Exciting StudyCat Review: #1 Language Learning App For Kids

Studycat Review

Are you a parent with a child who needs to foster communication skills? You might be looking for fun language apps that make kids learn English. There are many language learning apps with reviews catering to adults, but only a few review languages targeting kids. In this article, we’ll discover a language app called StudyCat designed for kids and what makes StudyCat fun and exciting in this StudyCat review.

Ever wondered how kids are so good at learning new skills today? According to many education experts, technology has made its way as the leading tool for learning. You might also wonder why many young learners today speak the Spanish language or learn English more fluently than others. A foreign language app will not just teach your kids how to communicate; it can even promote their cognitive abilities.

Apps to learn languages unlock the best of what your child can do. Particularly if many available features are accessible on their free version, but paying for these apps to learn English, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, French, or German isn’t so bad. As long as they assist in learning that language as fast as possible. If you are a parent looking for unlimited access to a fun Chinese or Spanish app, check out this StudyCat review.


What Is StudyCat?

StudyCat Review Logo

StudyCat is a language learning app catered for kids ages 6 and up. It is designed to make learning fun and engaging. Furthermore, StudyCat is developed and enhanced by professors, educators, teachers, and parents, allowing the teaching of different languages.

Want to encourage your child to learn a new language without making it difficult? StudyCat introduces five versions of their products: the Fun Chinese App, Fun Spanish App, Fun English App, Fun German App, and Fun French app. These language apps will teach kids to play while thinking of the correct answer. You can select topics like colors, animals, numbers, food, vehicles, the body (body parts), fruits, clothes, the house, sea animals, and school bags. It is more like a fun interactive app for young learners that need not just an English course.

What Is It For? For younger language learners that want a fun language learning app.

Languages Offered: Chinese, Spanish, English, French, German

Level: Total Beginner to Intermediate Beginner (Elementary Beginner)


  • StudyCat is a stepping stone for kids to learn languages
  • It is a fun and interactive visual learning game
  • Encourages critical thinking for kids through flashcards/memorization
  • You can pause the game anytime you want


  • Some courses won’t teach how to spell or write a target language
  • It is not intended for adults
  • The app is relatively slow and laggy
  • You’ll only learn words by playing games

Who Is StudyCat For? For kids ages 6 and 10 up. Adults can also try it for visual stimulation, but it’s only for total beginners.

How Does StudyCat Work?

Since this app is dedicated to parents and educators, it is a hands-on app. Once you’ve signed up and logged in, a tutorial video will teach adults how to guide their children in playing the app. Although StudyCat is accessible and user-friendly for kids, there are many options, such as subscription and tracking a child’s progress, that parents or teachers should monitor.

Your kid can click on any of the topics, showing different puzzles and interactive games. They can learn via memorization or just by sound association. Most of the puzzles are leveled for the kids’ age, but it’s also challenging to develop their cognitive ability. Isn’t that fun and educational at the same time? Let’s take a look at how kid-friendly StudyCat is.

StudyCat User Interface And Design

StudyCat Review User Interface And Design

When thinking of an app for kids, it’s inevitable to see big texts, vibrant colors, and minimal explanations. Studycat is an app-based language learning program available on both tablets and phones for iOS and Android. As an overview, you will see different squares representing topics a child can learn. Moreover, the phone’s orientation will always be in the landscape position for this app as it is supposed to be a gaming app more than just a read-and-learn one.

We’ll talk more about its user-accessibility, particularly its response time, as you read along this StudyCat review.

4 StudyCat Features To Make Language Learning Motivating

Early learners need a fun way to learn any skill. That’s why most children’s books are colorful, vibrant, and even have exaggerated drawings. StudyCat has four exciting features that will make your kids hooked on learning a foreign language.

So for young learners that want to start learning English, French, Chinese, German, or Spanish, here are StudyCat features to begin discovering.

Memorize Words Through Interactive Games And Puzzles

StudyCat Review Features

Interactive and challenging games are all worth it for the learning experience. Especially if there are songs that children can hear, words to write, and audio to mimic. There is still a sense of challenge that you can get from this app as a total beginner since you’ll need to memorize the patterns and objects. StudyCat introduces a memorization technique repeated with the pronunciation of correct answers. This learning method is called verbal repetition (similar to spaced repetition system), but the Studycat team has made it easier for kids to enjoy.

High-Quality Audio From Native Speakers

If you want your child to speak like a native speaker, StudyCat features high-quality audio, pronunciation, and even different tones for their Fun Chinese app and Fun Spanish app. As someone who has been learning Chinese and Spanish for some time, I can say that their native speakers are legit, not just an AI or robot-voiced audio clip. It’s a great way to introduce beginners to the proper way of speaking a foreign language.

There are also sound effects for each game type so that you’ll distinguish what kind of game you’re playing. Although it’s not much of a significant difference or impact, it’s something that the kids will love.

Pathway For Learning Core Vocabulary

Kids learn better when there is a learning path. It will introduce them to what’s essential first and then break down grammar rules as they go along with natural conversations. This is also true for absolute beginners of any language. You will need to start from the beginning to learn the core or basics of sentence patterns or how to conjugate verbs. It is also essential to have that word repeated back to you so it will help stick those words in your memory and how it is used in a sentence.

Tracks How Fast You Learn New Vocabulary

It will encourage critical thinking and would even help kids think of new techniques to make their track record faster while they enjoy playing the game. StudyCat’s tracking system is located in the profile. Parents may have to guide their children on which topics to learn as children often play games that interest them, unlike adults who will know what to learn next.

How Much Does StudyCat Cost?

StudyCat is free for up to several topics, words, and phrases. But if you want to play more games, there is a monthly subscription of $14.99 per month. However, if you want unlimited access to all learning activities, you can subscribe for an annual rate of $59.99 per year.

If you want to test the app first, they’ll allow you to have a 7-day free trial, but you need to add details from your credit card. What are the benefits of subscribing to StudyCat? For example, I’ve tried their Fun Chinese app version, and it includes 150 Chinese words and phrases with 11 topics and 65 lessons to complete the whole course. The most extensive database for their lessons is in the Fun English version, with over 21 topics and 191 classes.

Benefits Of Using StudyCat App

StudyCat Is A Stepping Stone For Kids To Learn Languages

StudyCat is suitable for learning languages, especially for younger kids, due to their brain’s elasticity and rapid neural formation. According to scientists, kids must learn a new language during childhood years (1 to 18 months) as it is a critical period. Language teachers also recommend StudyCat for studying an English course.

Helps Motivate Learners With A fun and interactive visual learning game

As mentioned, StudyCat has the largest database of games, including several contexts that won’t make kids bored. Most kids wouldn’t just want to watch and stare at a screen; they need to improve their motor skills and other physical needs. Social skills are also developed in StudyCat since parents, teachers, and children interact and learn a language together. Kids often ask what a word means, and adults can easily repeat and check the correct answers for them.

Encourages critical thinking for kids through flashcards/memorization

Their memorization activity resembles a popular game called matching pairs. Many of the games involve which topics they are currently learning. While pairing the objects, the word is repeated to you for the first time. This is introducing a new word for the child. By the second part, the kid must match these pairs while re-integrating the pronunciation again. This verbal repetition method will

You can pause the game anytime you want

One feature that is really intended for kids is pausing the game anytime they want. For kids, it’s important to allow them to play the game with freedom and creativity. So to make StudyCat the top app for kids and families, it’s important to have user control.

An even better feature for StudyCat is how you can play offline! The fun doesn’t stop when you’re not connected, so the kids can go off the grid and continue their progress. However, your progress won’t be tracked if you’re not logged in (online). So if it’s crucial for you as a parent to check their accomplishments, try to establish a stable connection to sync their progress.

StudyCat Cons: What Needs Improvement?

Some Courses Won’t Teach How To Spell Or Write Their Target Language

A disadvantage of having limited courses is that some of the content would be better than others. StudyCat can’t escape this inevitability of language learning apps that only have more English courses than their Chinese course. As the app is still developing, it needs more time to add more lessons, natural conversation audio, and better games to stimulate the child’s curiosity. If your kids are learning Spanish, you might not have the same number or quality courses as their Fun English course.

It is not intended for adults

Learning how to speak Chinese with different tones? This app might not be “it.” You’ll have to look for apps that teach you the different accents, tones, and conjugation patterns, like Ling or Babbel, that teach phonetics or special vowels.

The app is quite Slow And Laggy

Again, the most notorious issue in many apps, regardless of their functions, is their accessibility. Every page is quite slow to load, particularly the login and signup pages. Although there is a loading screen visually representing the loading process, the response time is still something that StudyCat needs to improve.

You’ll only learn words by playing games

Kids may enjoy all the entertainment they’ll get from the lively visuals and cute audio. But repeated activities can also be boring. If you are a parent that wants your kid to watch videos or listen to audio stories, you may need to find another platform. You can use StudyCat as a supplementary platform if you are in a bilingual or multilingual household. Memorizing a language still depends on how you use these common vocabulary words daily.


StudyCat Review: Perfect For Kids, Not So Good For Adults

While there are many language learning games out there that have different game types, StudyCat offers unique concepts. You can pair fruits, volleyball, food, and many other objects, which is a creative way to keep one’s attention.

What makes StudyCat app a good app is how it prompts the kids to start speaking on their own. This technique, called language acquisition, is a natural way of acquiring language skills. According to language and education experts for children, interaction should not be passive when developing communication skills. If a preschool teacher uses StudyCat while teaching young learners, it will benefit the children greatly.

On the other hand, this is only a total beginner language app, and it is mainly targeted at parents and teachers that need more kids engaged with learning. Hence, if you’re already way past the beginner level for your SpanishChineseGermanFrench, or English, you will need an app that targets your preferences.

Luckily, there is an existing app with a free version that makes your studies appropriate to your language level. Want to know more? Then let’s unwrap Ling and make your language learning journey worth it.

Develop Language Learning Skills With Ling App

Studycat Review by Ling app

Just like learning a bike with training wheels, every language student beginner needs an app that will show them the ropes. It’s great to show what needs to be covered first, such as the alphabet, how words are formed, and necessary words for food, transport, and daily living.

For adults, it’s important to gauge in a language learning app that makes you think in that language directly. In doing so, one’s spelling, pronunciation, reading comprehension, and speaking skills will come naturally. So, it would be best if you practiced having real conversations with

But you only have a little time to do that, right? Ling is there to help you! It’s the adults’ turn to learn a new language, and you need an app that suits your level. Ling is your best choice for learning languages fast. Ling has 60+ languages with over 200+ lessons covering basic sentences, family members, eating out, weather, date, time, and more. You’ll access most of the topics on the free version, and if you’re satisfied and want to become serious about learning, you can subscribe to Ling Premium. Download the latest version of Ling on the App Store or Play Store to continue learning more languages.

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