Family Vocabulary In Latvian: 10+ Helpful Words & Phrases

Knowing the common vocabulary is the initial and the foremost step to acquiring expertise over a completely new language. It is always the basis of speech, and without any idea of basic vocabulary or familiar words, it becomes an excruciating journey. Similarly, family vocabulary in Latvian is an equally essential part of learning the official language of Latvia. So, add some charisma to your Latvian language skills with these easy words and phrases we compiled for you in this blog post.

Is Latvian Hard To Learn?

Latvian language, also popularly known as the Lettish language, is a part of the East Baltic language family. It has been the official language of Latvia since 1918 and is spoken by almost 1.5 million people. The Latvian texts of Gothic script found their roots way back in the 16th century, and its first language grammar appeared in the 18th century. Today, it has a well-developed literary with modified Latin alphabets and advanced artistic literature.

The language of Latvia is indeed complicated and complex compared to other foreign languages. In general, it can be pretty hard and time-consuming to learn Latvian words, especially getting used to their pronunciations and spelling rules. However, if you are of Russian or Lithuanian origin, Latvian will be relatively more straightforward for you. Even in the case of native English speakers, with proper focus and patience, Latvian can become a possibility.

Basic Family Vocabulary In Latvian

Latvian people have always been family-loving, respecting the tradition of belongingness and togetherness amongst family members. A Latvian family is often seen spending a lot of time with their family members, and many urban households have a tradition of owning a country cottage where they spend their weekends and holidays. It is common for elders to live with their children, and in Latvian culture, women are known to do most housework labor. To put it simply, the locals believe that their family is their identity.

Thus, if you land in Latvia and encounter a Latvian family, you cannot miss out on the vocabulary that can help you get ahead with a cordial conversation and a friendly atmosphere. Refer to the table below and start memorizing some interesting words related to family relations.

English Latvian
Mother māte
Father tēvs
Son dēls
Daughter meita
Sister Māsa
brother brālis
Aunt tante
Uncle onkulis
Grandmother vecmāmiņa
Grandfather vectēvs
Grandson mazdēls
Granddaughter mazmeita
Niece brāļameita
Nephew brāļadēls
Cousin brālēns

Other Family-Related Latvian Words

family vocabulary in Latvian

Now that you know some essential family words like father, mother, son, and daughter, let’s proceed to the next lesson of learning some other words that have a family connection. If you plan to learn Latvian in detail and precision, it is an important step that you cannot skip. It will help you gain more knowledge of Latvian family words and form complex sentences and phrases quickly. Don’t forget to notice every change in alphabets and pronunciations of the words.

English Latvian
Siblings brāļi un māsas 
Relatives radiniekiem 
Stepmother pamāte 
Stepfather patēvs 
Stepson padēls 
Stepdaughter pameita 
Mother-in-law vīramāte 
Father-in-law vīratēvs 
Son-in-law znots 
Daughter-in-law vedekla 
Ex-husband bijušais vīrs 
half-brother pusbrālis 
half-sister pusmāsa
Ex-wife bijusī sieva
Child bērns 
Grandchild mazbērns 
Spouse laulātais 
Parent vecāks 
Guest viesis 
Lover mīļākais 

Day-To-Day Latvian Phrases

Family phrases Latvian

Customary Latvian phrases will always come in handy in front of the natives. While vocabulary was the previous lesson we needed, the following is the idea of proper words and sentences. Learn these phrases by heart and use them with your local friends and family members. You are sure to surprise the locals and gain massive respect from them because if there is one thing that Latvians love, it is foreigners speaking their native Latvian Language.

English Translation Latvian
I love your mother Es mīlu tavu māti 
Do you have siblings? Vai jums ir brāļi un māsas?
How is your father? Kā klājas tavam tēvam?
My parents are out of town Mani vecāki ir ārpus pilsētas
I have an elder sister Man ir vecākā māsa
My brother is younger than you Mans brālis ir jaunāks par tevi
My wife loves Latvian food Manai sievai ļoti patīk latviešu ēdieni
My mother is learning to cook Mamma mācās gatavot
Siblings can be annoying Brāļi un māsas var būt kaitinoši
I love Latvian families Es mīlu latviešu ģimenes
Where is your husband? Kur ir tavs vīrs?
Do you have a daughter? Vai tev ir meita?
Your son looks smart Jūsu dēls izskatās gudrs
My grandparents are from Latvia Mani vecvecāki ir no Latvijas
I want to meet your father Es gribu satikt tavu tēvu
My relatives are coming over mani radinieki nāk ciemos
We are both husband and wife Mēs abi esam vīrs un sieva
My husband belongs to a Latvian family Mans vīrs pieder latviešu ģimenei
Your wife is beautiful Tava sieva ir skaista
Have a good time with your family! Labi pavadi laiku kopā ar ģimeni!

Learn Languages With Ling App

Learning Latvian family words and phrases can give you an enlightening lesson on Latvian literature, culture, and tradition. Latvian people are known for their family rules and customs that differ widely from that of American culture. While children move out and begin an independent life once they enter adulthood, a more cohesive feature is seen in Latvian families. It is common for elders to live under the same roof with their children and prefer togetherness over independence.

The family words that we learned in today’s lesson will surely help you build a healthy relationship with Latvian locals and bring about an exhilarating lifetime experience during your journey. If you want to know more, check out “20+ Useful Greetings In Latvian You Need To Learn” and “Love Words And Phrases In Latvian: 20 Ways To Say” for further knowledge.

However, you don’t have to restrict your learning journey with Latvian. With Ling App by Simya Solutions, you can access any blog regarding different languages of different countries and learn various facts about their customs and traditions. They have language expertise from all over the world and provide a free guide to attaining your goal. So, stop searching for a website or links and start learning Latvian and any language of your choice today with Ling.

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