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With every technological advancement, lifestyles are also modernizing. Hobbies bring you fun in your free time and positivity to your life. Having a great collection of auxiliary activities can help you develop a charismatic personality useful for both personal and professional endeavors. In the case of Urdu, the word hobby is called (مشغلہ)- mashghala. Ready to learn more translations related to hobbies in Urdu? If yes, keep reading below!

Common Hobbies In Pakistan  

Pakistani people are known for their loving and hospitable nature. Mostly they like to spend their free time with their loved ones. Having chitchat to do during tea break or on a walk is common and precious for them. If you have a chance to live in Pakistan for any purpose, you must be curious about the nature of the Pakistani people, including their preferences for hobbies, and much more. So without further ado, let’s learn about the most common hobbies of the Pakistani people.


Calligraphy is an impressive and terrific art. An art that demands mastery in pen holding. The Pakistani people are pretty skillful in calligraphy and have a keen interest in making beautiful Islamic calligraphies.


When it comes to book reading, a large number of Pakistanis are engaged in this hobby. The people of Pakistan mostly like to read books with a traditional touch, following the pattern of the modern world. As a learner, you can master Urdu by reading books by practicing word synonyms, opposite words, and other related words.

Horse Riding

Horse riding is a traditional hobby in Pakistan and India and is one of the locals’ favorites. Not just the adults, it is also a part of the child’s plaything consisting of an imitation horse mounted on rockers the child straddles.

Imitation Horse Mounted On Rockers

Even the children love this since every child has at least one imitation horse mounted on rockers in their childhood. Every child always straddles the rocker, pretending to be a national hero. The memories of rockers the child straddles in Pakistan stick throughout their lifetime.

Ever heard of لکڑی کا گھوڑا (lakri ka ghora)? That’s what the native speakers like to call this: a horse made of wood.

If a child in your vicinity has their birthday and you are not sure what to get them, then maybe you should get them a rocker and sword, we guarantee you that they’ll love it.

Bird’s Racing

Pakistani people have a hobby of raising pets and having them participate in several races. One of the favorite birds is the falcon and other small birds, which are fostered and trained by them.

It used to be quite famous in the local areas, but now people have their lives preoccupied and hence don’t take part in it anymore. This trend is mostly seen in the Feudal areas where the Feuds or hunters tend to still do this.

Bird’s Hunting

A bird called Hobby is a small old-world falcon, formerly trained and flown in different areas of Pakistan to attack and get small birds. In Urdu, the word باز (baaz) is used for falcon. 

With all of these, many other hobbies are adored in Pakistan. Everyday auxiliary activities lead you to a healthy and happy life.

Common Vocab For Hobbies In Urdu

Now let’s look at different words for hobbies in Urdu.

Hobbies In Urdu

Vocabulary A-F

EnglishUrduRomanized Urdu
Archeryتیر اندازیteer andazi
Arm wrestlingبازو کی کشتیbazu ki kushti
Acro danceایکرو ڈانسacro dance
Boatingکشتی رانیkashti rani
Basketballباسکٹ بالbasketball
Bicyclingسائیکل چلاناcycle chalana
Craft makingدستکاری بناناcraft making
Candle Makingموم بتی بناناmoam bati banana
Collectingجمع کرناjama krna
Drummingڈھول بجاناdhol bajana
Fencingباڑ لگاناbar lagana
Footballفٹ بالfootball
Figure skatingفگر سکیٹنگfigure skating
Filmmakingفلم سازی۔film sazi
Fossil huntingفوسل شکارfossil shikar

Vocabulary G-M

EnglishUrduRomanized Urdu
Go-kartingگو کارٹنگgo-karting
Ghost huntingبھوتوں کا شکارbhooton ka shikar
Hikingپیدل سفرpaidal safar
Huntingشکار کرناshikar krna
Horse ridingگھڑسواریghur sawari
Ice skatingآئس سکیٹنگice skating
Investingسرمایہ کاریsarmaya kari
Icing cakeآئسنگ کیکicing cake
Ice divingآئس ڈائیونگice diving
Jumping ropesرسیاں کودناrasiyan kudna
Kickboxingکِک باکسنگkickboxing
Mountain climbingپہاڑ پر چڑھناpahar pr charhna
Magic tricksجادوئی چالیں۔jaadue chalain

Vocabulary N-Z

EnglishUrduRomanized Urdu
Nail artنیل آرٹnail art
Needleworkسوئی کا کامsui ka kam
Potteryمٹی کے برتنmiti ka bartan
Sketchingخاکہ نگاری۔khaka nigari
Water skiingپانی کی سکینگpani ki skiing
Wood carvingلکڑی کی نقاشی۔lakri ki nikashi
Weightliftingویٹ لفٹنگweightlifting
Zoo visitingچڑیا گھر کا دورہchirya ghar ka dora

Wrapping Up

Hobbies In Urdu

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