37+ Wonderful Ways To Say Beautiful In German

Beautiful In German

Beauty can be found in nearly everything, including people, places, and inanimate objects. There is so much beauty that in Germany, there are over a dozen different ways to say beautiful in German. The German translation for beautiful will allow you to express what type and level of beauty you are describing, from cute, to pretty, to magnificent and even handsome. German has many synonyms and translations for expressions of beauty.

But of course, you might want to introduce yourself before telling someone they’re beautiful! Let’s get to it. What are the different ways to describe something beautiful in German?

Beautiful in German schön

How To Say Beautiful In German?

Beautiful – schön

The important thing to know about using schön to describe beauty is that the same word can be used as a synonym and to imply many of beautiful’s synonyms. Let’s take a look.

Thank you for the nice giftVielen Dank für das schöne Geschenk
We stayed at a hotel with lovely viewsWir übernachteten in einem Hotel mit schöner Aussicht
What a fine day!Was für ein schöner Tag
We wish you a pleasant stay in GermanyWir wünschen Ihnen einen schönen Aufenthalt in Deutschland

Other German Words And Phrases To Describe Beauty

Let’s look at German’s most common words and synonyms for beautiful. Keep in mind that these are direct translations of the words as they stand alone. When used in sentences, these adjectives may change completely or take on different suffixes, as we’ll see later in the article in sentences and examples.

Good lookingGutaussehend
How To Say You Are Beautiful in German

How To Say “You Are Beautiful” In German

There may be times when you want to compliment a person for being beautiful or make a comment about something that’s beautiful. Here are some ways to do just that!

You are beautifulDu bist schön
You look beautifulDu siehst wunderschön aus
You are a beautiful womanSie sind eine schöne Frau
You are a beautiful personDu bist eine wunderschöne Person
What a beautiful girlWas für ein schönes Mädchen

How To Describe Things As Beautiful In German

Obviously, objects and inanimate objects can be beautiful too! Here are a few examples of how to use beautiful in German to describe things.

That song is beautifulDas Lied ist wunderschön
The sunset last night was beautifulDer Sonnenuntergang gestern Abend war wunderschön
Did you see that beautiful bird?Hast du diesen schönen Vogel gesehen?
I had a beautiful dream last nightIch hatte letzte Nacht einen wunderschönen Traum

You must also know about the German adjective herrlich . Herrlich, and its various grammatical forms, is used to describe beautiful in its forms of gorgeous, splendid, or lovely. However, you only use herrlich when describing most inanimate objects, the weather, or the times you’ve had.

Here are some examples and translations:

We have had a lovely time togetherWir haben eine herrliche Zeit zusammen verbracht
It was a gorgeous weekendEs war ein herrlicher Wochenende
The views of the mountains are splendidDie Aussicht auf die Berge ist herrlich

How To Describe Someone Or Something As Pretty In German

Now you may not want to use beautiful all of the time. So how do you say someone or something is pretty in German?

You are prettyDu bist hübsch
She’s such a pretty girlSie ist so ein hübsches Mädchen
That dress is really prettyDas Kleid ist wirklich hübsch
Your hair looks prettyDein Haar sieht hübsch aus

How To Say Someone Or Something Is Cute In German

Or maybe you’ve met a woman or a girl whom you think is just really cute. In these sentences, you’ll notice sweet (süß) is used instead of cute, but the meaning is the same. You might say:

You are really cuteDu bist wirklich süß
That shirt is cuteDas Shirt ist süß
Your puppy is so cute!Dein Welpe ist so süß
Beautiful in German Handsome

How To Say “You Are Handsome” In German

When you directly translate handsome you get gutaussehend although hübsch is more commonly used. Hübsch can mean handsome, cute, or pretty and can be used interchangeably for males and females.

You may also want to comment on a handsome man which directly translated is schöner Mann to tell a man they are handsome in Germany you would say:

You are handsomeDu bist schön
You are a handsome manDu bist ein gutaussehender Mann

Other Ways To Say Beautiful In German

Very beautifulWunderschön
You look gorgeous in that dress!Du siehst wunderschön in dem Kleid!
Beautiful as alwaysWunderschön wie immer
You have a gorgeous homeDu hast ein traumhaftes Zuhause
Beautiful backyardSchöner Garten
That’s an incredible dressDein Kleid ist der Wahnsinn
Fabulous earringsWunderschöne Ohrringe
Gorgeous necklace Traumhaft schöne KetteTraumhaft schöne Kette
Beautiful hairstyle Schöne FrisurSchöne Frisur

So, There You Have It!

There are many ways to express beauty in German, and we also have a lesson on how to express love to your special someone in German. After reading this, you may be confused by all the grammatical changes to the suffixes (ends) of the words. It is also likely confusing why Germans switch out one synonym of beautiful for another.

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