Chinese Words For Picnic: 30+ Amazing Vocab!

Chinese words for picnic

Chinese words for picnic? Before that, imagine a lush park, a vibrant blanket under an open sky, scrumptious treats in a tidy basket, and the aroma of delicious food wafting through the air. It’s picnic time—a universal outdoor activity blending food, nature, and the joy of togetherness.

But here’s the twist! Envision embarking on this picnic adventure not only with tasty snacks but also a handful of exciting Chinese words. Yes, you got it! In this enchanting journey, we’re going on a linguistic adventure, transforming your outdoor escape into a linguistic and cultural exploration as delightful as a sandwich and refreshing as lemonade.

No need to search videos about Chinese picnics because whether you’re a language lover, curious traveler, or seeking to spice up outdoor dining, this guide is your ticket to picnic mastery—with a twist. So, grab your basket, infuse some excitement, and let’s dive into the captivating world of Chinese picnic words, where each nugget of knowledge is as satisfying as your favorite snack. Ready? Let’s roll out the blanket and unleash the words!

Basic Chinese Words For Picnic

Before we dive into the specifics, let’s start with some basic picnic-related words that will prove handy:

English TranslationChinese Picnic WordsRomanization
Sun Umbrella太阳伞Tàiyáng sǎn
Picnic Basket 野餐篮子Yěcān lánzi

Choosing The Perfect Picnic Spot (关于如何选择完美的野餐地点)


Ready to unfold your picnic blanket? The first step to picnic success is all about location, location, location! And guess what? China is a treasure trove of enchanting spots tailor-made for your picnic escapades. These are the words for some of the best locations to picnic on!

  • 公园 (gōng yuán) – Park
  • 湖畔 (hú pàn) – Lakeside
  • 海滩 (hǎi tān) – Beach
  • 山脚下 (shān jiǎo xià) – Foot of the mountain
  • 田野 (tián yě) – Field

From lush parks to serene lakesides, China’s got it all! So, let’s roll out the map and discover your dream picnic spot in the heart of this scenic wonderland. Your picnic bonding begins by picking out one of these spots!

Popular Picnic Foods (受欢迎的野餐食品)


Hold the mayo, because we’re diving into the heart of picnic perfection—the meal! And trust us, no picnic is worth it without these mouthwatering stars. Get ready to indulge in a parade of favorites that’ll tantalize your taste buds like never before. From sizzling barbecue to cool ice cream, these treats are the life of the picnic party. So, pack your appetite, and let’s explore the world of finger-licking goodness by discovering these words:

English TranslationChinese Picnic WordsRomanization
Barbecue Skewers烤串Kǎo chuàn
Steamed Buns包子Bāozi
Cold Noodles凉面Liáng miàn
Fried Chicken Wings炸鸡翅Zhá jī chì
Spring Rolls春卷Chūn juǎn
Skewered Fruits水果串Shuǐguǒ chuàn
Tofu Salad豆腐沙拉Dòufu shālā
Rice Balls饭团Fàn tuán
Egg Tarts蛋挞Dàn tà
Nut Snacks坚果小吃Jiānguǒ xiǎochī

Setting Up Your Picnic Area (搭建野餐区域)

Arriving at your chosen spot is like opening a treasure chest of outdoor delight. But how do you work that magic? Set the stage like a pro with these easy steps! From spreading the blanket with flair to arranging your goodies like a masterpiece, we’re turning your picnic area into a paradise of coziness and scrumptiousness with these steps:

1st step: 铺毯子 (pū tǎn zi) – Spread the blanket

2nd step: 摆放食物 (bǎi fàng shí wù) – Arrange the food

3rd step: 打开太阳伞 (dǎ kāi tài yáng sǎn) – Open the sun umbrella

Engaging In Picnic Activities (参与野餐活动)

In a picnic, eating is not the only activity to delight in! There are tons of things to do, and it depends on you and your buddies! Interact with your peeps’ fun characters with these activities:

  • 打牌 (dǎ pái) – Play cards
  • 踢足球 (tī zú qiú) – Play soccer
  • 欣赏风景 (xīn shǎng fēng jǐng) – Admire the scenery
  • 唱歌 (chàng gē) – Sing songs

When you’re not feasting, it’s time to dive into a world of outdoor fun. Think card games that keep you guessing, soccer matches that bring out your inner athlete, and even moments to simply soak in the view.

Weather And Picnic (天气与野餐)


Hold up, because Mother Nature has a say too! When it comes to picnics, the weather’s like your ultimate teammate. Here are some Chinese translations of Mother Nature’s weather words in the context of a picnic:

  • 晴天 (qíng tiān) – Sunny day
  • 阴天 (yīn tiān) – Cloudy day
  • 下雨 (xià yǔ) – Rainy day
  • 刮风 (guā fēng) – Windy day

Cultural Etiquette During Picnics (野餐文化礼仪)

When you’re out there enjoying your outdoor feast, remember that every culture has its own gestures of etiquette and kindness. Let us look at some of them below:

Share Your Food (分享食物 – fēn xiǎng shí wù)

It’s not just about swapping bites; it’s a foodie friendship dance that celebrates togetherness. Sharing dishes isn’t just a mealtime ritual; it’s a way of saying, “Hey, let’s bond over these awesome flavors!” So, when you’re offered a spoonful of something divine, don’t just taste the dish – savor the connection and camaraderie it brings.

Invite Others To Join (邀请他人参加 – yāo qǐng tā rén cān jiā)

Inviting someone isn’t just extending a hand; it’s extending your heart. In China, the act of inviting isn’t just about adding a chair; it’s about adding a new thread to the fabric of togetherness. So, next time you’re welcome to join a gathering, know that it’s not just about the food – it’s about the connections that turn simple moments into cherished memories.

Keeping The Environment Clean (保持环境整洁 – bǎo chí huán jìng zhěng jié)

Like in every country in the world, practicing cleanliness is widely appreciated. To keep a venue as clean as it was when you arrived, bringing a garbage bag is a must! Moreover, it is a sign of respect to the people who will have a picnic tomorrow. So, make sure to help the Earth by being responsible!

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