40+ Easy & Romantic Relationship Vocabulary In Turkish

Relationship Vocabulary in Turkish-Ling

You really like that special Turkish person, and if you want to open up to them, learning relationship vocabulary in Turkish could come in handy.

Learning the Turkish language for better communication with your loved one is such a big romantic gesture. Learning words and phrases related to relationships can help you express your feelings in a better way. So, in this article, you’ll learn relationship vocabulary in Turkish, including topics like relationship status, beautiful compliments, asking out on a date, and love phrases and words.

Relationship Status Vocabulary In Turkish

I think it would be best to start by learning how to describe your current relationship status. Also, before you decide to ask someone out on a date, you should make sure they’re not in a relationship. Otherwise, it would put you in an uncomfortable situation.

So, here are common words you can use to describe your relationship status:

In a relationshipBir ilişkisi var
It’s complicatedKarışık
I’m seeing someoneGörüştüğüm biri var
I have a girlfriend/boyfriendKız arkadaşım/erkek arkadaşım var

You can combine this relationship vocabulary in Turkish with Turkish pronouns to make a short sentence. For example:

  • She is single – O bekar.
  • He is in a relationship – Onun bir ilişkisi var.
  • I am married- Ben evliyim.
  • She is seeing someone – Onun görüştüğü biri var.
  • He doesn’t have a girlfriend – Onun kız arkadaşı yok.

Just a tip: instead of saying girlfriend or boyfriend, you can say sevgili, a Turkish word that covers both of them without identifying a gender.

Romantic Compliments In Turkish

Compliments are the best way to win someone’s heart, if you don’t exaggerate them. Turkish people often compliment others to make them feel happy. Similarly, you can compliment your special person and let them know how beautiful they are.

You are very beautiful.Çok güzelsin.
You are very handsome.Çok yakışıklısın.
You have beautiful eyes.Çok güzel gözlerin var.
Your smile is beautiful.Gülüşün ne kadar güzel.
Your hair is very beautiful.Saçların çok güzel.
Your voice is so sweet.Sesin ne kadar tatlı.
I like your personality.Karakterini çok beğeniyorum.

How To Ask Someone Out On A Date In Turkish

Now, you have learned that your special person is single and they like your compliments. It’s time to ask them out on a date! There are different ways to ask, but here are the most commonly used phrases:

I’d like to see you again.Seni tekrar görmek isterim.
Can I see you again?Seni tekrar görebilir miyim?
What are you doing on the weekend?Hafta sonu ne yapıyorsun?
Can we go out to dinner tomorrow night?Yarın akşam yemeğe çıkabilir miyiz?
Can I have your phone number?Telefon numaranı alabilir miyim?
Love-Relationship Vocabulary in Turkish-Ling

Turkish Love Phrases

After several dates, you realize you are falling in love with them. How will you express your love in Turkish? Here are some phrases to do that. But keep in mind that these phrases express different levels of love. To put it simply; level I is senden hoşlanıyorum, level II is seni seviyorum, level III is sana aşık oldum, and so on.

Do you love me?Beni seviyor musun?
I have a crush on you.Senden hoşlanıyorum.
I like you very much.Seni çok beğeniyorum.
I miss you.Seni özlüyorum.
I can’t stop thinking about you.Seni düşünmeden duramıyorum.
I love you.Seni seviyorum.
I love you so much.Seni çok seviyorum.
I love you with all my heart.Seni bütün kalbimle seviyorum.
I’ve fallen in love with you.Sana aşık oldum.
I’m crazy about you.Sana deli oluyorum.
You are the meaning of my life.Sen benim hayatımın anlamısın.

If you want to learn more love phrases in Turkish, we have a separate article about how to say I love you in Turkish. Go check it out on the Ling blog!

Turkish Love Words

The Turkish language is known to be one of the most romantic languages in the world because it has an endless number of love words. Turkish people don’t hesitate to use these terms of endearment with almost everyone, friends, family, romantic partners, etc.

My loveAşkım
My darlingSevgilim
My lifeHayatım
My sweetheartCanım
My sweetieTatlım
My babyBebeğim
My only oneBitanem
My angelMeleğim
My soulmateRuh eşim

Family Relationship Vocabulary In Turkish

Although we focused on romantic relationships until this part of the article, we shouldn’t forget about family relationships. Family members are the closest people to us in life, and they’re usually among the first vocabulary we learn in any language.

Family membersAile üyeleri
BrotherErkek kardeş
SisterKız kardeş
SonErkek çocuk
DaughterKız çocuk
Immediate familyYakın akrabalar
Extended familyGeniş aile
NieceKız yeğen
NephewErkek yeğen


Relationships are the most important thing in the world, and they connect people to each other. Hence, every language has its own romantic words and phrases, but I don’t think there is a language that has more varied love words and phrases than Turkish.

In this article, you’ve learned a lot of relationship vocabulary in Turkish, which hopefully will help you open up to your special person and express your feelings and thoughts in a better way!

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