20 Cool Vietnamese Words For Types Of Shops

Types of shops in vietnamese

Ahoy there, shopaholics and fearless adventurers! Planning to visit Vietnam anytime soon? If you are, then one of the top things you need to do is visit traditional Vietnamese shops! These establishments are like a homage to the heartwarming symphony of Vietnam’s culture, a place renowned for its hugs and delicious lip-smacking delicacies that could make even a stone statue drool. So, don your adventurer’s fedora and prepare for an expedition through the fascinating world of 20 Cool Vietnamese words for types of shops.

Antiquated Trade Routes

Vietnam boasts an extensive history of trade with neighboring nations such as China and Cambodia. The early Vietnamese people actively engaged in barter trade, navigating the waters of the Red River and other aquatic passageways, facilitating the exchange of commodities such as rice, silk, and crafted items.

One path stands out with utmost significance – The “Maritime Silk Road” or the “South China Sea Route” This maritime avenue wasn’t just a passive spectator in the grand theater of trade; it was the very conductor orchestrating the symphony of commerce between the formidable Chinese empire and the enigmatic Red River Delta in northern Vietnam. The bustling Vietnamese ports – Hanoi and Hai Phong -emerged as veritable nuclei of commerce.

Conventional Marketplaces

Traditional markets have constituted a significant facet of Vietnam’s commercial heritage for extensive epochs. These bustling markets served as points for local farmers, skilled artisans, and traders, facilitating the peddling of a diverse array of wares, encompassing everything from fresh produce and textiles to ceramics and beyond.

Colonial Influences

During the era of French colonial dominion in Vietnam, spanning the late 19th to mid-20th century, a burgeoning emergence of Western-style shops, predominantly in cities such as Hanoi and Saigon (currently Ho Chi Minh City), reshaped the retail landscape. Frequently, these establishments were owned by French settlers and catered to both the indigenous populace and the colonial upper echelon. Subsequent to achieving liberation from French colonial rule in 1954, Vietnam embarked on a trajectory marked by economic transitions.

Đổi Mới (Rejuvenation) Era

The late 1980s and early 1990s ushered in a transformational phase in Vietnam’s economy as the country initiated the Đổi Mới reforms.

The Đổi Mới reforms aimed to modernize and open up Vietnam’s economy to foreign investment and trade. They involved various changes, including the liberalization of prices, the encouragement of private entrepreneurship, and the establishment of special economic zones. These reforms played a pivotal role in revitalizing Vietnam’s economy, spurring rapid economic growth, and transforming the country into one of the fastest-growing economies in Southeast Asia.

These sweeping changes steered Vietnam toward a market economy with a socialist orientation. Consequently, private entrepreneurship burgeoned, resulting in the flourishing of small businesses encompassing shops and markets.

20 Cool Vietnamese Words For Types Of Shops

In the spirited Vietnamese language, the word “cửa hàng” means shop. Dive into these basic Vietnamese phrases and words related to shop.


Retail stores form the backbone of commercial sectors in urban and suburban areas, offering a wide range of products to cater to the various needs of the community. From clothing to jewelry, these shops provide both necessities and luxuries, enhancing the shopping experience of locals and tourists alike.

EnglishVietnamese ScriptVietnamese Pronunciation
Grocery StoreCửa Hàng Thực Phẩm[Kwǎ Hàng Thuk Fǎm]
Clothing StoreCửa Hàng Thời Trang[Kwǎ Hàng Thøi Trang]
Shoe StoreCửa Hàng Giày Dép[Kwǎ Hàng Zay Zép]
BookstoreCửa Hàng Sách[Kwǎ Hàng Sakh]
Cosmetics StoreCửa Hàng Mỹ Phẩm[Kwǎ Hàng Mee Phǎm]
Toy StoreCửa Hàng Đồ Chơi[Kwǎ Hàng ǒ Chøi]
Sports ShopCửa Hàng Thể Thao[Kwǎ Hàng Thể Thao]
Leather Goods StoreCửa Hàng Đồ Da[Kwǎ Hàng ǒ Da]
Jewelry StoreCửa Hàng Trang Sức[Kwǎ Hàng Trang Sức]
Flower ShopCửa Hàng Hoa[Kwǎ Hàng Hoa]
Pet StoreCửa Hàng Thú Cưng[Kwǎ Hàng Thu Kưng]


The electronics sector is continually evolving, offering consumers a range of products from mobile phones to various gadgets that make life more convenient and connected. These stores are hubs of innovation, often showcasing the latest technology and trends in the market.

EnglishVietnamese ScriptVietnamese Pronunciation
Mobile Phone StoreCửa Hàng Điện Thoại[Kwǎ Hàng ǐen Thoai]
Electronics StoreCửa Hàng Đồ Điện Tử[Kwǎ Hàng ǒ ǐen Tǔ]

Home And Living

Home and living stores focus on providing products that enhance the comfort and aesthetics of one’s home. From furniture to home appliances, these stores offer a wide variety of items that help in setting up and beautifying personal spaces, making them more functional and pleasant.

EnglishVietnamese ScriptVietnamese Pronunciation
Home Appliance StoreCửa Hàng Đồ Gia Dụng[Kwǎ Hàng ǒ Zia Zừng]
Furniture StoreCửa Hàng Đồ Gỗ[Kwǎ Hàng ǒ Gỗ]

Food And Beverage

Fancy a drink or two? The Food & Beverage stores are a haven for food enthusiasts, offering a wide array of products ranging from daily groceries to exquisite delicacies. These shops provide an avenue to explore different cuisines and culinary products, promising quality and freshness in every product.

EnglishVietnamese ScriptVietnamese Pronunciation
Food Shop / DelicatessenCửa Hàng Ẩm Thực[Kwǎ Hàng Ẩm Thực]


The automotive sector includes stores that deal with various vehicles, including cars and motorcycles. These shops offer a range of products and services, from selling new vehicles to providing parts and accessories that enhance the functionality and appearance of the vehicles.

EnglishVietnamese ScriptVietnamese Pronunciation
Motorcycle ShopCửa Hàng Xe Máy[Kwǎ Hàng Se Máy]
Car DealershipCửa Hàng Ô Tô[Kwǎ Hàng Ô Tô]

Health And Wellness

Health and Wellness stores play a crucial role in the community by offering a range of pharmaceutical and health products. These stores are often the first point of contact for individuals seeking medications or health-related advice, aiming to promote well-being and healthy living.

EnglishVietnamese ScriptVietnamese Pronunciation
Pharmacy / DrugstoreCửa Hàng Thuốc[Kwǎ Hàng Thuốc]


Religious stores specialize in offering products related to various religious practices and ceremonies. These stores provide a range of items that assist individuals in their spiritual journey, promoting peace and spiritual growth through the availability of essential religious goods.

EnglishVietnamese ScriptVietnamese Pronunciation
Religious Goods Store (selling items for worship)Cửa Hàng Thờ[Kwǎ Hàng Thờ

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