Learn 15+ Useful Irish Cooking Terms Verbs

Suppose you are in Ireland and spend so much time in the kitchen, then understanding the targeted language will make your experience much easier. If you are looking for common and easy Irish cooking-related terms and verbs, then you are at the right blog!

We believe that whether you are in Ireland’s kitchen for enjoyment or because you are a cook there, it will be handy to have a good knowledge of Irish cooking terms and verbs, which can really help when it comes to communicating with other cooks or any Irish-speaking person in the kitchen. Irish Cooking Terms Verbs

Learn Irish Cooking Terms Verbs With Us

Irish Cooking Terms Verbs

Cooking is a skill that one might master, but how will you be able to beat the barrier of vocabulary related to cooking and vice versa in a foreign country? Irish is a notoriously challenging language to master. However, the Irish alphabet is often comparable to the English alphabet, so speaking Irish won’t be much of a challenge if you have a good command of the English language.

Perfect List

In order to assist you to connect with Irish people more effectively, we’ve put together a list of Irish cooking phrases and verbs in this article. We have ensured that the cooking verbs and terminology are supported with English translations and examples for your learning convenience.

Why Learn Irish words For Cooking Verbs?

It is hard not to fall in love with Irish cuisine. Traditionally, the cuisine was from farms and directly into pots. Now, Irish cooks, restaurant owners, and the outstanding local products they use are leading a gastronomic revolution in the country’s cuisine. Chefs from all over the world are relocating to Ireland to join a culinary revolution that is permanently altering the face of Irish cooking.


In Irish culture and tradition, the Irish language has a special place. Other than Irish, no other language is spoken there. A universal heritage of Irish languages must be conserved since the Irish language is crucial to identity and heritage. 

Your Career As A Chef In Ireland

Irish Cooking Terms Verbs

You should learn Irish first if you want to move there permanently or find a career there. As a beginner, you can begin with a few verbs and phrases in Irish. You are a foreigner and have started your job journey as a chef in Ireland. But what is next? What if you say something and your fellow chefs or your customers won’t understand? 

If you have learned all the Irish food ingredients already then learning the cooking verbs is the next step. Better prepare yourself with us now, than to get humiliated in your job. Without further ado, let us delve into our Irish cooking verbs and terms.

Must-Know Cooking Verbs In The Irish language

As a cook in Ireland, you cook something beautiful for your customers or loved ones, but for a better experience with serving, don’t you think you will need some serving-related or cooking-related Irish words and terms to show off your fantastic cooking skills?

Ways Of Cooking In Ireland

Irish Cooking Terms Verbs

Different verbs will come in handy for you while cooking in Ireland. Sometimes, you may talk about the way food is cooked and sometimes about the preparation before cooking. Let’s see the most common ways of cooking food in Irish along with the translation into English as well as examples.

Ways of Cooking In IrishEnglish TranslationExamples In IrishEnglish Translation
CócaireCookCad a bheidh tú ag cócaireacht inniu?What will you cook today?
GrillGrillAn féidir leat an fheoil a mheilt?Can you grill the meat?
BhácáilBakeBhácáil dom cáca.Bake me a cake.
StobhachStewTeas an stew san oigheann.Heat the stew in the oven.
RóstaRoastAn féidir leat an sicín a róstadh don dinnéar?Can you roast the chicken for dinner?
GaileSteamGaile na borróga do chustaiméirí.Steam the buns for customers.
TóstaToastTósta an t-arán don bhricfeasta.Toast the bread for breakfast.
MicreathonnachMicrowaveBia micreathonn roimh ithe.Microwave food before eating.
SuanbhruithSimmerSuanbhruith an tae roimh ag freastal.Simmer the tea before serving.
GlaodhGlazeGlaodh an císte le dath bándearg.Glaze the cake with pink color.

3+ Bonus Irish-English Ways To Cooking Verbs

We have gathered some bonus Irish cooking verbs for you that are pronounced the same as in English. Keep scrolling through the article and continue the learning.

Irish-English WordExample In Irish LanguageEnglish Translation
PoachPoach na huibheacha do chustaiméirí.Poach the eggs for customers. 
SauteSaute na oinniúin ar feadh cúig nóiméad.Saute the onions for five minutes.
Stir-FryStir-fry an rísStir-fry the rice. 
BarbecueBarbecue na muiceola le haghaidh na hoíche.Barbecue the pork for the night.
Boilboil na huibheacha do chustaiméiríBoil the eggs for customers,
CaramelizeAn féidir leat an cáca lá breithe a Caramelize?Can you Caramelize the birthday cake?

Ways To Prepare Food In Ireland

Now you know the ways of cooking in the Irish language. Let us jump onto some Irish cooking verbs used when preparing food like vegetables. Below is the list of verbs you can check out and practice for free.

Irish wordsEnglish TranslationIrish PhrasesEnglish Translation
CuirAddCuir dhá spúnóg siúcra leis.Add two spoons of sugar.
DísleDiceDísle na prátaí agus cairéid.Dice the potatoes and carrots.
DoirtPourDoirt an fuidrimh isteach sa mheascán.Pour the batter into the mixture.
MeascMixMeasc an fuidrimh.Mix the batter.
BuilleBeatBuille uibheacha le haghaidh omelets.Beat eggs for omelets.
BriseadhBreakBris an pasta amh ina leatha.Break the raw pasta into halves.
RamharGreaseAn féidir leat an uile a théamh agus a ramhar domsa?Can you heat up and grease the pan for me?
SnoíodóireachtCarveSnoite an píosa péine.Carve the piece of pine.
BeartMeasureTomhais an plúr dom.Measure the flour for me.
CorraighStirCorraigh an curaí.Stir the curry.
MinceannaMinceMionna an fheoil.Mince the meat.
MeáighWeighMeáigh na glasraí sula gceannaítear iad, mar is fíorbheagán airgid atá againn ar bhuiséad.Weigh the vegetables before buying them, as we have very little money on a budget.

Below are some Irish cooking verbs for you that are pronounced the same as in the English language. We have also prepared some example sentences for your ease in better learning. 

Prepare Food Verbs

English-Irish VerbIrish PhrasesEnglish Translation
CrushCrush na cnónna.Crush the nuts.
WhiskWhisk na huibheachaWhisk the eggs.
KneadKnead an taos.Knead the dough.
ChopChop an oinniúinChop the onions.
SliceSlice na mangoes roimh ag freastal.Slice the mangoes before serving.

Other Culinary Terms

Irish Cooking Terms Verbs

Not always do chefs use culinary words. The words and phrases used in the kitchen serve two purposes: to move things quickly and to ensure everyone’s safety. Cooking techniques, sauces, and foods are all common culinary terms and words. 

Understanding the fundamentals of Irish kitchen terminology and nouns can make it easier for you to translate, describe, comprehend, and serve any beverage, food, or soup to any person, and assist them with any form of food-related query.

Let’s get the cramming started!

Irish Culinary termsEnglish TranslationIrish PhrasesEnglish Translation
SalannSaltCuir pinch salainn leis.Add a pinch of salt.
AnlannSaucePas dom an anlann.Pass me the sauce.
IascFishCuirimis iasc leis an mbiachlár.Let’s add fish to the menu. 
PotaPotCuir an pota ar an sorn.Put the pot on the stove.
GlasraíVegetableDéanaimis anraith glasraí don dinnéar.Let’s make vegetable soup for dinner.
MhiasDishCár chuir tú an tacar mias?Where did you put the dish set?
CócaireCookCad ba cheart dúinn a chócaráil inniu?What should we cook today?
BlasTasteNí bhíonn blas maith ar bhia ar chor ar bith.Food doesn’t taste good at all.
AnraithíSoupsBíonn an-tóir ar anraithí le linn gheimhreadh na hÉireann.Soups are popular during Ireland’s winters.

Don’t Miss Out On The Fun 

Till now, you have practiced only verbs and some phrases. Why not dig into some fun parts? We think it would be a good idea to teach you some basic Irish food slang and expressions to keep you motivated, fresh, and in the swing of things.

Irish SlangEnglish Translation of SlangActual Meaning(Irish Translation)Actual Meaning(English Translation)
Tá Béal LiomI have a mouth on me.Tá ocras ormI’m hungry
Tá mé i Lár mo DhinnéarI’m in the middle of my dinnerNí féidir liom labhairt leat anois díreach. Táim ag itheCan’t talk to you now right now. I’m eating.
Ar mhaith leat pógDo you want a poke.Ar mhaith leat uachtar reoiteDo you want ice cream.
Barn BrackBarm breacCíste Oíche ShamhnaA Halloween Cake.
Buail é Inde ya!Beat it Inde Ya!Ith sin anois!Eat it now!
Laoi MarvinLee marvinStiúgtha leis an ocrasStarving
TeachtaireachtaíMessagesEarraí grósaeireachtaGroceries,

Wrapping Up

Irish Cooking Terms Verbs

We have reached the end of our blog. We hope the above vocabulary, verbs, nouns, and kitchen-related phrases lists have helped you somehow. Why search for other sources when you can have more forms of terminologies and a better learning experience with us? You can learn countless languages on Ling App including the world’s best languages like Spanish and French etc. What are you waiting for? Download the Ling App from the Google Playstore and App Store and start Learning Irish now!

Happy learning!

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