10 Easy Chinese Words For Baby Shower

Chinese Words For Baby Shower

A baby shower is a special celebration that marks the imminent arrival of a new baby into the world. This joyous occasion is not only well-loved in Western cultures but also holds great significance in Chinese culture. In this article, we will explore the Chinese words for baby shower and gain insights into the cherished customs of welcoming a new life in this Asian country. Let’s begin!

Baby Shower In Chinese

In Chinese culture, the arrival of a baby is a momentous occasion filled with hope and joy. Traditional beliefs emphasize the importance of welcoming the baby with blessings and positive energy. A baby shower or full moon party is called “满月宴” (mǎn yuè yàn) or “百日宴” (bǎi rì yàn) in Chinese. Basically, it is usually held to celebrate the baby’s first month or 100th day, respectively. These celebrations serve as an opportunity for family and friends to come together and bestow their blessings upon the new parents and the baby.

One delightful custom involves the parents giving red eggs to guests, an emblem of happiness and good fortune. Moreover, they present cherished traditional gifts, including tiny garments, jewelry, and auspicious red envelopes known as “红包” (hóngbāo), filled with tokens of support and prosperity. This delightful occasion weaves together family bonds, cherished traditions, and the jubilant welcome of a new addition to the clan.

Chinese Words For Baby Shower

Before entering a baby shower in China, make sure to learn these words to easily relate and chat with the locales!

Baby – 婴儿 (Yīng’ér)

The term “baby” symbolizes the blossoming of new life, representing hope, happiness, and the promise of generations to come.

Mother breastfeeding her baby

Mother – 母亲 (Mǔqīn)

Mother stands as the radiant matriarch, embodying wisdom, love, and the nurturing spirit that will guide the newborn’s journey. She is honored with traditions and rituals that pay homage to her strength and grace as she embarks on this beautiful chapter of motherhood.

Blessing – 祝福 (Zhùfú)

In the heartwarming ambiance of a Chinese baby shower, a blessing is a cherished offering of goodwill and prosperity, expressed through heartfelt words and symbolic gestures. It’s a deeply meaningful tradition where family and friends come together to convey their hopes, happiness, and positive wishes for the baby’s future, ensuring a bright and auspicious journey ahead.

Family And Friends – 亲朋好友 (Qīn péng hǎoyǒu)

Family and friends are the cherished pillars of support, weaving a tapestry of love, tradition, and unity. They gather joyously to celebrate the forthcoming arrival, symbolizing the strength of bonds and the collective warmth that will surround the newborn on their journey through life.

Red eggs

Red Eggs – 红鸡蛋(Hóng dàn)

Red eggs are a symbol of joy and good fortune, traditionally given to celebrate the birth of a child. These vibrant crimson eggs, often adorned with intricate designs, signify the beginning of a new life, and their sharing is a heartfelt gesture of well-wishing and blessings for the newborn and their family.

Celebration – 庆典 (Qìngdiǎn)

Celebration is a symphony of traditions, colors, and emotions, where every moment is a harmonious tribute to the new life about to bloom. It’s a jubilant fusion of culture and family, marked by laughter, shared feasts, and symbolic rituals that herald the joyous chapter of parenthood with reverence and exuberance.

Gender Reveal – 性别揭露 (Xìngbié jiēlù)

A gender reveal is a delightful moment of suspense and joy, where expectant parents unveil the gender of their soon-to-arrive bundle of joy. It’s a modern addition to traditional celebrations, adding an element of excitement as family and friends come together to share in anticipation of whether the baby will be a precious boy or a darling girl.

Traditional Ceremony – 传统仪式 (Chuántǒng yíshì)

A traditional ceremony is a time-honored ritual steeped in cultural significance, where customs like the “full moon” celebration or “red egg” offering are observed with reverence. These ceremonies connect generations, ensuring that ancient practices and blessings are passed down to welcome the newest member of the family, creating a profound link between the past and the promising future.


Mooncakes – 月饼 (Yuèbǐng)

Mooncakes are sumptuous treats with a rich history, symbolizing unity and the sweetness of life’s moments. These delectable pastries, often enjoyed during the Mid-Autumn Festival, are shared among family and friends as a gesture of togetherness, making them a cherished addition to the celebration, where every bite carries a wish for the baby’s future filled with happiness and prosperity.

Baby Shower Games – 婴儿送礼会游戏 (Yīng’ér sònglǐ huì yóuxì)

Baby shower games add a playful twist, fostering laughter and bonding among attendees. These entertaining activities, ranging from traditional games with a Chinese flair to modern adaptations, provide a joyful way for family and friends to celebrate together while showering the expectant parents with lighthearted wishes for their upcoming parenthood journey.

Common Gifts For Baby Showers

If you’re a traveler or simply someone eager to discover the world’s diverse customs, understanding the common gifts for Chinese baby showers is a delightful cultural exploration waiting to happen. These presents brim with tradition, blessings, and heaps of heartfelt love. Imagine auspicious red envelopes overflowing with good fortune or tiny, handcrafted baby outfits stitched with wishes for health and happiness.

Diapers尿布Niào bù
Baby Clothes婴儿衣服Yīng’ér yīfú
Baby Blanket婴儿毯Yīng’ér tǎn
Baby Bottles婴儿奶瓶Yīng’ér nǎipíng
Baby Shoes婴儿鞋Yīng’ér xié
Baby Toys婴儿玩具Yīng’ér wánjù
Baby Bath Products婴儿沐浴用品Yīng’ér mùyù yòngpǐn
Baby Stroller婴儿车Yīng’ér chē
Baby Monitor维持现状Wéichí xiànzhuàng
Baby Books婴儿书籍Yīng’ér shūjí

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