50+ Easy Vietnamese Words For The Beach!

Vietnamese Words For The Beach

Got travel on your mind? Whether it is summer, autumn, or even winter, nothing beats the unique feeling of đi dạo or walking on the seaside and letting the sand lovingly caress your toes. If you are planning to visit Phu Quoc or An Bang, we are certain that learning the Vietnamese words for the beach will be useful to you. Having knowledge of the basic terminologies will help you engage with the locals in a more meaningful way. If you are ready for that, keep reading below!

Whenever things get rough or too stressful, it is only human to have this urge to visit the sea and let the sun soak up all our worries. By simply closing our eyes and imagining the warmth and how the gentle wave sounds, we can instantly sense a distinct type of tranquility that somehow magically recharges our senses. Fortunately, the world is a big place, and you can find all sorts of beach spots that will fit your needs. But if there is one place where you can dive into picture-perfect turquoise waters, then that would be in Vietnam.

Vietnam is one of the many countries located in Asia, and it stands as one of the top travel destinations for ex-pats due to its tropical vibes. From quiet coves and coral-rigged islands to jungle-clad islets, the country will surprise you with how accessible most of its beaches are. If you visit during the off-season or early in the morning, you are almost guaranteed to find a wide stretch of sand all for yourself! For this reason, many believe that Vietnam is a paradise built especially for sun worshippers and beach lovers!

Since you landed on this post, we bet that you are interested in visiting Vietnam and making conversations with the locals. With that said, we wrote this article with the goal of helping you learn all the necessary vocabulary that will come in handy. If you are ready for all that, let’s get right into it in the sections below!

how to say Vietnamese words for the beach

How To Say Beach In Vietnamese

Before learning advanced vocabulary in the Vietnamese language under this topic, the first word that you should be aware of is the translation for “beach.” According to the locals, the most direct Vietnamese word for this is “bãi biển,” but the word can also change depending on the usage. For instance, one can also use “bờ biển” to refer to the beach. Although it actually translates to the coast or seaside. If you want to sound like a real native speaker, do remember that you can use the verb form for the word beach by saying “cho thuyền lên cạn” which means that you will pull up a boat to the beach.

Same with English sentence structures, you can also pair it with prepositions to make your statements clearer. Below are some examples:

  • At/on the beach = ở bãi biển
  • From the beach = từ bãi biển
  • To the beach = tới bãi biển
  • Across the beach = băng qua bãi biển
  • By the beach = bên bờ biển
  • Off the beach = ngoài bãi biển

Vietnamese Words For The Beach

While most of us absolutely love long hikes, international tours, and road trips, going to the beach is also one of the best trips that you can plan for yourself or your family. Scientifically speaking, this sloping “blue space” is proven to actually aid in alleviating stress and helping strengthen one’s mental health. On top of that, who wouldn’t love to stare into the sea and listen to the therapeutic sound of the waves crashing on rugged rocks, right?

Now, if you want to talk with the native speakers about your experience or ask for their recommendations related to the beach, we encourage you to use the Vietnamese words that we will cover in the table below.

General Beach Vocabulary In Vietnamese

Beachbãi biển 
Beach chairghế bãi biển 
Boardwalklối đi lát ván 
Bonfirelửa trại 
Breezegió nhẹ 
Familiescác gia đình 
Lifeguardnhân viên cứu hộ 
Oceanđại dương 
Poolhồ bơi 
Porthải cảng 
Resortnghỉ dưỡng 
Sand castlelâu đài cát 
Seashellsò biển 
Shorebờ biển 
Sunmặt trời 
Sunrisebình Minh 
Sunsethoàng hôn 
Surfersngười lướt sóng 
Tidethuỷ triều 
Touristskhách du lịch 
Wavesgợn sóng 

Vietnamese Words For Beach Activities

Beach volleyballbóng chuyền bãi biển 
Fishingđánh bắt cá 
Fly a kitethả diều 
Frisbeechiếc dĩa nhựa ném 
Jet skiphi thuyền 
Parasailingdù lượn 
Picnicđi chơi picnic 
Scuba divingmôn lặn 
Snorkelingbơi với ống thở 
Surfinglướt ván 
Swimmingbơi lộ 
Take pictureschụp ảnh 
Walkđi bộ 

Vietnamese Words For Items To Pack

Beach bagtúi đi biển 
Beach chairghế trên bãi biển 
Beach towelkhăn tắm biển 
Beach umbrelladù che trên bãi biển 
Bikiniáo bơi bikini 
Cameramáy ảnh 
Coolerthùng ướp lạnh 
Drinksđồ uống 
Flip flopdép xỏ ngón 
Foodthức ăn 
Goggleskính bảo hộ 
Magazinetạp chí 
Shortsquần short 
Snacksđồ ăn nhẹ 
Snorkelống thở 
Soapxà bông 
Sunglasseskính râm 
Sunscreenkem chống nắn 
Surfboardván lướt sóng 
Swimsuitáo bơi 
Trunksquần bơi 
Water bottlechai nước 
Vietnamese words for the beach next vacation

On To Your Next Vacation!

And there, we have the complete list of basic Vietnamese words for the beach! Now, you are all set for a fun sun time! As we reach the end of the post, we hope that you learned something new and that you’ll be able to use these in your conversations with native speakers. After all, you have to remember that not everyone can speak English in the country, especially if you plan to explore remote areas without tourist centers. You do not need to master the learn Vietnamese in its entirety but saving some words and expressions for your travel can certainly help you out.

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