Urdu Words For Car Parts: 20+ Easy Vocabulary You Need To Know

Urdu Words For Car Parts Ling App

You’re zooming down the road, feeling the wind rush past your face, when all of a sudden…clunk! Your beloved ride’s given up. Let’s say you’re in the heart of Lahore, Pakistan. Almost everyone speaks Urdu, and you’re left just scratching your head, trying to figure out how to explain your situation. Fret no more! Let this post about Urdu words for car parts be your handy roadmap so you’ll never be lost in translation again.

It might sound like we’re trying to reinvent the wheel here, but bear with us! Maybe you’re a car enthusiast or just learning the Urdu language for an upcoming trip to Pakistan. Perhaps you just love to learn about different languages and cultures (just as I do!). No matter what’s driving you, this cross-cultural mechanic shop we’ve set up is just the ticket!

Basic Urdu Words For Car Parts

Let’s rev up our engines because this is where it all begins. We’re starting this ride by breaking down the basic Urdu words for car parts. Translation can be quite a challenge, especially when you’re in unfamiliar territory. But hey, why should language bumps stop your smooth sailing (or should I say, rolling)?

Engine – Anjan (انجن)

Beginning with the boss, the انجن, or as they say in Roman Urdu and English, the engine. Now, this fellow is the heart and brain of the vehicle, pumping energy to all parts. Powerful and critical, your car wouldn’t go anywhere without this guy!

Steering Wheel – Stering Wheel (سٹیرنگ وہیل)

The wise old steering wheel ensures your car goes in your desired direction. You turn it, and presto! The car obeys your every command, just like a well-trained pooch.

Urdu Words For Car Parts Ling App parked car

Car Door – Car Ka Darwaza (کار کا دروازہ)

When you first step into your car, the thing that greets you is the car door. Think of it as the gateway to your motoring adventure.

Wheel – Pahiya (پہیہ)

How could we forget the shoes of the car, your wheels? Tirelessly, they cover mile after mile, ensuring your ride is smooth. Don’t you think they deserve some recognition?

Brake – Brek (بریک)

When it’s time to stop, the brakes step in. Ask any seasoned driver, and they’ll tell you that knowing when to stop is just as important as steaming ahead.

Urdu Words For Interior Components Of A Car

Now, getting into the insides. You know, because what’s on the inside really matters, right? So, let’s get revvin’ and explore every basic Urdu word in this list like a pro!

Car Seat – Car Ki Seat (کار سیٹ)

It’s like your living room couch in your motor car. This cozy little corner tends to your comfort while you journey onto the open road. Ensuring a smooth ride instead of a bumpy rodeo, it cradles you through every twist and turn.

Dashboard – Deshboard (ڈیش بورڈ)

Next up is the command center of your ride: the dashboard. This fella’s like a one-man band, playing out all the critical vehicle info you need to keep things running smooth. From fuel levels and temperature to warning signs, it’s got you covered!

Mirror – Aaina (آئینہ)

Now, mirrors aren’t just for checking out your reflection for a quick touch-up! In the world of cars, these reflective genies grant you the power to see the unseen, the world behind you!

Seat Belt – Seat Belt (سیٹ بیلٹ)

This often-overlooked seat detail is your very own protector. The moment you click that buckle, it wraps around you like a protective shield, diligently ensuring your safety, come what may.

Air Conditioner – Air Conditioner (ایئر کنڈیشنر)

Ever tried battling a sweltering summer day lodged inside a metal box on wheels? Not your idea of fun, is it? That’s where the AC swoops in. It’s your summer BFF, rustling up a refreshing breeze to keep things chill inside.

Urdu Words For Exterior Components Of A Car

Time to shift gears and step out of the car for a moment. While you’ve got the hang of the interior car parts, plenty of ground remains to cover out here in your car’s exterior.

I know this can be a lot. But hey, let me tell you a little secret— the best part of this linguistic journey is that you can take it anywhere, anytime. Yup, you heard right. Why not give language learning tools like the Ling app a try? You can easily download it onto your Apple or Android device.

Okay, now, imagine your car as a person. The first thing we notice is the exterior!

Headlights – Hed light (ہیڈ لائٹس)

First, we have the headlights. Twinkling bright as stars on a moonless night, these trusty companions guide the way in dark hours.

Trunk – Trunk (ٹرنک)

This is your car’s personal storage unit—pile in all your stuff, and it’s ready to roll!

Windshield – Windshield (ونڈ شیلڈ)

A fancy term for something as simple as the front glass! It’s like your car’s protective eyewear, shielding you from bugs, dust; you name it!

Rearview Mirror – Pichhla Aaina (پچھلا آئینہ)

It’s like having eyes in the back of your head, giving you a sign of whoever’s creeping up behind.

License Plate – Nambar Plet (نمبر پلیٹ)

The license plate is like a person’s name. It gives your ride its unique identity, and yep, the cops sure like it, too!

Hood – Hud (ہڈ)

It’s like the head of the car, where the engine (aka brain) sits and makes the magic happen.

Tail Light – Tel Light (ٹیل لائٹ)

Those flashy red lights in the rear? Think of ’em as your car’s playful wink, signaling other drivers about its next move!

Bumper – Bampar (بمپر)

The robust protector of your car’s gorgeous face. Located at the lower front end, it takes on the small bumps and nudges like a champ.

Urdu Words For Car Parts Ling App car hood

Urdu Words For Engine And Transmission Components Of A Car

Let’s fire on all cylinders because we’ve made it to the heart of the beast: the engine room and the transmission. It’s full speed ahead now, so buckle up and ride along as we talk about the belly of the automotive beast.

Oil Filter – Tel Ka Filtar (تیل کا فلٹر)

Oil filters are the kidneys of the engine. They filter out the junk so things run smoothly.

Piston – Piston (پسٹن)

The piston is the brawny arm that moves inside the engine.

Carburetor – Carboretar (کاربوریٹر)

This important part takes care of mixing air and fuel at the right ratio.

Radiator – Rediyetar (ریڈی ایٹر)

The radiator is like the cooling agent, keeping things chilled under the hood.

Gearbox – Gear Baksa (گیئر باکس)

Let’s shift gears to the gearbox. This is the wizard that changes gears and transfers the engine’s power to move the wheels.

Clutch – Klach (کلچ)

The clutch in your car is like the neutral button. It briefly disconnects the engine from the wheels when you’re changing gears.

Wrapping It Up

As we drive off into the sunset of our Urdu words for car parts guide, we hope you’ve found what you were looking for. Your odometer may have clicked up a hundred words or so! So stay curious, stay adventurous, and keep learning. And remember, often, the vehicle of language can transport us further than any car.

If you’ve enjoyed this ride, why not share it with others? Ignite similar adventures amongst fellow language enthusiasts. Until next time, safe travels and happy language learning!

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