#1 Best Guide: Batangas To Boracay Island

#1 Best Guide Batangas To Boracay Island

Listen up, guys! I wanna let you in on a little secret about getting to one of the world’s best beaches in Boracay. Now I know most visitors just fly directly to Caticlan. Sure, that’s the fastest route. But if you have the time, taking the ferry from Batangas to Boracay is totally the way to go to get your full island hopping experience and on the cheap!

Curious to find out more? Just keep reading as I break down everything you need – routes, tips, logistics, where to stay. I’ll also let you in on some useful Tagalog expressions to really help you out. Island time awaits, my friend, so let’s start unwinding!

Boracay Island

Batangas Pier

The first leg we need to tackle is getting from Batangas to Caticlan. Now Caticlan is basically the gateway to Boracay – it’s the closest airport and ferry port. Most visitors fly into Caticlan, but since we’re going old-school ferry style, let me break down the best way to sail there from Batangas port.

Your best bet is catching one of the 2GO Travel and Starlite Ferries that make the run twice daily between Batangas and Caticlan. The good news is that both companies offer daily trips to this route:

  • 2Go – 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Starlite Ferries – 7:30 am to 7:30 pm

Even better, both companies are offering very affordable rates. For instance, the regular rate for Starlite Ferries is 1,700 PHP, while 2Go starts at 1,900 PHP. That is already a far cry from the usual airfare rates of Philippine Airlines and AirAsia, right? The only difference really is that instead of just a 1-hour plane ride, you’ll need about 9 hours all in the sea, depending on the weather and seas.

But don’t sweat it! I use ferry time to nap in my seat, stroll the deck viewing the complete emerald sea and islands, chat with fellow passengers, and sip cold San Miguel beers… trust me, the time flies by on the water. Before you know it, you’ve landed in Caticlan jetty port, ready to make the quick jaunt over to Boracay magic herself. More on that next!

How To Get From Batangas To Boracay

How To Get From Batangas To Boracay

Step 1: Catch A Bus To Batangas Pier

Luckily, getting to Batangas from Manila by bus is very easy. There are a crap ton of operators running coaches down to Batangas City and the piers. Your best budget bets are companies like JAM Liner and Alps – tickets go for around 200 pesos.

Now, the coaches can take 2 and a half to 3 hours, depending on if they make a lot of stops. But a pro tip from me – look for the buses with “CALABARZON” on the signs. These guys take the speedy STAR highway that avoids most of the little towns. So your journey zooming down to Batangas Port will be more like 2 hours flat (without traffic) if you ride CALABARZON!

Once you pull into Batangas City, most buses drop you just a short jeepney or tricycle ride from the 2GO ferry terminal. Then it’s just a matter of checking in your bags and waiting to board! Oh, and be sure to grab some bibingka rice cakes from the terminal vendors…gotta carb load for your upcoming island adventures!

Step 2: Board The Ferry To Caticlan

Now before you stride onto the gangway looking all cool, make sure you have your ferry essentials ready to show the staff. You’ll need that eTicket itinerary receipt printed out (they won’t accept phone screenshots, so plan ahead!) Plus a valid government ID like passport, driver’s license etc. Got all that? Then let’s get onboard!

I suggest getting to the port at least 1 hour before departure to beat queues. Once aboard, hunt down your bunk in whichever class you booked – economy, tourist or baller cabins. Stow your gear securely and get comfy! There is no need to stress about meals either – the cafe serves up local snacks and dishes like adobo, pancit noodles, and iced teas.

Step 3: Disembark At Caticlan Jetty Port

Now, before you even think about setting foot off the ferry bound for Boracay, be sure to have 500 pesos (150 for the terminal fee, 300 for the environmental fee, and 50 pesos for the boat fee) ready. Easy peasy! Just 15 minutes on the water, and we’ll be stepping onto white sand shores, baby.

Step 4: Board Your Boat To Boracay

The boats leaving Caticlan for Boracay fill up fast, especially when tourism is peaking. But us islanders keep things chill – no need to stress reserving spots or hustling for seats! Just hop on the next available bangka, ready to shove off. There’s always room for one more!

You never know exactly who you’ll end up sharing the 15-minute voyage with either. It could be smiley locals headed to work, wide-eyed backpackers making their first Boracay run, or even some fresh seafood deliveries en route to the resorts. Sardines, snapper, squid – we take pride in serving the catches of the day!

The Boracay white beach

Easy Tagalog Phrases For Traveling By Ferry

I feel you, my friend – nothing quite as awk as trying to chat up locals when you don’t know the language. But have no fear – I gonna teach you some key Tagalog phrases so you can fake it a bit on our ferry adventures! No need to go full conversational Tagalog on ’em. Just sprinkle some of these words, and you’ll impress ’em with your islander linguistics skills!

Let’s start with the classics…

  • “Salamat” (sa-la-mat) = the big one, “thank you”
  • “Walang anuman” (wa-lang-a-nu-man) = the classic “you’re welcome” response

Next up: How to get around…

  • “Paumanhin po” (pa-oo-ma-neen-po) = “excuse me”
  • “Nasaan ang (place)?” (na-sa-an-ang) = “Where is the (place)?”

And to truly get in good with locals:

  • “Masarap!” (ma-sa-rap) = “Delicious!”
  • “Isa pang beer, kuya!” (i-sa-pang-beer-ku-ya) = “One more beer, sir!”

Ready For Your Next Ferry Ride?

Well Boracay amigos, there you have the ins and outs of sailing budget style from Batangas to Boracay island by ferry. Not gonna lie – it’s longer and takes more effort getting here than flying. But the journey is so worth it that you’ll forget those cramped plane seats ever existed!

Want to enhance your experience more? If you really wanna speak like an islander, check out the Ling app to pick up more rad Tagalog phrases during your journey. Give it a try now!

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