20+ Easy Tagalog Phrases For Tourists

Your travel bucket list will definitely not be complete if you don’t plan on visiting the beautiful island of the Philippines. And if it is indeed part of your plans, learning the basic Tagalog phrases for tourists can certainly help you out. After all, what better way to enjoy the country’s pristine beaches than with the locals themselves, right? If you already for that, keep reading below!

The Philippines is one of the best countries to visit, especially if you are from the west. Here, you can visit multiple locations to bask under the warm sun or take refuge in the tropical huts near the beach. Aside from its outstanding places, the country also attracts millions of expats due to its mouthwatering selection of traditional dishes. From the classic kare-kare, to embutido and lechon, nothing beats the kamayan session with the Pinoys.

Still unsure if the country is for you? Below are the other reasons why we think you should consider the Philippines!

Things You Should Know About The Philippines!

Take a deep breath; you’ve just arrived in the Philippines and at least learned a few basic phrases for your Tagalog airport vocabulary. But, you still need to learn more about its culture, language, and other essential information. Before we dive into the basic words as well as phrases that can help you in your stay in the Philippines as a tourist, we have compiled various things that you might want to know! With these, you will surely be excited about your trip and might even become motivated to learn the native language.

The Philippines Is Very Diverse

Tagalog Phrases For Tourists

Because of the several influences from foreigners, this has made the heritage of the nation to be very rich in stories and traditions. In fact, the country has been under different regimes throughout its history which is why there’s no surprise that the locals have imbibed foreign aspects into the Filipino traditions. For instance, the most popular dishes in the country are somewhat influenced or have been passed down by other countries. Below are some examples:

  • The popular food, pancit (or noodles in general), originally came from China.
  • Filipino words like sibuyas, bruha, kotse, regalo, and tsuper came from Spanish.
  • Tagalog words like alamat, salamat, and apo came from the Arabic language.

There Are Tourist Spots Everywhere You Look!

Tagalog Phrases For Tourists

We wish we were exaggerating, but we are not! Wherever you go and whatever you decide to do in the country, there will surely be attractions in almost all places. This makes the Philippines one of a kind and far different from other places in the world – who doesn’t want that, right?

They Take Pride In Their Delicacies!

Tagalog Phrases For Tourists

Out of all the Asian countries, the Philippines is home to some of the best-tasting dishes! Puto, biko, lechon, and the likes – you name it, the locals can cook everything for you! In addition, most of the locals are very welcoming to trying out other cuisines, which is why you can find restaurants from almost all countries. With this said, we consider the Philippines as a true melting pot of dishes!

Common Tagalog Phrases For Tourists That You Should Keep In Mind!

And for the main event, here are the Tagalog phrases that you must know when visiting the Philippines! With these, you will surely be able to know more about the Tagalog language as well as build and strengthen your Tagalog vocabulary around it!

Ako po ay…I am…
Ako po ay nanakawanI just got robbed
Ano po?Can you please say it again?
Ano po ba ang dapat kong sakyan para makapunta dito?What should I ride to get here?
Anong oras na po?May I know what time is it?
Gusto ko itoI like this
Hindi po kita naiintidihanI do not understand you
Ingat po kayo!Please take care!
Kailangan ko po ng tulong ninyoI need your help
Kelan po?When is that?
Kumusta ka po?How are you?
Magandang arawGood morning
Magandang gabiGood evening
Magandang haponGood afternoon
Magkano po ito?May I know how much is this?
Magkano po ba ang dapat kong bayaran?How much do I need to pay?
Maraming salamat poThank you so much
Marunong po ba kayong mag Ingles?Do you know how to speak English?
Nawawala po akoI am lost

We’re halfway there! With these basic Filipino phrases, you will surely have a trip that you will remember. Aside from how these will empower you to communicate with the locals a bit better, this is also a great way for you to be able to navigate the beautiful country without any hassle.

Para poThis is my stop
Pakiabot po ng bayadPlease pass the payment
Pakitawag po ng doktorPlease call the doctor
Pakitawag po ng pulisPlease call the police
Pasensya na poMy apologies
Puwede niyo po ba ulitin ang sinasabi ninyo?Can you please repeat what you said?
Puwede po bang makitawag?Can I please use your phone to call?
Saan po ba ang…Where is the…
Saan po ang istasyon ng bus?Where is the bus station?
Salamat poThank you
Sino po yan?Who is that?
Tulungan niyo po akoPlease help me
Walang anuman poIt’s no problem

But, Wait…

Something that you should know when it comes to saying these Filipino words and phrases is that you should always use the word “po.” Linguistically, this word does not have any meaning at all and cannot be used on its own. Instead, you need to simply add this at the end of your sentences to sound polite, especially when conversing with older people and strangers. Below are some examples:

Kumain na po kayo?Have you eaten?
Pa-picture naman po!Take a picture of me!
Pabili po niyan!May I buy that?

Top Travel Destinations In The Philippines

To seal the deal, we have listed below some tourist attractions that you might consider going to!

Intramuros – For History Buffs

Tagalog Phrases For Tourists

If you are the type to enjoy historical walks, then prepare to be amazed by the beauty Intramuros has to offer. The place is generally filled with buildings dating up to the 16th century and is known to be the best spot for some me-time. If you want to get to know the Philippines a little better without leaving Manila, then this is the place to go!

National Museum – For Art Enthusiasts

Tagalog Phrases For Tourists

Located a couple of minutes away from the wondrous Intramuros, this is the tourist spot that you should definitely visit! This is one of the country’s biggest museums and has different levels for various art exhibitions. And if you get to the country at the right time, you might score some free passes to its halls!

Busay – For Cityscape Lovers

Tagalog Phrases For Tourists

There’s something about the city lights that can make us feel so relaxed after a tiring day. Located in the heart of Cebu, this one-of-a-kind tourist spot will surely allow you to break free from the hassles of life and give you a chance to be with yourself. If you are the type to unwind on your own, you should consider visiting this place when possible!


Now that you already know a little bit about the Tagalog language, as well as places that you can go to if you want to visit the Philippines, you can also start learning more words and Tagalog slang! If you are looking for a sign to convince yourself to learn the language, this is definitely it! Read on below to find out our most recommended resource!

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Tagalog Phrases For Tourists

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