonic device for learning a new language.

Know The Tagalog Lyrics By Heart Using The Ling App!

Music is the language of the soul, they say. And yes, you can still enjoy music even if it’s in a foreign language, but it would still be nice if you understood it by heart. So, if you enjoy OPM, but you want to learn the language more, the Ling app can be a big help to you. With its incredible features, you can develop your language skills and play at the same time. So, grab this opportunity and learn Tagalog now!

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