4 Best Boracay Tourist Activities For Beginners

5 Best Boracay Tourist Activities For Beginners

As someone who has explored pretty much every inch of the Philippines, one island still leaves me awe-struck no matter how many times I visit the stunning Boracay! In this post, we’ll go over the best Boracay tourist activities you need to try out. You see, there are postcard-worthy experiences every first-time traveler should have, and that’s what we’ll focus on today.

To further enhance your Boracay island experience, I’ll also let you in on some useful Tagalog expressions to use with the locals. Ready? Let’s begin!

Boracay Tourist Activities - Island Hopping

Top Boracay Tourist Activities

Island Hopping Tour

While White Beach puts Boracay firmly on the radar, veteran travelers know it’s equally famous for island hopper boat tours. I mean, those iconic postcard beaches and electric blue waters you see? Chances are they’re from one of the chill offshore islands!

Though routes sometimes shake up a bit, a classic full-day island hoppin’ tour usually sets you back around 800 pesos (like 15 bucks). Do note that the fare is only for one person since most boats will only run if it has at least 8 participants. Feeling fancy? You may also charter your own boat tour.

Most tours follow a similar route to hit the highlights:

  • Crystal Cove Island
  • Puka Beach
  • Magic Island Beach
  • Crocodile Island

Depending on your package, some of the island hopping tours come with a mouthwatering seafood and BBQ buffet for lunch!

E-Trike Land Tour

Seen those silent little tricycle-looking rides zipping people all over Boracay? Well, say hola to the island’s favorite way to cruise from A to B – the e-trike! These convenient electric trikes can take you and a few friends to gorgeous beaches, jungle rivers, and those iconic Philippines views for just 500 pesos (around 9 bucks) per hour!

Usually, you’ll be visiting the following spots:

  • Cujo’s Keyhole
  • Lugutan Mangrove Park
  • Lambros Point
  • Diniwid Beach
  • Bulabog beach

Oh, and here’s another tip: Did you know that many of the locals are actually great at taking pictures? Don’t be afraid to ask your tour guide to take snaps of you because trust me, they might even give you inspirational poses!

Boracay Tourist Activities - Paraw sailing

Water Sports

Sand between your toes, sun on your back, and sparkling seas as far as you can see, Boracay has prime island vibes, no doubt! But you know what really kicks the island action up a notch for me? The pumping water sports scene, baby! With sports gear rentals aplenty all over White Beach, trying your hand at these thrill-seeking water adventures couldn’t be easier.


If you haven’t tried it yet, parasailing is pretty much like waterskiing up in the air instead of on the water. A big ol’ parachute canopy pulls you up 200 meters high and glides you high above the ocean, while a speedboat down below keeps everything cruise-y.

You’ll be all suited up in a badass life vest that attaches to the canopy. Then when the boat takes off below, the chute quickly fills with air and gently lifts you sky-high! You can go solo or tandem with a pal – either way, the views are gonna be insane!

Price-wise, you can fly solo for P2500 or hitch a tandem ride for P1800 per person.

Banana Boat Ride

Hands up if you wanna ramp up the classic beach vacay with one of the wildest water rides out there! I’m talking about getting buck wild on one of them crazy banana boats! As you zip along and hit the wakes and waves, expect some serious splashing, sliding, and screaming from everyone on board! We’re talking crazy rollercoaster G-forces sending that banana boat flying.

The best part? This activity is available for just 450 pesos!

UFO Inflatable Ride

If bouncing around on a giant banana doesn’t satisfy your need for speed, then prepare to blast off on Boracay’s wackiest inflatable ride yet – the UFO water ride! The UFO ride works a lot like the OG banana boat, using an inflatable raft instead of an actual alien spacecraft (sorry to crush your dreams!). Each disc-shaped raft fits 4-5 aspiring astronauts ready to get whipped into a water vortex!

For only 700 pesos per person, this awesome inflatable adventure brings the beach party up to warp speed on the island of Boracay!

Scuba Diving And Snorkeling

Most resorts run beginner Scuba sessions – no prior experience needed whatsoever! Whether you swim like a starfish or shark, expert local instructors personalize the entire intro course just for you. During the training, you’ll master breathing techniques, scuba, and snorkeling gear handling; safety stops – everything to plunge you into this dazzling underwater dimension!

Price-wise, small group deals go for 3500 pesos per person. But solo tourists can take the plunge for 5000 pesos too.

Helmet Diving

Also known as sea walking, helmet diving requires zero experience whatsoever – it’s as easy as strapping on a big transparent astronaut helmet connected by a long hose to the surface! This constant flow of fresh air lets you walk on the sea floor down to about 20ft deep, no tanks needed.

Talk about the ultimate beginner-friendly underwater adventure that anyone can try for a bargain 1000 pesos per person!

Kite Surfing

According to the locals, the best wind conditions hit during the Amihan season from October to April, when expert riders rip along at blistering speeds thanks to winds blasting 15 to 30+ knots! But even on mellower days, you can learn the ropes on beginner gear through various surf schools dotted along Bulabog beach.

Ready to give this a try over paraw sailing? Intro courses range from 3500 to 25000 pesos depending on session length and gear included.

Jet Ski

Who wants to really open up the throttle and go full speed ahead exploring Boracay’s beautiful blue waters? Rev up those engines because it’s time for some heart-pumping jet ski action! This is the perfect activity if you want to cruise the shores from the sea or rip through swells at max velocity.

The rate? Pretty pricey at 2200 pesos for 15 minutes.

Cliff Diving

I’ve got two words for you that make for one heck of a beach vacation adrenaline punch – cliff diving! The prime cliff diving spot on the island is Ariel’s Point, located on the rugged northern tip past White Beach. We’re talking staggering elevated platforms and diving boards to the top of volcanic rock formations surrounded by jungle vines. Think exotic aquatic stunts meets TARZAN!

Solos can easily join group tours starting at 1400 pesos. For the ultimate bragging rights with photos to make your friends jealous for life – cliff diving in Boracay just can’t be beaten!

Boracay Tourist Activities - party

Boracay Nightlife

After lazy days spent sunbathing and watersport adventuring, my favorite way to unwind Boracay-style is strolling down the famous White Beach after hours. Tiki torches line funky sand-floor beach bars like Epic, serving up island cocktails as DJ beats get the whole 4-kilometer strip grooving!

Or take the nightlife up a neon notch at beachfront mega clubs like Boracay PubCrawl, going nonstop till 3 AM! This sprawling outdoor/indoor party palace keeps Bora’s revelry rocking with dance cages, light shows, booze buckets, and off-the-chain energy you won’t find anywhere else!

Boracay Tourist Activities - picture spot

Easy Tagalog Phrases For Tourist Activities

Ready to go and enjoy a Boracay pub crawl experience like no other? Well, your best travel girl’s got you covered with the most essential Tagalog phrases to try for popular island activities.

“Pwede bang pumunta sa _____?”

Translation: Can we go to [name of place]?

“Pwede po bang sumama sa discover scuba?”

Translation: Can I join the Discover Scuba?

“Itulak mo na ako!”

Translation: Push me already!

“Bilis lang po”

Translation: Just drive fast

“Bigyan mo na lang kami ng local price”

Translation: Just give us the local price

“Isa pa round para sa lahat!”

Translation: One more round for everybody!

Ready For Your Next Boracay Escapade?

After breaking down all those awesome beginner-friendly adventures, activities, and live-it-up nightlife options this paradise island has to offer – I’d say you’re pretty much set for an epic first-timer vacay in Boracay!

Now, if you wanna chat up the friendly locals beyond just “hello,” be sure to download the Ling app to pick up key Tagalog phrases fast! I’m telling ya, unlocking the language on vacay always makes things way more fun and memorable! Download it for FREE now!

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