Chinese Basic Job Interview Questions: #1 Best Guide!


Are you gearing up for a career move in the dynamic world of business, with your sights set on opportunities in China? If you’ve ever wondered what lies behind the curtain of Chinese basic job interview questions, you’re in the right place. As you step onto the global stage, mastering the art of acing interviews, enhancing your Chinese language skills can be the key to unlocking a world of professional possibilities.

Put off your worries as we are going to tackle every essential thing that you must know about job interviews in China! We will tackle the Chinese corporate world, their most common interview questions, and how to deal with them. Without further ado, let us begin this Chinese job interview journey!

Work Culture In China

In China, work culture is all about being respectful and working together effectively. Imagine a big group project where everyone has a role to play. Moreover, people there really listen to their bosses and use special words to show respect, just like saying “please” and “thank you.” Keep this in mind, as it is important in Chinese interview etiquette. What’s more? Well, teamwork is a huge deal, like when you and your friends play on the same soccer team and help each other win. Camaraderie is the key!

People in China also work for longer hours, which just speaks about their commitment and dedication to their craft! Also, they care a lot about their relationships with coworkers, like how you care about your friends. So, expect a coffee invitation from a colleague! And they follow rules carefully, like following the rules in a game, because it helps everything run smoothly, like a well-oiled machine.

Make sure to keep that in mind to enhance your professional opportunities and preserve the Chinese culture of work!


Chinese Basic Job Interview Questions

Let us now proceed to the most common questions that are asked in an interview in China. We’ll talk about their meanings and, of course, how a person should deal with them. Oftentimes these questions bring about immediate nervousness, but remember your capabilities and worth. Be confident!

Tell Me About Yourself – 说说你自己

“说说你自己” (Shuō shuō nǐ zìjǐ) or “Tell me about yourself” shifts the spotlight to yourself. Imagine this question is like your own mini-movie trailer. You’re the star, and it’s your moment to shine! Give them a short preview of the capabilities that you can offer in the actual work. Share your work adventures, skills, and achievements that make you the superhero for this job.

However, be aware of moderation, as this question may cause overconfidence that can sound arrogant to the interview manager.

Why Do You Want To Work Here? – 你为什么想在这里工作?

The question “你为什么想在这里工作?” (Nǐ wèishéme xiǎng zài zhèlǐ gōngzuò?) or “Why do you want to work here?” is a question of your reason for choosing that specific company. If the workplace has a reputation for being employee-friendly, it is best to bring it up. Also, if you have personal reasons, make sure to say it, too!

Moreover, think of it like fitting puzzle pieces together. Your skills are like the perfect puzzle pieces that match what the company wants to achieve. Explain why that company’s field would benefit from your skills.

Describe Your Strengths And Weaknesses – 描述你的优点和缺点

“描述你的优点和缺点” (Miáoshù nǐ de yōudiǎn hé quēdiǎn) means “Describe your strengths and weaknesses” in English.

Think of this like leveling up in a video game. You’ve already got some awesome skills, like being great at jumping over obstacles, but you’re on a quest to get even better at something else, like solving tricky puzzles. Interviewers, with this question, want to know if you are humble enough to be teachable by acknowledging your weaknesses, but also if you are competent by knowing your strengths. So formulate a well-balanced and honest answer by having self-awareness. You got this!


How Do You Handle Challenges At Work? – 你如何应对工作中的挑战?

This question, “你如何应对工作中的挑战?” (Nǐ rúhé yìngduì gōngzuò zhōng de tiǎozhàn?” or “How do you handle challenges at work?” tackles how well you perform under stress.

Imagine this: You faced a tough problem, and you’re sharing the exciting story of how you cracked the case. Show how clever you are at solving difficulties and how you always stay positive. Highlight your focus and composure during those times.

Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years? – 您认为五年后的自己会怎样?

Are you a person filled with goals and objectives? This question, “您认为五年后的自己会怎样?” (Nín rènwéi wǔ nián hòu de zìjǐ huì zěnyàng?) or “Where do you see yourself in five years” is the best for you! Hold back no more and lay out your goals and plans. Don’t forget to align them with the vision of the company, too!

How Do You Handle Conflicts In A Team? – 你如何处理团队中的冲突?

This behavioral question, “你如何处理团队中的冲突” (Nǐ rúhé chǔlǐ tuánduì zhōng de chōngtú?) which means “How do you handle conflicts in a team?” in English, tackles your traits and perception about camaraderie. As we discussed a while ago, teamwork is essential in the work culture of China. So, it is best to answer in a manner that shows your care and empathy towards your workmates; explain what you can contribute to the team dynamics while tackling conflict resolution.

What’s Your Understanding Of Our Industry? – 您对我们这个行业的了解如何?

Above all, one of the goals of the hiring manager is to add a competent and knowledgeable employee to the roster. That is why, “您对我们这个行业的了解如何?” (Nín duì wǒmen zhège hángyè de liǎojiě rúhé?) which means “What’s your understanding of our industry?” is a question where you bring forth your expertness to the field. Don’t forget to include your previous job, too!

Vocabulary For A Job Interview In Chinese

Here is some extra vocabulary that can help you prepare for your job interview!

EnglishChinese CharactersPronunciationSound
Job Interview面试Miànshì
Cover Letter求职信Qiúzhí xìn
Interviewer面试官Miànshì guān
Interviewee面试者Miànshì zhě
Dress Code着装要求Zhuózhuāng yāoqiú
Follow-Up后续跟进Hòuxù gēnjìn
Salary Negotiation薪资谈判Xīnzī tánpàn

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