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Are you looking to learn Catalan but having trouble finding the perfect app? Oh, it looks like there’s no Catalan on Babbel. Guess what? Ling has some awesome Catalan language courses available for you. They’ve got 50 units and cover a wide range of topics. Sounds pretty cool, right?

Becoming fluent in a foreign language like Catalan is truly remarkable. However, your linguistic journey may be substantially impacted by your choice of language-learning app. Although Babbel is a popular app for learning languages, it currently does not provide Catalan lessons.

But don’t worry! This in-depth blog post will take you on a tour of the Catalan language, provide a short review of the Babbel app, and introduce you to a fantastic alternative, Ling, which is geared toward helping you learn Catalan quickly and efficiently!

The Catalan Language Overview

Indeed, for Catalan language learners, it’s always useful to better grasp the language we’re learning!

Where Is Catalan Spoken?

Catalan, also known as Català, is the native language for the majority of the population of Catalonia, a region in northeastern Spain. It is also spoken as the official language of Andorra, a tiny nation located between Spain and France in the Pyrenees. Additionally, Catalan is widely spoken in the Balearic Islands, in Valencia, and in the eastern region of Aragon, Spain. The growth and evolution of the language and its culture have an unbreakable connection to these areas.

Is It Difficult To Learn Calatan?

The degree of difficulty in picking up Catalan is subject to conditions such as the learner’s starting point, prior language skills, and access to study materials. Primarily, Catalan’s unique phonetics and grammatical characteristics may show difficulties for native English speakers.

Catalan has unique sounds, vocabulary, verb conjugations, and parallels with a Romance language like Spanish. Catalan’s phonetic nature, on the other hand, helps in pronouncing words exactly as they are written. Learning So, Catalan is possible for anybody willing to invest time and effort.

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Babbel App Review

The language lessons on Babbel are practical and efficient. They get you practicing the language and help you establish a solid foundation. Babbel also provides the cultural facts, which most other language learning applications don’t even bother to teach you anything about the culture and people who speak the language you wish to learn.

However, there is also a flaw. To that end, Babbel is made for beginner and intermediate language learners. The content might appear too simple for expert-level learners. Additionally, compared to other apps, Babbel’s selection of language lessons falls short. The app’s limited language offerings are especially noticeable, with only 14 different languages covered. And sadly, there is no Catalan language option on Babbel.

Here’s an in-depth look at the Babbel app if you’re interested!

Why Is There No Catalan On Babbel?

Possible explanations for why Catalan isn’t available on Babbel include low demand, insufficient resources, and difficulty developing a thorough course of study for the language. It’s also designed with particular learners in mind. It’s possible to generalize from nations where the language is only used officially. For example, some languages may be more common than others in a country where English is the only official language.

Therefore, this limitation on Babbel may make it harder for people to learn Catalan, a rather uncommon language compared to more popular European languages like French, Spanish, and German.

Use The Ling App To Learn Catalan!

But hey, as I pointed out before, you have the greatest option available to you! Ling offers outstanding Catalan lessons that can be studied whenever and anywhere you choose!

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The Ling App

Ling is the ideal travel companion for those with a burning desire to learn Catalan and become fully immersed in the language. Ling offers learners well-structured lessons, vocabulary builders, and fun games to help them learn a new language quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re completely unfamiliar with Catalan or you’re an intermediate speaker looking to polish your skills, Ling’s tailored approach will help you learn at your speed while maintaining your interest and motivation.


  • 200+ lessons covering over 50 topics.
  • There are words and phrases at all levels, from beginner, intermediate, and advanced learners.
  • The course contents were developed in collaboration with native speakers.
  • High-quality and natural audio recorded by native speakers.
  • An easy-to-use layout that keeps you engaged.


  • Beginner courses are completely free
  • Monthly subscription for $8.99
  • Yearly subscription for $79.99
  • Lifetime membership for $149.99

If you’re serious about studying Catalan, Ling is a great option. Ling provides learners of all skill levels with engaging courses, basic vocabulary, support speaking skills, and individualized study plans. Because of its user-friendly design, intriguing features, and focus on pronunciation, it’s then absolutely a great option for learning Catalan. Ling’s dedication to teaching learners how to utilize language in real-world contexts gives them a leg up on the competition!

Learn Catalan With Ling Now!

The lack of Catalan on Babbel may be an obstacle, but a resource exists to help you learn a new language. Your goal of fluency in Catalan is within reach now that you have Ling as a feasible option. Experience the joy of language study like never before with Ling by your side as you dive headfirst into the Catalan language and culture. Learning a new language can contribute to expanded horizons and deeper relationships with locals. Learn Catalan with Ling now and open the door to a world of opportunity!

Most Catalan learners chose the Ling app for their language journey, so why not join them? Download Ling from App Store or Google Play Store today, and choose subscription options to access the entire course!

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