Boracay Island Hopping: 5 Best Spots To Visit

Boracay Island Hopping 5 Best Beaches To Visit

Boracay Island hopping? You simply have to do it!

If you’re headed to Boracay for the first time, then lemme let you in on a little local secret: you absolutely HAVE to spend a day island and beach hopping! I know, I know, with those sparkling turquoise waters and soft, powdery white sand beaches, it might be tempting to just post up on the shore with a drink in hand. But trust me, to really experience paradise here, you need to get out on the water and see it all.

And who better to tell you the best islands to hit up than yours truly – I’ve spent over 20 years soakin’ up the sun among these islands! Everyone always asks me what the top thing to do here is, and my number one recommendation will always be island hopping.

So in this post, I wanna clue you in on some epic island hopping spots to take during your visit. I’ll give ya the deets on where you’ll go, what kinda gems you’ll discover, and some handy Tagalog phrases to chat up the Pinoys.

Let’s begin!

Boracay Island

Why Visit The Boracay Island?

I mean c’mon, you’ve seen the pictures of this island paradise! Do I really need to spell out why this tropical escape should be at the tippy top of your travel bucket list? One glimpse of those pearly white beaches and dazzling blue waters has you itchin’ to book a flight, ammiright??

But even though the powdery sand and sparkling seas pretty much sell themselves, let me break down a few reasons why Boracay totally lives up to the hype.

First up – those legendary beaches will 100% wow you in person. I’m talkin’ silky smooth sand softer than a baby’s bottom. And aquamarine water is so crystal clear you can see your toes wiggle! Ya gotta spend at least a few days beach hoppin’ to find your perfect lounge spot (with an icy cold coconut in hand, obvi).

Then there are those incredible technicolor sunsets that look freakin’ Photoshopped! As the fireball sun sinks below the horizon, the sky lights up in a show-stopping spectrum – we’re talkin’ vibrant shades of orange, pink, purple…even some unicorn magic, I swear! You’ll wanna cheers with a cocktail on the beach to bid Mr. Sun adieu in true Boracay style.

Oh, and did I mention the nightlife? Once the stars come out, this island HEATS UP into one giant beach party! Sip and dance the night away at lively beach bars, mesmerized by talented fire dancers twirling flames to the beat. Fellow travelers lookin’ for a good time come together under the moonlight – and friendships are fast made!

I could keep droppin’ reasons like the stunning coves, thrilling cliff diving, stand-up paddleboard adventures, snorkeling treasures…but nothing compares to experiencing the magic of Boracay yourself! Take it from me, friends – this paradise island NEEDS to be on your bucket list! Now who wants to book those flights with me??”

How To Book A Boracay Island Hopping Tour?

Basically, you’ve got two options to lock down your island hopping experience here on Boracay. You can take the easy route and leave it to the pros by booking a packaged Manila to Boracay vacation. I’d go this hassle-free route if you really wanna maximize that R&R beach vacay time on your trip to the Philippines.

These all-inclusive tour package take care of everything – we’re talking hotel transfers from stations 1, 2, or 3, a friendly local tour guide, roundtrip boat transfers, entrance fees, snorkel gear, and even a delish seafood lunch out on the island! Just book one of these Boracay tours early to score the best deals.

Or you island hoppin’ thrillseekers can go rogue and piece together your own adventure when you get here! Every few yards along White Beach, you’ll find local tour guys selling island-hopping excursions. I don’t recommend winging it, though – have your hotel or hostel hook you up with a reputable operator, just so we avoid those tourist trap situations, ya dig?

When booking a popular island hopping tour in the Philippines, the standard fee is usually PHP 800-900 (USD 14-16) per person. This includes:

  • Boat transportation to multiple islands
  • Buffet lunch on board
  • Use of basic swim gear like masks

However, this does NOT include the entrance fees to visit certain islands or marine preserves. Depending on where your tour boat stops, you may need to pay a small entry fee in cash to access certain islands or parks.

The Boracay island white beach

Best Boracay Island Hopping Spots

Magic Island – Cliff Jumping Paradise

Entrance Fee: P250

If playing daredevil is your idea of a good time, then Magic Island is the best spot for you! This itty bitty island up north lets ya get your risk-takin’ kicks in paradise.

Once the boat drops you off, you’ll want to make a beeline to check out the five cliff diving platforms going upwards from 1 meter to 10 meters. With those available platforms, you can safely test your comfort level before diving.

When you need a break from perfecting your cliff diving technique, you may consider snorkeling with vibrant coral gardens and kaleidoscopic fish right offshore. For the pros, I’d say come prepared with your GoPro or waterproof camera + selfie stick for a mega vlogging moment.

Puka Beach – Boracay’s Shell-Lined Shore

Entrance Fee: FREE

If you’re looking to break away from the happenin’ White Beach scene, then make sure to ask your boatman to drop anchor at Puka Beach! Locals also call this hidden gem “Yapak Beach” and it’s one of my personal faves to kick back and enjoy island life in Boracay.

What makes Puka so special is the beach’s unique pearly white sand, speckled with crushed Puka shells (itty bitty cone shells). It gives the entire 800-meter shoreline a beautiful sparkly vibe! Swear to god, I’m not joking – it looks like Mother Nature decorated the beach herself for a shindig!

Now Puka does have some rougher surf compared to powdery White Beach, so I’d steer clear if you’re unsure about ocean swimming. And don’t expect lively bars or shopping – just quaint souvenir stalls hawking shell crafts and tasty local snacks to munch on.

If you do wanna try crystal kayaking, save that for a return trip because they only give you about 40 glorious minutes on Puka. I’d soak up every second just beachcombing and instagramming the heck outta this shell-crusted island gem!

Crocodile Island – Underwater Paradise

Entrance Fee: P20

Calling all snorkelers, divers, and underwater adventurers – we gotta talk about Crocodile Island! This funky lil’ landmass is shaped just like its toothy namesake and floats less than 3km off Boracay’s southern White Beach coast.

I know, I know – with a name like Crocodile Island you might be picturing actual crocs guarding the shores. Thank god that ain’t the case! No reptiles here, just spectacular coral reefs teeming with tropical fish the colors of rainbow sherbet. Moray eels may pop their heads out to say hi too!

Now because the currents ripping around Crocodile can get pretty gnarly, I only recommend snorkeling if you’ve got strong swimming skills. Or you can just chill on board your boat and live vicariously through pics from your braver travel buds!

But for those water babies ready to take the plunge – make sure to get the OK from your guide before jumping into that crystal-clear aquarium. The insane variety of coral and sea creatures here makes it totally worth paying that small snorkeling fee, too! We’re talking sea turtles, parrotfish, clownfish, triggerfish – maybe even a feisty sea snake if luck is on your side!

Crystal Cove Island

Entrance Fee: 300

If mysterious caves, secluded coves, and a dash of history are your jam, then be sure to have your boat captain steer towards ex-Tiguatian Island – now known as Crystal Cove! This resort island sits just a 15-minute boat ride north of White Beach and promises some wicked cool adventures.

For starters, Crystal Cove boasts not just one but two dazzling coves that open up into hidden lagoons straight out of a pirate fairy tale! We’re talking tranquil turquoise waters lapping against towering limestone cliffs and craggy rock formations. There’s even a sea cave you can access at low tide – just be careful navigating those slippery stairs!

Inside the cave, magnificent stalactites and stalagmites will make your jaw drop! And if you’re feeling bold, there’s a natural pool perfect for taking a brisk dip to escape the heat. Just have your guide toss you a flashlight so you don’t get lost in there!

When you need a break from all that adventuring, Crystal Cove also has a quirky little store that sells coconuts for PHP 100 a piece and banana cue (skewered deep-fried bananas) for PHP 35 per stick.

Ilig-Iligan Beach – Off-The-Grid Island Vibes

Entrance Fee: FREE

Alright island lovers, all my off-the-beaten-path peeps listen up! We gotta talk about the hidden gem that is Ilig-Iligan Beach, tucked along Boracay’s northeastern coast. If you dig deserted tropical vibes, this is your spot!

Picture this – a secluded stretch of majestic white sand beach backed by swaying coconut palms and little else. We’re talking no crowds, no hotels, no party scene – just smooth as silk sand and the hypnotic sound of waves kissing the shore.

Other Must-See Boracay Island Hopping Spots

Other Must-See Boracay Island Hopping Spots

I’ve taken you through the ultimate island hopping route to properly explore Boracay’s gorgeous shores and underwater worlds. But if you just can’t get enough of that tropical life with extra days to spare, let me highlight five more paradise pitstops you’ve gotta hit.

  • Diniwid Beach
  • Tambisaan Beach
  • Balinghai Beach
  • Coral Garden
  • Tambisaan Beach

Easy Tagalog Island Hopping Phrases

Don’t be shy to bust out some local phrases during your day of island hopping adventures! Part of immersing yourself in the Philippines experience is giving their lyrical native tongue a whirl. The locals will get a kick outta your effort too!

Here’s an easy guide for beginners to some helpful Tagalog words and phrases to sprinkle in during your Boracay boating voyage…

  • Hello / Hi – “Kumusta” (Koomoos-tah)
  • Thank you – “Salamat” (Sa-la-maht)
  • Please – “Pakiusap” (Pawk-ee-oo-sap)
  • Beautiful! – “Maganda!” (Mah-gan-dah!)
  • Delicious! – “Sarap!” (Sa-rap!)
  • Cheers! – “Mabuhay!” (Mah-boo-hai!)

And when you wanna encourage your boat captain to rev up that motor towards the next spectacular beach or island, just enthusiastically yell “Bilis! Bilis!” (Bill-iss bill-iss), which means “faster faster!”

Ready To Visit White Sand Beaches?

By now you should be overflowing with inspiration and itching to sink your toes into that soft powdery sand. I can already picture you beach bumming it with a fresh coconut in hand, stress melting away faster than your ice-cold Red Horse Beer! Ahhhh island life…

And if you wanna keep practicing up on your Tagalog language skills before heading over, just download that Ling app I’m always raving about! Their 10-minute quickie lessons make nailing the basics fun and easy peasy.

Anywho, the sapphire waters and golden shores of Boracay eagerly await, my friends! Hit me up if ya have any other questions before booking your white sand beach vacay in paradise. ‘Till then – mabuhay!!

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