Best 12 Chinese Christmas Greetings To Learn For Xmas

Chinese Christmas Greetings-Ling

Christmas is celebrated every year around the world to commemorate Christ’s birth on December 25. China also celebrates this holiday, and their festivities are filled with lots of food and joy.

If you are planning to spend this Christmas in China, you might want to learn some Chinese Christmas greetings and familiarize yourself with some of their traditions first. Read on to learn some interesting greetings in the Chinese language and get to know local traditions so you can have a wonderful time in the country!

Chinese Christmas Greetings

To start, here are the most commonly used Chinese Christmas greetings you should know:

1. Merry Christmas! – Shèngdàn Jié Kuàilè! (圣诞节快乐!)

How do you wish someone Merry Christmas in China? It’s easy! This simple phrase is used for wishing a merry Christmas season and for people to enjoy a great festivity in honor of the birth of Christ.

2. Merry Christmas Eve! – Píng’ānyè Kuàilè! (平安夜快乐!)

Family gatherings and the holidays are accompanied by feasts where Chinese people enjoy their meals while watching Christmas-themed movies or listening to their favorite music. This phrase carries wishes for a warm and merry Christmas Eve.

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3. Wishing You A Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year – Shèngdàn Kuàilè, Gōnghè Xīn Xǐ (圣诞快乐, 恭贺新喜!)

This is another phrase people use to wish Merry Christmas to each other. It’s a way of rejoicing over the Christmas occasion on which baby Jesus was born, and wishing for a prosperous New Year.

4. Warm Christmas Blessings! – Wēnxīn De Shèngdàn Zhùfú! (温馨的圣诞祝福!)

Write this friendly greeting into your Chinese Chrimbo card, particularly for friends who are into festivity but not so much religion. This time is just for the spreading of warmth and goodwill wishes.

New Year Greetings In Chinese

Since Christmas is followed by the New Year, you can extend your Chinese Christmas greetings with New Year greetings!

5. Happy New Year! – Xīnnián Kuàilè! (新年快乐!)

This is a way of expressing “Happy New Year!” in Chinese. It’s a friendly greeting, wishing someone well and happiness in the upcoming year.

6. Have A Happy New Year! – Xīnnián Kuàilè! (新年快乐!)

You can use this non-religious greeting in places where Christmas is not a big deal, but New Year’s is instead. The is also ideal for season’s greetings card for New Year.

7. Best Wishes For The New Year! – Zhù Xīn De Yì Nián Yíqiè Dōuhǎo! (祝新的一年一切都好!)

This is another way to wish someone an awesome New Year, adding some well wishes along the way.

8. I Wish All Your New Year’s Dreams To Come True! – Yuàn Nǐ Suǒyǒu De Xīnnián Xiǎng Dōu Chéng Zhēn! (愿你所有的新年梦想都成真!)

People always have New Year’s resolutions and goals. This phrase may be used as a way to hope for someone’s coming success.

9. See You Next Year! – Míngnián Jiàn! (明年见!)

Are you heading out for the holiday season or saying goodbye to someone going on vacation? Use this cool phrase with your friends and family.

Chinese Christmas Greetings

Other Holiday Greetings In Chinese

Not everyone celebrates Christmas, so instead of Christmas greetings, here are some commonly used Chinese holiday greetings:

10. Have A Great Winter Vacation! – Hánjià Kuàilè! (寒假快乐!)

If you know someone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas or any religious holiday, this non-religious Christmas greeting comes in handy! Just keep in mind that it’s most fitting in places where winter is in full swing during Christmas.

11. Happy Holidays! – Hǎohao Xiǎngshòu Jiàqī! (好好享受假期!)

You can use this phrase to wish holiday-goers a fantastic time! It’s also great for friends who don’t celebrate Christmas but still take a break.

12. Enjoy The Holidays! – Hǎohao Xiǎngshòu Jiàqī! (好好享受假期!)

When you head out for a trip this season, your friends might greet you with hǎohao xiǎngshòu jiàqī! It’s a good phrase to know, especially if you’ll meet many people along the way.

Christmas-Related Vocabulary

If you’re spending the holidays in China or have relatives who speak the language, you might need to know a few more words. You could try the Ling app, available for download on the Play Store or App Store, but in the meantime, here’s a list of Chinese vocabulary related to Christmas:

Christmas圣诞节shèng dàn jié
Christmas Eve圣诞夜shèngdàn Yè
Santa Claus圣诞老人shèng dàn lǎo rén
Gift礼物lǐ wù
Decoration装饰zhuāng shì
Christmas Tree圣诞树shèng dàn shù
Bell铃铛líng dāng
Lights灯光dēng guāng
Stocking红袜子hóng wà zi
Snowflake雪花xuě huā
Snowman雪人xuě rén
Chimney烟囱yān cóng
Ribbon丝带sī dài
Holiday节日jié rì
Joyful欢乐huān lè
Celebrate庆祝qìng zhù
Gratitude感恩gǎn ēn
Tradition传统chuán tǒng
Snowfall飘雪piāo xuě
Blessing祝福zhù fú
Hot Chocolate热巧克力rè qiǎo kè lì

Chinese Christmas Traditions

After learning Chinese Christmas greetings, it’s time to get familiar with Christmas traditions.

1. Giving And Receiving Gifts

When exchanging gifts, whether it’s for Christmas, birthdays, or workplace courtesy, using both hands is a considerate practice. Simply handing over or taking a gift with one hand might be seen as impolite. Using both hands, even for small Christmas gifts, is a sign of respect and conveys appreciation.

2. Spread Joy By Singing Chinese Carols

If you love to sing Christmas songs and find yourself in a busy Chinese city during the holiday season, why not join in the fun? Caroling isn’t a tradition in China like it is in Western countries, but many expat groups come together to sing Christmas carols, and even some international businesses host caroling events during the holiday season.

3. Add A Chinese Flair With Red Paper Lanterns

While you can find plenty of traditional Western Christmas decorations in Chinese stores, adding some Chinese flair to your holiday celebration is as easy as incorporating red paper lanterns. Not only do these lanterns represent good fortune, but they also offer an authentic touch that will make your festivities stand out. You can either purchase them pre-made or get crafty and create your own origami designs to add to the ambiance.

Wrapping up

Christmas in China is just pure excitement! There’s so much merriment going on around this time of the year, from hosting joyful gatherings to singing Christmas carols and decorating homes with festive decor. Hopefully, after reading this article, you know enough about Chinese Christmas greetings and traditions to have a wonderful time on the holidays!

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