25+ Easy Cantonese Words For LGBTQ Empowerment

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Language is a powerful tool that shapes our thoughts and understanding of how we interact with the world. Just like the beautiful patterns of a Cantonese Chinese character, LGBTQ individuals weave their unique identities into Cantonese words for LGBTQ.

These words are a testament to how culture and language change over time to fit new identities and relationships. These Cantonese words for LGBTQ open up a place that is more colorful, welcoming, and full of the life of love in all its beautiful forms. Let’s begin!

Cantonese And LGBTQ Rights

Just like any language, Cantonese reflects the changing views and cultural shifts of the people who speak it. Recently, Chinese society has started to recognize LGBTQ rights and identities more. Words like “同性戀” (Tung4 sing3 lyun6), which literally translates to homosexual, are becoming more common. This only shows that people are becoming more open and accepting. However, it’s important to know that language reflects society. Therefore, not everyone who speaks Cantonese thinks the same way about LGBTQ people and terms.

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The Communist Party’s Position Regarding LGBTQ Individuals

The Chinese Communist Party’s view on LGBTQ issues has changed over time. While homosexuality is no longer considered a crime, there are no strong laws to protect queer people from discrimination. So, LGBTQ individuals still face difficulties in many aspects of life. In Cantonese-speaking places where queer communities are more visible and vocal, people work hard for inclusion.

The use of Cantonese in LGBTQ activism, literature, and media shows how LGBTQ communities thrive, even when faced with challenges from the Communist Party. It reminds us that language can be a powerful way to express ourselves, fight for our rights, and create a sense of community.

The Word “Comrade” And Homosexuality

The word “comrade” is historically associated with communist movements. However, in some LGBTQ communities,  “comrade” has been reclaimed as a slang term for an inclusive and supportive way to address fellow LGBTQ individuals. It’s seen as a form of unity of expression and sexuality within the community.

Now, let’s start learning some vocabulary so you can express yourself better.

Cantonese Words For LGBTQ Identities

Each word in this table, from “Homosexuality” to “Pansexual,” shows a different aspect of LGBTQ identity. This will help you use the appropriate noun to address someone in Cantonese.

English WordCantonese ChinesePronunciation Guide
Homosexuality 同性戀Tung4 sing3 lyun6
Gay 男同Naam4 tung4
Lesbian 女同 Neoi5 tung4
Queer 同性戀嘅Tung4 sing3 lyun6 ge3
Homosexual 同性戀Tung4 sing3 lyun6
Bisexual 兩性嘅Loeng5 sing3 ge3
Non-binary 非二進制Fei1 ji6 zeon3 zai3
Pansexual 泛性戀Faan3 sing3 lyun6

Cantonese Words For LGBTQ Relationships

In this section, we’ll look into various Cantonese words that shed light on the complexities of LGBTQ relationships. These relate to the feelings and bonds LGBTQ individuals share. Using these terms promotes being accepted and treated equally.

EnglishCantonese ChinesePronunciation Guide
Same-sex partner 同性伴侶 Tung4 sing3 bun6 leoi5
Partner or significant other 伴侶 Bun6 leoi5
Lover 情人 Cing4 jan4
Same-sex love 同性之愛 Tung4 sing3 zi1 oi3
Sexual Relationship 性關係 Sing3 gwaan1 gai1
Marriage Fan1
Marriage equality 婚姻平等Fan1 jam1 ping4 dang2
Family 家庭Gaa1 ting4
Exploring together 一起探索 Jat1 hei2 taam3 sok3
Couple 夫婦 Fu1 fu6

Cantonese Words For LGBTQ Acceptance And Support 

This table shows how caring Cantonese words can be when it comes to acceptance and strong support for LGBTQ individuals. These words will help build a future that’s brighter and more inclusive. It’s a future where queer individuals are welcomed, understood, and celebrated for being themselves.

EnglishCantonese ChinesePronunciation Guide
LGBTQ Supporter LGBTQ 支持者  LGBTQ zi1 ci4 ze2
LGBTQ Ally LGBTQ 盟友 LGBTQ meng4 jau5
Acceptance 接受Zip3 sau6
Respect Zeon1
Equality 平等Ping4 dang2
LGBTQ friendly LGBTQ 友好LGBTQ jau5 hou2
LGBTQ Pride LGBTQ 自豪LGBTQ zi6 hou4
No Discrimination 無歧視Mou4 kei1 si6
Community 社區 Se5 keoi1

Cantonese Sentences To Practice

Now that you’ve learned the key Cantonese words for LGBTQ, it’s time to explore some important sentences to help you communicate how you feel.

EnglishCantonese ChinesePronunciation Guide
I am a homosexual person.我係同性恋者Ngo5 hai6 tung4 sing3 lyun6 ze2
The word “gay” is not a derogatory term.“同性戀”呢個詞唔係一個貶義詞。“Tung4 sing3 lyun6” ni1 go3 ci4 m4 hai6 jat1 go3 bin6 ji6 ci4.
A homosexual person deserves love and respect.同性恋者值得愛和尊重。Tung4 sing3 lyun6 ze2 zi6 dak1 oi3 wo4 zeon1 zung1 zung6.
My partner is a lesbian.我嘅伴侶係女同。Ngo5 ge3 bun6 leoi5 hai6 neoi5 tung4.
My sexual orientation empowers me.我嘅性取向賦予了我力量。Ngo5 ge3 sing3 heoi2 coeng4 fu6 jyu5 liu5 ngo5 lik6 coeng4.
He identifies as a gay man.佢認為自己係男同性戀者。Keoi5 jing6 wai6 zi6 gei2 hai6 naam4 tung4 sing3 lyun6 ze2.
Being a homosexual person is not a problem. 成為同性戀者不是問題。Sing4 wai6 tung4 sing3 lyun6 ze2 bat1 si6 man6 tai4.
He is gay and a fellow comrade.佢係基佬,都係同志。Keoi5 hai6 gei1 lou2, dou1 hai6 tung4 zi3.
My gay partner is from Taiwan.我嘅男同性戀伴侶係台灣嚟嘅。Ngo5 ge3 naam4 tung4 sing3 lyun6 bun6 leoi5 hai6 toi4 waan1 lei4 ge3.
The effeminate man is living with pride and respect.女性化嘅男人帶住驕傲同尊重生活。Neoi5 sing3 faa3 ge3 naam4 jan4 daai3 zyu6 giu1 ngou6 tung4 zeon1 zung6 sang1 wut6.
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Celebrating LGBTQ People In Cantonese

The Cantonese LGBTQ people keep sharing their truths and standing up for themselves, even when it’s hard because of the Chinese Communist Party’s acts. They do this to show that love knows no bounds and the power of words goes beyond politics.

Let’s honor every LGBTQ person, whether gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, queer, or any other. They keep speaking about love and respect for any sexual orientation and identity. And this is something to be proud of.

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