#1 Easy Guide: Rooms In A House In French

Knowing the rooms in a house in French is useful knowledge to ensure your accommodation in France, especially Paris, have what you’re looking for. Trust us when we say the French really appreciate it if you try to learn French, even just the basics.

When looking to rent an apartment (l’appartement), a house (la maison), a fancy hotel (l’hôtel), or an Airbnb, knowing the French words for rooms of the house will be beneficial. These words will also help you to get around a new and unfamiliar place or home and allow you to speak with homeowners about their homes.

In this article, we’ll teach you the French house vocabulary pertaining to the French rooms of a home, along with the furniture and appliances that you would typically find in each room.

But first, we’ll go over some grammar rules to use when speaking about the home.


How To Speak About The Home In French

Rooms of a house in French

The French word for house or home is maison. When discussing home and describing who the house belongs to, the possessive pronoun must change to match the personal pronoun being used.

Also, you’ll find that the French won’t use maison when describing which home belongs to whom. They prefer to use chez which directly translates to at the house of.

Here is how you would use chez and adapt the possessive pronouns to talk about people’s homes:

Personal Pronoun (French)Chez + Possessive Pronoun (French)Translation (English)
Jechez moi(This is) my house.
Tuchez toi(This is) your house.
Ilchez lui(This is) his house.
Ellechez elle(This is) her house.
Nouschez nous,(This is) our house.
Vouschez vous(This is) your house.
Ilschez eux(This is) their (a group of men) house.
Elleschez elles(This is) their (a group of women) house.
Person’s name – Pierre/Annechez Pierre, chez Anne…(This is) Pierre’s house / (This is) Anne’s house

Other Ways To Talk About Your Home

If someone asks you where are you? (Où es-tu), you could respond with à la maison (at home) as opposed to à chez moi.

This is my house can be said c’est ma maison or c’est chez moi


Grammar Lesson! Masculine And Feminine Objects And Places

As you continue through this lesson, you’ll notice some nouns have le in front of them and others have la and a few will even have les. These words all mean the same thing – the. Each designates a noun to be either feminine or masculine like so:

le – the (masculine)

la – the (feminine)

les – the (for plural nouns so matter the gender)

To remember which designation to use will simply take time, practice, and lots of memorization! Let’s begin by learning the names of the rooms of the house in French.


Rooms In A House In French (Pièces De La Maison En Français)

Living room in French

This is a list of the most commonly found rooms in a house in French. After this, we’re going to take a deeper dive into a related vocabulary for rooms in a house in French such as appliances and furniture you can expect to find in each room.

la buanderielaundry room
la cavecellar
la chambrerooms
la chambrebedroom
la cuisinekitchen
la salle à mangerdining room
la salle de séjourfamily room
le bureauoffice
le garagegarage
le grenierattic
le salonliving room
le sous-solbasement
les chambresrooms

How To Ask Questions Or Make Comments About Someone’s Home

You may want to give the owner of your home a compliment or simply inquire about where a particular room of the house is. Here are some ways to do both:

  • Your home is very beautiful! (Votre maison est très belle!)
  • How many floors is your home? (Combien d’étages compte votre maison?)
  • The kitchen is lovely. (La cuisine est ravissante)
  • I love what you’ve done with your living room (J’adore ce que tu as fait de ton salon)
  • Where is the bathroom? (Où sont les toilettes?)
  • Where can I find the bathroom? (Où se trouvent les toilettes)


French Vocabulary For The Kitchen

Kitchen in French

Here are the main appliances and necessities you may find in a French kitchen (la cuisine):

la batterie de cusinepots and pans
la cafetièrecoffee maker
la cuisinekitchen
la cuisinière à gazgas stove
la cuisinière électriqueelectric stove
la vaisselledishes
le congélateurfreezer
le fouroven
le frigorefrigerator
le garde-mangerpantry
le grille-paintoaster
le lave-vaisselledishwasher
le micro-ondemicrowave
le mixeurmixer
le placardkitchen cabinets or cupboards
le comptoircountertop
les provisionsfood

French Vocabulary For The Kitchen

These are some questions or comments you may find yourself needing to say as a guest at someone’s home or when inquiring about renting or purchasing a house.

  • Is there an oven? (Y a-t-il un four?)
  • Is there a dishwasher? (Y a-t-il un lave-vaisselle?)
  • Can I help with the dishes? (Puis-je aider avec la vaisselle?)
  • How big is the kitchen sink? (Quelle est la taille de l’évier de la cuisine?)
  • Is the stove gas or electric? (La cuisinière est-elle au gaz ou électrique?)
  • Are the appliances new? (Les appareils sont-ils neufs?)
  • Your kitchen is so big (Votre cuisine est si grande)
  • What are the countertops made of? (De quoi sont faits les comptoirs?)


Furniture In A Living Room In French

Family room in French

Moving onto the living room or family room of a home (la salon), here is French vocabulary for some furniture and appliances you can expect to find.

la causeuseloveseat
la console de jeux videogaming console
la stéréostereo
la table -bassecoffee table
la télécommanderemote control
le bout de canapéend table
le divancouch
le fauteuil relaxarmchair
le fauteuil relaxrecliner
le lampelamp
le lustrechandelier
le tableaupainting
le téléviseurTV


Bedroom-Related Vocabulary In French

Bedroom in French

These are the typical pieces you’d find in a French house in the bedroom (la chambre):

la chambre à coucherbedroom (very specific)
la coiffeusedresser
la commodechest of drawers
la couverteblanket
la garde-robewardrobe
la lampe de chevetbedside lamp
la penderiecloset
la pièceroom (any room)
la table de chevetnightstand
le dessus-de-litbedspread
le drap normalflat sheet
le drap-houssefitted sheet
le litbed
le matelasmattress
le tiroirdrawer

Conversational Vocabulary For The Bedroom

  • What size is the bed? (Quelle est la taille du lit?)
  • Is there a closet or a wardrobe? (Y a-t-il un placard ou une armoire?)
  • What a large bedroom!( Quelle grande chambre!)
  • How many bedrooms are there? (Combien de chambres y at-il?)
  • Your bedroom gets lots of natural light (Votre chambre reçoit beaucoup de lumière naturelle)


French Vocabulary Related To The Bathroom

Bathroom in French

The bathroom (la salle de bain) is one of the most visited rooms of the house! It’s also a place that goes by many names, each with its own distinction. Let’s take a look:

  • la salle de bain – is a private complete bathroom
  • les toilettes – is another word for bathroom or washroom
  • WC – stands for wash closet and means a very small space with just a toilet, sink and mirror. Public washrooms are referred to as WC

Here are the words for all the items you may find in a washroom:

la baignoirebathtub
la doucheshower
le bidetbidet
le carrelagetiles
le lavabosink
le miroirmirror
les toilettestoilet
un porte-avonsoap tray
un porte-serviettestowel rack
un robinetfaucet
un tapis de bainbath mat

Conversational Vocabulary For The Bathroom

Where is the bathroom? This can actually be answered in three different ways:

  • Où es le WC?
  • Où es les toilettes?
  • Où es la salle de bains?

Here are some other ways to have a conversation about bathrooms in French:

  • How many bathrooms does the house have? Combien de salles de bains la maison a-t-elle?
  • Is there a bathtub? (Y a-t-il une baignoire?)
  • Is there a double sink? (Y a-t-il un double lavabo?)
  • The toilet isn’t working (Les toilettes ne fonctionnent pas)
  • There’s no hot water in the shower (Il n’y a pas d’eau chaude dans la douche)


Dining Room Furniture In French

Dining room in French

These are the words to describe dining room (salle à manger) furniture in French:

la chaisechair
la cuillerspoon
la fourchettefork
la nappe de tabletablecloth
la serviettenapkin
la tabletable
la tassecup
la vitrinedish cabinet
le couteauknife
le napperonplacemat
le verreglass


Office/Study Vocabulary In French

Home office in French

If a home or apartment has a home office, this is how to say the furniture and appliance names in French:

chaise de bureaudesk chair
la bibliothèquebookshelf
le bureaudesk
le classeurfiling cabinet
le telephonetelephone


Laundry Room Vocabulary In French

Laundry room in French

If a home or apartment happens to have a laundry room Buanderie (this would be quite a luxury), this is how to say the appliance names in French:

la machine à laverwashing machine
le cintreclothes hanger
le panier à lingeclothes basket
le sèche-lingedryer


Other French House Vocabulary

These are the other features in a home you may like to know including how to describe levels.

les comblesattic
le balconbalcony
le tapiscarpet
le plafondceiling
la nurserychildren’s room, nursery
le rideaucurtain
la portedoor
la sonnettedoorbell
en basdownstairs
la cheminéefireplace
premier étagefirst floor
le solfloor
porte d’entréefront door
la salle de jeuxgame room
le jardingarden
le couloirhallway
eh hautupstairs
la bibliothèquelibrary
la terrasse patiopatio terrace
le toitroof
le potagervegetable garden
le murwall
la fenêtrewindow


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