Lingvist Review: Is It The #1 Best Language App?

Are you looking for some of the best foreign language learning apps available today? There’s a good chance that you have heard of Lingvist. In this exclusive Lingvist review, we will walk you through its features and effectiveness as a resource for language learners like you. After all, there are hundreds to even thousands of language resources out there, and we do not want you spending time on platforms that do not work as expected. However, if you are ready for some brutal truths, then you have landed on the right page.

Mastering a foreign language is a necessity in today’s competitive world. Aside from technical skills, having a good grasp of languages (aside from your mother tongue) can significantly turn the tables and put you into a good position- more so if you are learning some of the most widely spoken hard languages like Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, and Spanish.

When the pandemic took us by surprise, there were reports stating that there was a sudden rise in the number of online language learners, and a huge percentage of them were trying to study a new language. For this reason, there was also a sudden demand for language textbooks and online courses as everyone seems to be very motivated in learning more languages instead of spending time on social media.

But since you landed on this post, perhaps you are truly looking for language learning resources that are worth your time… could Lingvist be the best app for learning words, expressions, and grammar? Could there be better applications out there too? Let’s find out today!


Lingvist Review: What Is This Language Learning App All About?

Lingvist Review

Lingvist languages is a learning tool that works pretty much like its competitors like Duolingo, Memrise, and Ling App. It has been around since 2013, and it remains to be one of the biggest names in the industry since it claims to help language learners master a new language in just 200 hours (or less). Of course, some may indeed learn early within the marketed timeframe, but if you are a total beginner, please do not expect that you can craft an entire sentence on your own confidently just by using this app.

What we noticed about Lingvist is the fact that it leverages the power of spaced repetition to help language learners memorize new vocabulary and get it retained in their minds. By spaced repetition, we mean that whenever the user chooses the correct answer for a particular word a few times, that word will be pushed backward to give way to focus more on all the words that the AI believes still needs some polishing. In short, the AI automatically adjusts to your level! For this reason, we can say that using Lingvist is great for long-term memory.

In addition, Lingvist also comes equipped with a cloze-type of quizzes which means you can easily learn when to use the right word based on a specific context. Lingvist teaches through examples too, which means that it can be a good tool, especially if you are a total beginner. But here’s the thing… it does not teach you anything about grammar. Therefore, you must only use this tool and other apps or a real textbook since it does not have a holistic language teaching approach.

Given its great features, the next thing you might be wondering is whether it has language courses for your target language, right? We will discuss that further in the section below.

What Are The Available Language Courses On Lingvist?

Unfortunately, you might be surprised to know that the Lingvist app only has very few selections of available languages. In fact, it only focuses on some of the most common languages, such as Spanish (Latin American), German, French, Russian, and Brazillian Portuguese. After reviewing details and press releases, there really are no plans for developing other foreign languages so this means that this will definitely not be a fit if you want to learn Asian languages.

How Much Does Lingvist Cost?

Wondering about the pricing? Lingvist app is great if you want to learn some other words and are truly passionate about mastering sentence construction mainly through contexts. However, its pricing might throw you off guard. Why? As of writing this post, Lingvist costs $9.99 / month or about $79.99 / year, and that is a big deal, especially since it is only focused on teaching words and not grammar or the writing system. From the way we see it, there are tons of platforms like Preply that are much cheaper (some are even free!) and worth the penny.


Alternative Language Learning Apps

As we reach this part of the post, we are pretty sure you are wondering precisely what other tools you can use to learn words and start speaking the way native speakers do. Well, worry no more because we have here some of the top language learning applications from Simya Solutions that you can use aside from Lingvist. Although Lingvist is pretty cool too, especially for advanced learners, its features may be a bit lacking for those who are truly just beginning in their target language.

Ling App

Lingvist Review

Tired of relying on flashcard decks, downloadable vocab lists, or logging around some thick textbooks? The Ling App is a solid app for anyone who is looking to get unlimited access to premium language lessons for over 60+ foreign languages across the globe. With its unique platform, you can instantly learn new words, construct your own grammatically correct sentences, and leverage the power of AI machine learning for further practice. And the best part? Even if you use it for just 10 minutes a day, you will be surprised with how many words you will learn and will be retained in your memory.

Since it has been downloaded by many and was even featured in the App Store, you might be wondering what makes it totally different from other apps, right?

Well, the Ling App boasts a language course like no other since every single online module is checked, reviewed, and expanded by real native speakers, language professionals, and learning enthusiasts. Moreover, if you pay attention while using the free version of the app, you will see that it has tons of grammar explanations and will even help you in terms of word choice!

But if you think that’s all the Ling App has to offer, you might also be impressed with the fact that it also comes equipped with challenging games (for spaced repetition), module tests, and quizzes that will help you drill down certain words and expressions. Finally, if you think that is not enough, you can unlock additional features by checking out its paid version or simply invest in a lifetime subscription today.

Simply Learn

Lingvist Review

We are all created uniquely and the same notion goes when it comes to our preferences and learning styles. Some learn better by simply memorizing a vocab list, while others may want to master a language through hiring tutors. If you are someone who is looking for something straightforward like a compilation of expressions you can instantly use, then downloading the Simply Learn app for your target language is a no-brainer.

The Simply Learn is a phrasebook that offers main categories related to real-life situations. Instead of pressuring you to learn words or sentences that you cannot use right away, you can simply open the app and start looking for the best expression to communicate your thoughts with a native speaker. Mor importantly, the app is available for free which means that you won’t need to spend anything to use it at all. If I were you, I’d definitely download it today!

And there we have our final thoughts and our most recommended applications that you can use to learn as many languages as you want. If you enjoyed this post and figured that you want to get your daily dose of review and comparison of some of the top language learning apps, then be sure to check out this page here.

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