Merry Christmas In Nepali: 10+ Wonderful Ways

Christmas wishes in the Nepali language for a friend or locals add extra joy and remind us how special they are. Words for Merry Christmas in Nepali and messages to celebrate Christmas day have been compiled in this blog.

If you are a tourist in Nepal during the Christmas season, or you have friends there, then the Ling App is handy to learn wishes in the native language. Christmas songs are sung, and everyone is seen greeting and embracing one another with Christmas greetings. First the basics: Relax and have a merry Christmas! is Ārāma garnuhōs ra ramā’ilō krisamasa cha!

Christmas is celebrated worldwide, no matter where you live. Christmas is celebrated in Nepal also with full zest. December is full of festivities, treats, meals, beverages, and recollections of the year past.

You can use online apps to learn Nepali words and phrases to show love & affection during the visit. For instance, here are some unique Christmas wishes in Nepali that will make your wishing style more pleasurable than the usual Christmas day text messages.


Say Merry Christmas In Nepali

Merry Christmas Wishes In EnglishMerry Christmas In NepaliPronunciation
Relax and have a merry Christmas!आराम गर्नुहोस् र रमाइलो क्रिसमस छ!Ārāma garnuhōs ra ramā’ilō krisamasa cha!
Wishing you a merry and prosperous Christmas season!तपाईलाई रमाइलो र समृद्ध छुट्टीको मौसमको कामना गर्दछ!Tapā’īlā’ī ramā’ilō ra samr̥d’dha krisamasa mausamakō kāmanā gardacha!
Everyone be happy! It’s Christmas time!सबैजना खुसी हुन! यो क्रिसमस समय हो!Sabaijanā khusī huna! Yō krisamasa samaya hō!
Wishing you a season filled with joy and goodwill toward us.तपाईलाई पुरुषहरूप्रति आनन्द र सद्भावले भरिएको मौसमको कामना गर्दछु।Tapā’īlā’ī puruṣaharūprati ānanda ra sadbhāvalē bhari’ēkō mausamakō kāmanā gardachu.
I wish you a Merry Christmas filled with joy.म तपाईलाई खुशीले भरिएको मेरी क्रिसमसको कामना गर्दछु।Ma tapā’īlā’ī khuśīlē bhari’ēkō mērī krisamasakō kāmanā gardachu.
Be festive, it’s Christmas here!उत्सव हुनुहोस्, यहाँ क्रिसमस छ!Utsava hunuhōs, yahām̐ krisamasa cha!
Hope your Christmas is perfectआशा छ तपाईंको क्रिसमस उत्तम छĀśā cha tapā’īṅkō krisamasa uttama cha
Be jolly in the festive Christmas seasonचाडपर्वको मौसममा रमाइलो हुनुहोस्!cāḍaparvakō krisamasa mausamamā ramā’ilō hunuhōs!
Decorate your Christmas with joyखुशी संग आफ्नो क्रिसमस सजाउनुहोस्!Khuśī saṅga āphnō krisamasa sajā’unuhōs!

Other Hearty Christmas Wishes

Merry Christmas Wishes In EnglishMerry Christmas In NepaliPronunciation
There’s no better time of year to celebrate than Christmas.क्रिसमस भन्दा मनाउनको लागि वर्षको कुनै राम्रो समय छैन।krisamasa bhandā manā’unakō lāgi varṣakō kunai rāmrō samaya chaina.
Christmas isn’t a certain day or time of year, but rather an attitude.क्रिसमस एक निश्चित दिन वा वर्षको समय होइन, बरु एक मनोवृत्ति हो।Krisamasa ēka niścita dina vā varṣakō samaya hō’ina, baru ēka manōvr̥tti hō.
I’m going to keep the spirit of Christmas alive throughout the year in appreciation of the occasion.यस अवसरको प्रशंसामा म वर्षभरि क्रिसमसको भावनालाई जीवित राख्न जाँदैछु।Yasa avasarakō praśansāmā ma varṣabhari krisamasakō bhāvanālā’ī jīvita rākhna jām̐daichu.
For us, the enchantment of the holidays is found in the simple pleasure of making someone else’s day better.हाम्रो लागि, बिदाको मोह अरू कसैको दिन राम्रो बनाउने साधारण आनन्दमा पाइन्छ।Hāmrō lāgi, bidākō mōha arū kasaikō dina rāmrō banā’unē sādhāraṇa ānandamā pā’incha.
All roads lead back to the family home at this time of year. Merry Christmas!सबै सडकहरू वर्षको यस समयमा परिवारको घरमा जान्छन्। मेरी क्रिसमस!Sabai saḍakaharū varṣakō yasa samayamā parivārakō gharamā jānchan. Mērī krisamasa!


In Nepal, How Do People Celebrate Christmas?

Merry Christmas In Nepali

People in Nepal typically celebrate by attending churches on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Decorations are now visible in a few public areas, which was not the case just a few years ago. Christmas has been celebrated in Nepal thanks to the effect of tourism.

The most noticeable festivities are in Kathmandu and Pokhara, where the streets are decked out in Christmas decorations. Locals enjoy the celebration at home with family and friends. At the same time, travelers who stay in guest homes are provided the keepers’ hospitality to make them feel in their motherland, and this culture is only spreading as tourism grows.


Why Say Merry Christmas In The Native Language?

People may now communicate with one another regardless of their language or cultural background. Thanks to the introduction of social media and other internet platforms. They may now make more friends, express their opinions, understand diverse customs and cultures, greet each other, and do a lot more without having to worry about a language barrier.

On the one hand, few individuals are bilingual or multilingual, while on the other hand, the bulk of web users utilize translation software to translate Merry Christmas into many languages.


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Merry Christmas In Nepali

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