New Year Resolution: Ring In 2024 With Ling!

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As the clock strikes midnight and we bid farewell to the past year, we look ahead to the promise of a fresh start in the upcoming year, isn’t it? Setting New Year’s resolutions is a time-honored tradition focused on creating a self-improvement to-do list for the year ahead.

And I am sure you are aware how consistently among the most popular New Year’s resolutions are goals related to healthier living (err… lose weight, anyone?), healthy habits, financial stability, and overall well-being. Right?

That’s why language learning ticks all those boxes and more, making it an ideal resolution as we look forward to a bright new year. Read on to learn more about cracking the code to create sustainable resolutions for the coming year.

Ling Offers You Incredible Support For Your New Year Language Goals

Here, at Ling, we believe passionately in the life-enriching power of language learning. We want to help you make 2024 your year to master a new language! That’s why we’re celebrating the New Year with an exciting limited-time offer! Sign up for a yearly subscription between December 29, 2023, to January 10, 2024, to receive 40% off! This means you get the Ling annual subscription for just $79.99 instead of $139.99!

Our user-friendly, gamified app offers bite-sized daily lessons to fit learning around your busy life. With over 60 languages to choose from, you can spend time learning your favorite language throughout the day. The Ling app, available on Play Store and App Store, allows you to set weekly practice reminders, track your progress, connect with fellow learners, and more. So, why not gift the joy of language learning to yourself or a loved one and take advantage of these built-in tools for sticking to your language goals? We’ll be by your side providing encouragement and support all year long, we promise!

Learn A New Language: The Start Of Something New

The dawning of a new year presents the perfect opportunity to pick up a new hobby, skill, or habit, to improve one’s personal life. The inherent motivation to better ourselves and start fresh makes us more inclined to dedicate time, more money, and effort towards positive life changes. And January 1 makes the perfect date to start learning that language you’ve always wanted to learn!

But before starting, pause and think: “What kind of goals should I set for the new year?” Remember, it’s important to set manageable, specific goals to set ourselves up for success. Rather than a vague resolution to ‘learn Thai’, make an actionable plan to, for example, master common Thai greetings and phrases by being able to hold a basic conversation within three months. Breaking the larger goal of fluency down into smaller milestones helps us track progress and stay focused, rather than becoming overwhelmed.

Set reminders to practice your target language for a certain amount of quality time per week on the Ling app. Consistency is key when forming a new habit. Treat language learning sessions like important calendar appointments with yourself that you would never miss or reschedule.

The Global Trend Of Language Learning Resolutions

Year after year, learning a new language consistently ranks high among New Year’s resolutions. People from diverse backgrounds recognize the numerous benefits that come with bilingualism or multilingualism. More than acquiring a new skill, it’s a holistic approach to personal development. The cognitive benefits, cultural enrichment, and career opportunities that language learning brings are unparalleled.

In the quest for overall well-being and personal growth, people are turning to language learning as a means of expanding their horizons. This aligns perfectly with the ethos of the Ling app, where we believe that linguistic proficiency goes hand in hand with personal growth and achievement.

What Is The Goal Of Language Development?

Learning a language offers benefits spanning across all aspects of wellness: emotional, physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual. It has been shown to reduce stress, boost memory, enhance multitasking and problem-solving abilities, create and expand career opportunities, stave off age-related cognitive decline, and more.

On an emotional level, the sense of personal achievement in comprehending and communicating in a new language does wonders for confidence and self-esteem. As an ongoing project requiring serious focus and regular practice, it also teaches discipline, focus and accountability. These transferrable skills serve us well in other areas of life.

Additionally, research indicates that routinely challenging our brains with mentally stimulating activities promotes better mental health. They help fend off anxiety, stress and depressive symptoms. Approachable language apps make learning fun and convenient rather than intimidating.

Language skills facilitate professional development, richer connections and cultural awareness. They allow us to bridge communication barriers and forge humanizing bonds with those around us. In our increasingly interconnected world, language learning empowers meaningful exchanges that cut across demographics. It sparks insightful conversations that might otherwise never unfold.

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Motivation For The Year Ahead

As always, the New Year’s resolution ideas bring refreshing excitement for what lies ahead. 71% of Americans feel motivated to achieve their resolutions, with 39% believing they will be successful in meeting them.

Let language learning drive you through 2024. A language survey found out that 60% of Americans think the biggest blocker to fulfilling their resolution is a lack of motivation. Set a New Year’s resolution that feeds your passion for a new skill and connecting with others near and far. Use language goals as motivation to better yourself consistently. Allow new skills and a sense of growth and accomplishment to fuel your fire all year long.

On days when your motivation lags, tap into the vibrant, supportive language-learning community, like Ling’s Discord channel. Share your learning highlights and struggles with others pursuing the same language. Consider finding or becoming friends or starting a local language meetup group. Surrounding yourself with encouragement from friends rather than tackling language learning in isolation makes all the difference.

To Sum Up

The gift of gab awaits! Let this be the year you finally achieve your language dreams and communicate with the world. Say hello to the new year by finally saying hello (and goodbye, and everything else) in the language of your choosing.

So, sign up for the Ling app’s annual subscription now to start tackling your New Year’s language resolution. We can’t wait for you to join our community of globally-minded language learners! Let’s make 2024 your most fluent year yet.

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